If the stock calendar app on your Android phone doesn't quite do it for you, check these out.

It's one of the biggest strengths of the Android ecosystem: choice. Be that the range of smartphones on offer or the huge number of apps in the Google Play Store available to customize them.

As our lives become ever more entwined with the little computer in our pockets they're becoming a key part of the day. One such key tool is the calendar and there are some great solutions beyond whatever comes pre-loaded.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google's own calendar app has been refined over the years to a point where it's both elegant and functional. And it's not just for Google stored calendars, either, with support for "all calendars on your phone, including Exchange."

Some of the nifty features on hand include a schedule view with photos and maps of places you'll be heading to, smart suggestions on places, people and the ability to create calendar events based on reservations for things like flights and restaurants that appear in your Gmail inbox.

And it's free. If you're looking for a calendar that covers all the bases then Google Calendar is a top pick.

Download Google Calendar from the Google Play Store

2. Today Calendar

Today Calendar

While derived from the regular, stock Android calendar found pre-loaded on many Android phones and tablets, Today Calendar is as far from that as you could imagine. For starters this is hands down one of the best looking calendar apps you'll find on any platform.

It's simple, yet effective. Besides a heavy Material Design inspired appearance, Today Calendar's best feature is the combined month and agenda views. There's no need to keep switching here, fill out view both at the same time.

Download the basic app for free or upgrade to the paid Pro version.

Download Today Calendar from the Google Play Store

3. Microsoft Outlook


Not the first app you might think of when looking for a calendar, but the truth is that Microsoft Outlook on Android is really good. It combines your email, including Gmail, and calendars, including Google, inside one app so you can manage both in one hit.

Microsoft also recently acquired the hugely popular Sunrise Calendar and is set to fold it into its Outlook apps. That combination of Sunrise smarts and Outlook power could end up producing something special.

It's also the reason Outlook is here on this list and Sunrise is not. One of them will eventually go away, and it's not Outlook.

Download Microsoft Outlook from the Google Play Store

4. Cal

Cal by Any.do

Cal is brought to you by Any.do, better known for it's simple yet effective cross-platform todo list application. Cal is a natural progression from that and pulls in your Google and Exchange calendars into a great looking app.

It'll connect with your Any.do account to keep your tasks and calendars singing from the same hymn sheet, has a bunch of features to help you contact folks and navigate to meetings, as well a neat "supercharged meetings" hub that puts productive meeting tools at your fingertips and minimizes the destractions.

Download Cal from the Google Play Store

5. Sol Calendar

Sol Calendar

Sol Calendar is described as a "life management tool" and it's not far from the truth. Besides a whole bunch of different calendars, Sol will pull in weather reports, sync with Google Tasks, supports Google Maps and Foursquare integrations, Lunar Calendars and more.

And it's all wrapped up into an elegant and intuitive user experience that also boasts some fancy looking home screen widgets, too.

Download Sol Calendar from the Google Play Store

6. Your Picks

Those are five of what we consider to be the best calendar apps in the Google Play Store. If you've got a particular favorite not mentioned be sure the jump into the comments below and share it with us all!