If you want the latest Android phone on the market, head to your nearest Best Buy to pre-order the Motorola Devour. Best Buy just kicked off pre-sales for the Devour today and the Devour will fully launch on February 25th (like expected). You're required to purchase a $50 Best Buy Gift Card (which can be used towards the Devour) to reserve your spot but since there hasn't been a firm price set yet, we're not sure exactly how much it'll end up costing you.

With Best Buy you don't have to deal with any mail-in-rebates, all discounts come in the form of an instant rebate. But even with Best Buy, the Devour sadly doesn't come with Megan Fox, so we guess Motoblur will have to do.



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Best Buy Starts Pre-Sale For Motorola Devour, Releasing Feb 25th


Eh, for most people that may be the case.

But believe it or not, I really dont find Megan Fox attractive. Maybe its just me.(Awaits the flaming)

Well I LOVE Megan Fox !! but think that is a ugly phone , I thought the droid was ugly but this is far worse !!!

yea i dont like the phone either. I still cant figure out what what little black box is on the bottom left of the phone if it was placed vertically.