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Get the best music experience on your Android phone or tablet with these great apps

Over the years music fans have gradually changed how they listen to their music, and what they listen to it on. With the rise of the smartphone it's only natural that now the one device we carry with us everywhere is also our primary media player. On Android, we're also fortunate that there's a huge community of developers that create apps that can better the experience we're provided by the folks who made our phones.

The Google Play Store has many music related apps to choose from, but some do stand out from the crowd. It'd be impossible to look at all of them, so here we've chosen 5 of them that we think are some of the best there is. Let's take a look.


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The top 5 best music player apps for Android


Yeah, T-Mobile subscribers (mainly me) would like to disagree with you lol. When I'm traveling, having locally-stored music is a necessity, especially considering all of the EDGE areas that I usually roll through.

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Lucky for me Sprint has improved dramatically in my area so streaming is becoming more frequent for me.

I'm in Austin so I don't have Edge issues, but I totally feel you on having local music on a T-mo device.


I agree about T-Mobile. I live in central VA and the coverage for their 4G (HSPA+) should be considered foul play ! But I guess we have to take the good with the bad, $30/month is well... ya git what ya pay fer ... to those wondering if switching to Straight-Talk T-Mobile is any better... the answer is NOPE ! Its the exact same thing as T-Mobile, apparently Straight Talk can use T-Mobile towers to supply data to their T-Mobile customers. So my suggestion is get an AT&T branded 4GLTE phone and sign up with straight Talk. $45 a month 3 Gigs of data unlimited talk, easily beats T-Mobile $30 / month unlimited (5gigs o' Data at errrr "E" speeds) LOL, what a waste of time that was for me.

yea, I beg to differ. Streaming seems to be viable only if you are going to listen to your music in a fixed location where you have signal strength that is steady. Also, I still prefer my personal music collection to a service like Pandora or Slacker, etc. On the other hand, if I am streaming my own music, why not have it local?

I agree streaming is stupid only good if good reception and battery charge point useless in travel kid prob sits home all day on wifi
I have unlimited data 4g I only stream youtube but equaliser + u can get on apk and its not that good the standard music player in samsung is fine but I use whatever equaliser + ♥ phones are for travel music streaming is dumb

What about hotspoters. Local play back is a must using cellular internet. Wifi is ok of course. But we hotspot user have to save all of our bandwidth for hotspot use.

I never had much success with DoubleTwist, but the combination of iSyncr and Rocketplayer makes me pretty happy with my music situation on my phone. It is the only one I've found that allows my to copy over my iTunes auto-playlists and to sync play counts and ratings back into iTunes.

To manage my large library of songs and to keep things fresh, I use two primary playlists: "Favourites" (>=4 stars) and "Songs not listened to in a long time" (>=18 months). For this to work, I need to keep ratings and play counts synced. Rocketplayer and iSyncr does this for me.

Oh, and it give me Album Shuffle: choose an album at random, play it in order, then go on to the next random album.

The favourites one is easy.
The other is more involved: Not played in X months, is not Christmas, is not audiobook, is not 1 Star. Play with X to get a set of reasonable size that keeps things fresh but doesn't choke the space that you have on your phone. For me, X is currently 24!

This ^, and the smart Playlist options are great. I uninstalled power amp for this. Also being able to back up star rating and play count is a life saver if you swap phones a lot.

I use Player Pro as well...but does anyone find the volume is lowet than their native music player? There is a significant difference between the volumes on Player Pro and my Samsung music player.

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As the developer of Music Player (Remix), I'll give my point of view concerning what makes it stand out:

1) Several unique and useful features that no other music app provides including:
a) full-featured swipe-up widget (called "mini-player") accessible from within any app where you not only have basic controls, you can view/edit/reorder your playlist, choose another playlist, choose one of your favorites, scrub through the track, etc.
b) customizable notification when new songs are added to your device - tap it to play the new songs.
c) customizable shortcuts on the now playing screen where you can assign functions for one-tap access including (youtube song/artist search, save bookmark, add to playlist, download album art, download lyrics, save to faves, edit music tags, and much more)
d) And many more little touches like in-app album/artist/genre/composer wiki browsing, karaoke recording mode while viewing lyrics, automatic bookmarks saved in every song, playlist multi-add mode for quickly adding multiple items to a playlist from anywhere in the app with a single tap, etc.

2) Intuitive swipe-based interface - swipe from the left, right, and bottom edges of any screen in the app to access your music library, playlists, faves, auto-generated playlists, now playing list, equalizer, wallpaper/color customizations, and much more

3) Working on a big release (1.5.0) with Chromecast support and a bunch of other goodies. I've updated the app regularly since it was released over a year ago.

4) I've been a very active member of the Mobile Nations (webOSNation and AndroidCentral) community for almost 5 years. I interact with my users all the time here in the forums, on Twitter, and via email.

I'm going to go download now. Sounds cool

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And you should try it because Dan was one of the few people that tried to keep WebOS alive by providing useful, quality apps. Music Player (Remix) for WebOS was easily one of my most-used apps.

Oh my God! I remember when Music Player (Remix) came out on WebOS! It's one of the main apps that made me want to be a part of the Open WebOS project!

It is a rare gem when the actual developer posts. I also develop software and operating systems. I have built Android based O/S's and written android software. None of which has seen the light of day in fear of being sued. In my world of Linux a new world. I have tried your app and see it's potential, however the first time it is fired up should scan the entire system instead of "more possible solutions". My phone has multiple mount points internal (no music), sdcard0 (no music), sdcard1 (music). it circle jerked me back to google play because it can not find my music & wants additional software. I have written software for picking up all mounted points for Linux, I suggest a look through my open source software. Next time I try your app I hope to see it rectified & will shove money your direction. I will not drop my specs or software, I get no gratification of building my Ego any larger then it already is ;)

Tried several, but keep going back to winamp, dead app or not, still my fav

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Been using N7 Player for a while. Good functionality and the addition of Chromecast support has made it great. The UI is always fun to play with and always looks fantastic.

For years I avoided Apollo on Cyanogenmod, figuring it wasn't very good. When Winamp died, I finally gave it a shot. Nice player. But on my LG G2, only the stock music app has access to the proprietary audio driver that takes advantage of the fantastic audio subsystem. That stock player lacks some basic functions, like downloading album info, but audio quality trumps almost everything in my book. On a side note, Neutron can use the proprietary audio driver but it can't do so without herky-jerky playback.

Your G2 plays music? WTF!

I mean mine tries... but no dice. I think it might be tone deaf or something. Which really sucks as I use my phone almost exclusively for music. My device has decided that I shouldn't focus on music as much.

What about beats? Is that not good haven't tried it out yet got google play music

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My family tried out Beats because they're on AT&T and got a three-month trial free. It's nice if you know exactly what song/album you want to add to your library, but music discovery on Beats sucks. I'd switch and use one of their accounts for only $3/month ($15 ÷ 5 people) but All Access radio is how I find most of my music now. And $8/month isn't bad.

Closer to chin scratching elitist status. ;)

For me, I have loved n7 player for a long time on nexus 7s, both gens, and my HTC ONE X. Lately I have been liking rocket player on my LG G2. It just suits the look and sound I like.

Agreed. Lockscreen is what keeps me coming back. Built in Android controls are OK but poweramp's is much better.

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I've tried most of these and Rocketplayer is still my favorite. Power amp is nice too and probably my second choice.

I use Google Music Player because I'm subscribed to the music there. My favorite player from the list above is PowerAmp (Looks great, amazingly responsive dev, sounds great) but because Google doesn't have any way for third parties to access their music, I stick with the Google Music Player. Hey, at least they updated the look of it before the subscription, or I'd still most likely be using Spotify.

Poweramp is the best option for more than 4 years.
I use the payed one and i think is offering lot of custom setup.

I have to stick with Google Play because I haven't downloaded/bought a song in years. That concept seems so '2004'. I can stream whatever I want. Why do people buy songs? Pay $8/month for Play Music and listen to everything (ok, nearly) you want. My playlists are everywhere I log into Google. Upload whatever old songs I have.

Since subscribing to google play music I look at my 800+ piles of CDs and wonder what in the world I am going to do with them.

Amen! I have them all in a closet now. I want them gone but know that one day I may need them, for some reason even though they are backed up on my HDD and in Google's music cloud.

When I try to listen to a sample of a song it takes forever to start playing. Is it the same with the service? I don't have that lag with Spotify.

I usually can't even tell whether I'm playing a local song or streaming one, unless I have really poor cell service obviously.

Thanks, I may have to give it a shot. I want to use Google because that's where all my other music is located but I've been wary because of the lag with samples. I even get the lag when listening to samples on my tower on my home network.

I've actually wondered if what is happening is that the song downloads until it gets to the point where the sample begins and then starts playing. In other words the sample isn't an actual sample of the song but the entire song with only the sample portion playing. I wonder how many people are scared of Google Music because of it?

It probably does scare people away. But I can say with confidence the only problems I have with Google Music are phone problems on my side. My G2 is incapable of streaming more than a couple songs in a row.

'seems so 2004". Howzabout 1894? I listen to pre-war and early roots/blues, so about 70% of my music collection causes services like Google Play to go into fits. Thats why I love Rocketplayer and folder view, and no, that wasn't a typo. The oldest song on my SD card is from 1891 - wax cylinder to MP3 FTW :)

Not yet fine enough to appear in top 5, but mediamonkey is feature packed and has wireless sync ability with its desktop client for getting music onto ur device.

MediaMonkey for Android is still in beta. It has all the functionality of the aforementioned apps. Plus, if you use MediaMonkey to organize your desktop collection, you get the added benefit of syncing via wifi. Still a couple of bugs, it is still in beta, but is very close to being ready for prime time.

What about easy DLNA casting? The stock music app on any of my girlfriend's current and previous HTCs has had an extremely easy 'play to' type button that I've yet to see implemented in other players, at least, obviously. I have to have a stand alone app to stream to my networked receiver at home. Any suggestions??

I finally broke down and got ZPlayer after eyeballing it for close to a year. I really love the minimal look of the app but I stopped using after only one day. The problems I had were that my background images would disappear randomly and many time when playing a song I would just have a black background. Also, I wish it would let you manually edit artist pics for the background because I have a lot of international music and it just chooses random pictures of similarly named artists for the background. Really weird O_o

It doesn't have a now playing bar that easy to get to, the only way I can see what's currently playing when I am browsing my albums is to use the music keys on my Nexus 5. Worst of all, for such a beautiful app the widgets are very ugly and limited.

+1 I was wondering when someone was going to mention Z player! It's the music player that finally made me leave my Zune hd at home... love it. It's daunting but yes, you can edit album art. From main menus you scroll all the way to the left to xtras and edit your art there. You can even choose your own from gallery for "mix tapes" ie... my version of digital compilation playlists, lol. Yea, I got way too much time on my hands but I'm a little OCD with album art!
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I like Google Music because of the all access music and cloud support, this 2 features keep me from trying other apps.

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I use Google when I want to stream something I own that isn't on my phone. The stock Android app for books (so I can keep them queued up to the correct spot without losing it by playing music). And then when I want to really enjoy the music I use Poweramp. It makes my music sound much better than Google or the stock app. I have to say though, I'm going to give Music Player (Remix) a try after reading about the features listed by Dan above. The only thing I don't like about poweramp is having to use the back button multiple times to get back out of the song screen to albums, artists, etc.

Great review article! One issue that I think deserves mention is the big disadvantage of Google music. If you buy music from Google then you are strong-armed into using only their app to listen to those songs! I know that you can get around that issue with a convoluted process of copying files etc.

I feel that the ultimate music app would find ALL music on my device and display it in a consolidated list. Google is following Apple's lead with trying to keep users locked into their music player. This way of thinking goes against the very reason why I moved to an Android phone.

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You aren't locked in, just download the songs to your PC. And since I've been using their app, it does exactly what you mention: it found all the music on my device (whether on internal storage or SD card) and was able to play all of the songs.

My only complaint about Play Music is the shuffle algorithms. My queue always just plays through my music mostly alphabetically, but with a twist. All the songs beginning with the letter "O" will play, but they won't be exactly in order. And there will be a random song begiing with an different letter thrown in the mix. Then the P's, Q's, R's, so on in the same manner.

lol. Yeah it's a bit frustrating, but for me when playing music in shuffle mode, it will sometimes play all the songs from one artist before finally moving on to other songs.

If you are a college student, Spotify is the way to go. with wifi around campus (for me at least) and not having to worry about data with offline playback its a must for on $5 now that they have a student discount.

None of those players are as good as Neutron. I tried poweramp and doubletwist and they still won't play 10% or more of my list. Flacs and bootlegs that I get off of only play on Neutron. The sound is sick but the UI is not as good as others but I don't mind. Just my two cents.

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Outside of Google Play Music and Pocket Casts, I use Fusion; it gives me the ability to rewind and fast foward when I need it. The interface itself is rather clunky, but it does the job.

JetAudio Plus deserves a mention, especially once you get the AM3D add-on. Much better audio than PowerAMP and even Neutron Player which I tried.

Best for who??? Not me!! I don't understand what makes people think they can claim they know the "best ____ app" for everyone. There is no such thing. Now deflate your ego and move on, please!!

Oh please. That's why they asked for your opinion at the end. Besides, you know damn well what they mean by "best" so take your outrage elsewhere.

I am currently using the default music app on SG4. Though it doesnt have all the bells and whistles as the other players it does what i need and thats play music. I been trying to find something that will allow me to synch my device directly with iTunes but thats more than just a dream...I know there are apps that will allow to you to synch your playlists, I was looking for the full experience. The only other thing I would say is that I been looking for an app that will allow me to download album art directly, if anyone has any suggestions for that....I'd be more than happy to hear them.


Same here, have tried other players and end up coming back. The interface is so simple and like how all songs are displayed for the same artist and album unlike other players which I have to go back and select the next album.

Given that Google Play allows you to upload 20K songs to the cloud, for free, Google Play Music wins by default for me. When I buy new stuff, it automatically gets uploaded, at which point it's just there-- I can play from my phone or any of my tablets.

I do usually load some music directly to a device if I expect to be away from a network, but that's so few and far between that I don't bother to look elsewhere.

I just wish the player didn't crash so much- I've no idea what it's conflicting with, but I usually can't make it through the 30 minute commute to work without it hacking at least once.

Yes, yes, yes! I've used PowerAmp, Uber, Winamp, DoubleTwist and more, and Gone MAD is easily my favorite for the overwhelming configuration options. I love the gesture and screen tap configs - I swipe up/down for volume and double tap for play/pause. Simple stuff to be sure, but so wonderful in implementation.

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For the longest time I was a loyal PlayerPro user, but switched to GMMP mainly to gain correct tag mapping (AlbumArtist) - and I haven't looked back.

Still love PlayerPro, and now that KitKat has apparently fixed the media library, my original reason is moot. But I've stayed with GMMP mostly because it sorts albums by year. I'm an album listener. Never listen to individual tracks.

Still looking for my true love, though. Need to sync ratings, and nothing out there seems to do that smoothly. Fiddling with MusicMonkey to gain that and easy wifi syncing, but something about the desktop app puts me off.

On a related note, MusicBee is the bomb.

my main is PowerAmp.. also sometimes use shuttle+. have jetaudio plus but haven't used it in awhile.

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meh, it doesnt even handle video it looks like... fail. MixZing is my one and only media player. that's pretty nice to have.

Poweramp is an excellent player but it does work for all phones. I use it on my Nexus 5 and it's great but on my HTC One XL it had poor audio quality

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These look like excessively flashy crap to me, I just use MoboPlayer, I'm trying to play the music, not the app.

I have been a fan of Power Amp since day 1, just waiting on support for pinned to phone music from Google play music.

I have doubletwist and Google play music at the moment and used power amp for a while, can't remember why I ditched it now,It was such a great media player .

Google music is best , all my music catalogue with me everywhere I go, when it was released in UK first I had my sister(UK resident) log into my Google so I could use it in Ireland.

Posed via Nokia 3310 smartphone

Meh, what happened to carting around six tonnes of vinyl?
Google Music ftw here atm. Synced my iTunes library plus all my backed up CD's (yes, and vinyl), and it plays flawlessly almost. The only part that gets on my tits is the shit the wife listens to and suddenly ends up in my library because she forgot to turn off the PC music manager before acquiring her tubes. Other than that, hoorah

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I've been using PowerAmp for a few years and while I agree, it is awesome, I'm a little bored with it. Think I'm going to give the N7 Music Player another shot.

What good is a music player that sounds bad? That's the problem with Play Music. For sound quality and online storage combined, Amazon music player is far superior. If you have and HTC phone like the M8, don't discount the built in music player. It's simple and must importantly sounds great right out of the box.

Armadillo, the other white meat.

I use Folder Player, I don't stream much music, I have most of the music I want on my sd card, organized into different folders.

I've tried several, currently using Poweramp &/or Player Pro. What I'd REALLY like to find in a player is one with larger control buttons. Not just the ability to use larger fonts for my middle aged eyes, but LARGE buttons for my fat middle aged fingers.

Neutron's sound quality is good, but the interface is just horrible. I'll use other music players until Neutron decides to fix that.

Local playback is certainly not dead. I don't want to upload all my music (mix of v0 mp3 and flac) to Google Music and have it convert to mp3 320. I also don't want to have to only cache a portion for offline use, I want access to it all everywhere I go even when offline.

To that end the 128GB SDXC card is what I have and use PowerAmp.

Just a shame PowerAmp STILL does not read standard star ratings so my PC syncd music lacks ratings unless I manually do them in PowerAmp.

Have yet to find a player as robust but with ratings reading :/

+1 on the local music. A lot of what I listen to isn't on any music service, and even if it was, I spend 90% of my listening underground with no signal.

And a heartfelt +1 on ratings, too. iSyncr + iTunes probably worked, but ... you know, iTunes. Apparently the new MusicMonkey android app will do it as well, but for vague reasons I just can't get on board with the desktop app.

not only is local playback NOT dead, but suggesting otherwise seems bananas to me! maybe victims of powerful e-marketing?

'access your music anywhere' -- or you mean a 15GB subset of music, only where ever there is decent 3G/4G coverage (certainly not everywhere even in the country where u have service and costly to access when traveling abroad); music combed through by a company which prides itself on it's data mining capabilities (how is this a plus?!); and lastly to the detriment of battery life. Yeah... what's not to like about cloud... huh?!

if one has all their music in one place, say... mobile phone and then maybe at home, WHY would you want the music on any other device? Now that Sandisk has released the 128GB MicroSD, pffffft... cloud music can eat sh1t as far as i'm concerned; all the selling points of cloud to me are nonsense save a few limited piratical uses of dropbox/good drive et al. Cloud music storage is nothing more than a con by the shark conglomerate tech marketing companies to keep track of you, lol

Sheep, taking the bait of an intrinsically worthless service.

Anyway, picking a player is tough. PlayerPro was my go to, but it's memory leaks and lack of updates have proven unbearable. PowerAmp's interface in folder view looks terrible on a 4" device in landscape rotation (so much wasted real estate). Then, it seems to miss a slew of my media's embedded artwork, but neither are the worse problem. The worst problem (like so many media players) is the inability to sort by album artist. w/o this, any soundtrack, or multi artist album expands into 10+ individual artists that one has to scroll through.

N7 seems kinda neat, but heavy on the resources. Maybe I'll give WinAmp a whirl again.

What about a media player which specifically does NOT have an EQ in it?
As a mastering engineer there is little more annoying than having the life and bite taken out of a song by a poor piece of DSP. I'm used to using (well mainly analogue EQs, but...) digital EQ's which cost thousands, and still not always happy with how they sound. So a $1 EQ is going to sound frankly awful and do far more harm to the sound than help.
Are there any which just play the music without any "effects" or "enhancements" at all?

Any app you use on an Android that comes with a built-in EQ will also allow you to bypass it, and listen to the music in an "untainted" state, if you so desire.

Just set google play music to communicate with Viper for android. You'll get what you wish for. Just my 2 cents though

I tried several apps after the music player app became Google Play Music, because no.
I really liked Rocket Player and paid for the premium. It's simple and it sounds great.

Posted from the (4.2 updated) redheaded stepchild of the Nexii

a new one that hasnt gained much traction is Beat. Search it on play, it also has ability to stream from cloud storage. top app for me.

PowerAmp Pro, all day, urrrday. I've tried just about every recommended player out there, and the equalizer in this app is unrivaled.

I use Xperia Walkman app(Latest version from Z2) across all my devices...simple..elegant

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My fav: ZPlayer. Had it for 4 years best of all. The best parts are; doesn't muffle the music like others, doesn't change the album art like Winamp, doesn't mess with the internet like Google Play, features bios on the artist.
I am looking for something a bit nicer on the main screen but until then....

I've only seen like 2 other people on here mention it... but Spotify is was worth the $10 a month. All the music in the world I want, place them in playlists, then when I'm at home I make the playlist playable offline by downloading all the tracks so when I'm out and about even if my service is bad or if my data cap is running close, no worries.

Player Pro is the Best music player. Tried so many music players in the Play Store and i'm impressed when I tried Player Pro.

Wow, Winamp didn't even make the list! Guess I'm a little out of touch with the latest and greatest. Running Poweramp Trial right now. I doubt I'd go with Google Play Music, as I think it's a 15GB limit. My phone's 64GB expansion card is almost full!

I use my stock GS4 music player. Has 14-band equalizer and saves my battery with its mostly black theme. Best there is in my opinion and it's free

I used to use PowerAmp before, but after Google Music I converted to it... I think you guys forgot to mention that Google Play Music is the only app that you can use it with Google Cloud Music service...

I hope Google opens up the API so other apps might integrate it, I would love to going back to PowerAmp again with its easy to use UI and feature rich platform !!

All good picks ! I would like to recommend our new free android application RingIt. You can take your music collection in mp3 and convert it into best ringtones - cutting and looping your mp3 files with high precision. Simple & powerful. If you like it please share it - thanks. RingIt is now available in GooglePlay

The one thing that is missing from all of these is one that I want - a counter of where I am in the playlist or folder - "10 of 32". I use JetAudio Plus, mostly because it has that in the display. Silly reason, but it was important at the time I was deciding on a player.

I like Music Player (Remix). Great UI, easy to use, lots of useful features, sleep timer, album art retriever, lyrics display, and more. Check it out.

The only player with a useable tempo adjust is Maple. It's good, but not as good as the PC's WinAmp+Pacemaker plugin combo which remembers the tempo of each track.
Rocketplayer paid version has a tempo adjust but is totally unusable because it is buried in the settings under the "audio" tab --- as if you'd want your entire music collection played with the same % change in tempo. I am not aware of any other players that provide tempo adjust - which is critical for dancers and dance instructors, listeners of books and lectures, musicians and music teachers, etc.
For playing shuffled song genres, the best I've found is the combination of RocketPlayer with Auto Playlist. What I like is that it will take multiple playlists (e.g. made by Auto Playlist), and shuffle/bounce between the playlists on a song by song basis.
Media Monkey on the PC gives the best control over shuffling between songs - like based on number of stars, genre, etc. Unfortunately, Media Monkey on Android does not have all the playlist versatility found on the PC version. It's worth watching, assuming the android version catches up to the PC version sometime. If this happens, it has the potential to beat the Rocketplayer + Auto Playlist combo.
Media Monkey for Android that had the PC-version capability and that integrated the Pacemaker-Plugin function so that tempo is controllable and stored for each song would be supreme. But we are not there.

Is there a music player that allows you to share or send your music to other people across the country? thanks, in advance.

This is obviously paid placement from double twist: no 1?? no way: not unless you want itunes features: which android users dont generally need. its just not a good player in landscape of good players, its bottom ten, not at all top ten.When i read a review that starts as badly as this: dismiss the entire site: Bullshit product placement.

That's your opinion which you're entitled to. And no, it's not "bullshit product placement" nor are these apps actually ranked from 1 to 5. Nowhere in this post does any of those apps have a number rank next to them.

There are a hell of a lot of people out there who love DoubleTwist for what it does.

I like Google Play Music (with All Access) really well on the desktop in Chrome. (At least now that I 'restyled' it's plug-ugly face using the Stylebot browser plugin.)

And I've REALLY struggled to try to get GPM to work properly on my Android 2.3 phone, including several conversations with G's representatives, include voice cons. But it's hopeless. It can't install into SD (Originally it didn't even load your DL'd music into SD! What universe do they live in?) And it just keeps growing and growing until my phone runs out of room, going to its knees at 9-11 MB internal storage free. (And, NO, turning off onboard caching doesn't fix the problem at all, though it does mitigate it ever so slightly.)

GPM for the Chrome browser has the best queue management of any of the 6 on-demand stream services I've subscribed to over the last decade -- but its Android app is unusable on my phone. (And not that great on my Nexus 7 -- since the audio converters on the onetime 'flagship' are arguably below the quality of my cheapo LG refurb phone and certainly the audio on my cheapo Dell desktop.)

After trying almost 5-6 applications, i found Poweramp the best for my sony xperia. It has a very cool user interface and a powerful equalizer. Crossfading, cutsilence, gapless playback are very good. It is not very heavy on the RAM which is the best part.

I'm looking foform Android app that you can set to just play a songs intro, say first 15 seconds, to make my own quiz for parties. Does anyone know of such an app?

The best all-time app was WinAmp before and even after AOL bought it for 30 million and then went bankrupt. WinAmp was FREE. WinAmp had everything you try to say these new apps have as if they are giving us something NEW. WinAmp was around since 1986 and worked on desktop machines with far less memory than your cell phone. A SMALLER FOOTPRINT MADE BY GIFTED C LANGUAGE PROGRAMMERS. in fact, they destroyed the stable WinAmp to sell us crap when we already had a decent FREE music player. It was the updates that finally killed WinAmp on my Android Nexus 4, jellybean I think. Why should anyone EVER PAY to access music they already spent money on simply to get it downloaded from a cloud every time, and then pay some provider AGAIN for music one already owns. Essentially you had a free horse that had wide format support and played FLAC. Some idiot shot our free horse and now expects us to pay a fee to access music we already own. To suggest i should pay some premium for a 5 band equalizer is ludicrous and the douche-bags that made the decisions that killed one of the most viable programs ever developed are the same type's who ruin Wall Street and threw the US under a 306 Trillion dollar debt bus in the name of "better profitability." What a waste of capitol, time, and energy. Only the Iraq War seems a stupider use of resources.

one consideration that is never given by reviewers of music playing apps is Classical music. The structures of classical music are entirely different to the 8-14 tracks to 'Albumname' by 'Band A'.
e.g. Symphony, Concerto, Opera, Opus, Mass, Suite, Ubung etc, with another whole can of worms being opened up when you look at the artist field on ID3 tags of classical music.
It is much easier to search for the classical music you want to play by searching by COMPOSER rather than artist or album name.
Very few of the apps here even acknowledge the existence of classical music and only PowerAmp has the option to search by composer.
Sadly one down side is when correcting variations to any given field which we wish to as the basis for searching for what we specifically wish to listen to is that although PowerAmp does have the option to edit ID3 tags, it won't let you correct errors or the formatting of the 'composer', or 'genre' for that matter. e.g. JS Bach is not the same as Johann Sebastian Bach if you're looking for something specific, nor Vivaldi the same as Antonio Vivaldi.
Equally whilst one might be looking to play a specific symphony and have three performances of it on the phone the important thing is to find the work itself, without wondering what was in the text of the artist field part of the ID3 tag.
Although people who listen to classical music appear to be slightly in the minority, with clearly very few app developers being amongst them, many people listen to classical music as well as other musical styles so ignorance of the different organisational requirements of classical music listeners is an excellent way to frustrate a potential NON-purchaser for your app.
Naturally I purchased and use PowerAmp because it is the only music player which goes to any length whatsoever to make it possible to locate the music I wish to play. I would purchase an alternate should there be one, but there isn't, and I look regularly.

Heyyy Guys,
I found a cool activity going on related to Christmas Songs on FlipBeats. You guys can even win FlipBeats PRO version for free by doing this simple tasks
What you have to do is to
1) get FlipBeats to your device
2) go to the Social media Sharing option
3) Share your favorite X'mas song by Adding "#Merry FlipBeats" tag