Case-Mate barely there

The HTC ONE X  is a beautifully designed phone. The polycarbonate body feels like it is tough – but I do worry about scratches and how it would weather a drop.

While it certainly seems well built and sturdy, I would not be very happy if  I dropped the HTC ONE X– either on the face of the device or on the back with the protruding camera.

A good case makes me feel better about the investment in the phone and it is good insurance against the unforeseen. However, these new HTC devices are pretty big and I don’t want to add to the size. The HTC One X is also incredibly thin and I wouldn’t want to compromise that feel either.

Case-Mate Barely There case

Case-Mate takes a minimalist approach to the case concept with the Barely There case. You hardly know its there, but you do feel like it is offering some protection. 


The Case-Mate Tough case is a one-piece design. It simply snaps on and offers a soft touch hard shell case for the back and sides of the device.

barely there case

There are cutouts for the volume rocker on the right hand side, the micro USB port on the left hand side and the camera and speaker on the back.

The cutouts were done well on this case; very precise. I had complete access to all the controls with no interference from the case at all.


There is an indentation around the headphone jack to make sure there is no intrusion on that space and the microphone is completely untouched by the case.

The hard case was a black matte case with a soft feel to the touch.


Cases generally come in two varieties; those that look good and accessorize your phone and those that really protect it if it drops.

The Case-Mate Barely There is sort of a combination of both approaches.

I don’t feel that it can offer the same protection as the Case-Mate Tough case; that case is a two piece design and is much bulkier and stronger.

This case will protect against scratches, allow you to feel better about laying your phone down on the table (on either the front or backside) and it will absorb the occasional bang on the sides.

Attention to Detail

The Case-Mate Tough case is very well made, feels good in the hand and has some nice details.


The case is thin, but just thick enough so that if you lay the HTC One X on the back, it will rest on the case and not the protruding camera housing. 

The wrap up

The Case-Mate Barely There case for the HTC ONE X is well made and offers some protection. This is not the case you want if you are seeking maximum protection for your investment.  However, for most of us, this case will do a great job - It fits well – it is stylish and it protects against scratching the housing of the phone. I would guess that is will also provide more protection if you drop the phone than no case at all.

The good

  • Styling is minimalist
  • The case is very thin
  • Protects against scratches and dings
  • Easy access to all ports and buttons

The bad

  • Won’t offer the full protection of  a two piece “tough” case

The verdict

This is a very good case to both protect your HTC One X  and give it a little style. If you are on the fence  about getting a case because you don’t want your phone to be too bulky– this is a great option for you.

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Reader comments

Case-Mate Barely There Case for HTC One X/XL


So this case is nice and doesnt add a whole lot of bulk to the phone. I had one on my Evo 3D and it was never an issue. I have the EVO 4G LTE and I accidentally dropped it about 3 feet getting into the car. It fell on its top end and dented the metal a little bit and the plastic cover. All of this was because it doesnt cover the top/bottom. So i took this off and ordered a new TPU case which is amazing! Anyway, another FYI for you 4G LTE users out there. The case i got, would not allow for me to open the kickstand unless i had the nails of a woman. I could not get my fingers in there to save my life and trust me i dont have overly big hands or anything. I ordered this case right away during my LTE pre-order period so maybe they have corrected the issue. Anyway, i just wanted to give you all a heads up!

IVE had bad experience with the case mate barely there covers on my Galaxy S2, the first one broke within a month, and the second one only lasted the first fell to the ground.

now i'm using Nillkin cases on my Galaxy S3

I'm a firm believer in cases although I always find it funny how many iPhone users have ugly cases on their phones when the style and look of the device was likely one of the deciding factors in their purchase.
I wonder if any of the One X fans who railed against the SIII's plastic back panel actually cover up their one X with something equally "plasticy" and "flimsy". (sorry just random thoughts)
I do think many phones can benefit from even a small/thin case like this to help in gripping, gives you the confidence to plunk your phone on any surface and they can add functionality (i.e. mine has a kick stand).

I had the Barely There with my HOX after loving it on my HTC Titan, and the camera ever so slightly protruded on my gloss white version. I wish the speaker cutout would have not left 1/4 of the Beats logo exposed, but such is the problem with being made for the One X and One XL/AT&T.

Well, I'm ordering a Desk Dock as soon as I can find a good source, ant this case covers the dock-pins, so its a no go for me.

From the pictures, it doesn't look like the rear speaker cut out is lined up correctly? Is it just a poor design on case-mates part or is this just a bad case?

The case fits the International One X and the US X/XL which have a small length difference, and some things like the speaker and pogo pins are shifted slightly, the entire speaker is exposed fine, but on the AT&T HOX it's shifted to the lower end of the cutout and the beats logo shows a little.