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When Samsung announced the early launch for the Galaxy S III at its own store in London, it also said it'd allow other retailers to open an hour later. Today we have confirmation that at least one major UK retail chain plans to do just that -- Carphone Warehouse sends word that it'll offer collection for pre-order customers in "select stores," at 7pm next Tuesday, May 29. No word on which stores will be running the promotion, so you'll probably want to call in and ask to avoid disappointment.

Carphone also hailed the Galaxy S III as the "fastest-selling pre-order of 2012," which if nothing else shows that it's outpacing HTC's One series in the pre-order stakes. The retailer adds that over 800 of its stores will stock the S III from its UK official launch date of May 30.

Are you picking up a launch day Galaxy S III? Planning on collecting yours the day before everyone else? Let us know in the comments! (Also check out our exhaustive launch day coverage)


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Carphone Warehouse to offer early collection for Galaxy S III pre-orders


Maybe it's run on Korean time :P no but seriously, I think any time in the day before release they call early.

7pm is early compared to 10pm, 11pm... Midnight.
The 29th is early compared to the 30th...
I don't see your point

i called car phone warehouse and they are saying this report it not true and that pre-order are only from there warehouse to home delivery only

I've had it in my hands today. Almost won one too. Great phone, especially in white. Still i think it is to big. I'll wait for the s3 mini (?). The phone that showed up recently with a qHD 4,3' display. S4 proc. Fits me better.