Motorola Droid 4 at Best Buy

Best Buy's stellar track record with Android images continues, with the Motorola Droid 4 making an appearance on the Best Buy Mobile Solutions Reward Zone section. That'd be the still-unannounced (and, hell, not even guaranteed to be released) Motorola Droid 4. That'd be the Droid 4 that looks like a Droid RAZR with a keyboard. Whoops.

We still don't know when Verizon's going to announce the Droid 4. One possibilty would be at CES in a couple weeks, which would make since because by all accounts the thing's ready to go, and Verizon and Motorola are known for making a splash in Vegas. On the other hand, Verizon's kind of in the doghouse over its LTE network -- again. So we also wouldn't be surprised to see launches delayed while that gets sorted out -- again.

Source: Best Buy Reward Zone (pic); thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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TheBigFerret says:

I already had Droid 4 once, I had to put on ointments ... Tst tss tss

deltatko says:

Oh chip

rem_kujawa says:

Wow they turn these out fast.

dabaum says:

Are there any "rumored specs" to go along with this imaginary device?

Dragonithe says:

I would say droid razr + keyboard.

icebike says:

Any chance this is just a photoshop fail? Wouldn't be the first time Best Buy pulled that one.

Building a phone this slim and then hanging a keyboard on it is just wrong on so many levels its hard to imagine. Where does the camera hump go?

carraser891 says:

leave it to Best Buy Mobile to just leak everything lol

Jonneh says:

The Droid 5 is coming out in just four more months. Oh, and don't forget about the Droid 6, sure to come out four months after that! :-P

It takes a bit more styling to make something funny. Try again.

yogi1574 says:

I actually own a Droid3 when i heard about this coming out i was not too happy!! i got mine pretty much in the first couple of weeks of the release (actually been thru 3 of them already), so im hoping i might be able to pull some strings and snag this thing when it comes out. until then phonearena has some rumored specs for this device and im sure in earlier stories here there are those same specs.

bjn714 says:

I think they just "Merge"d the RAZR and Droid 3 here. So far this is starting out similarly to that very same ill-fated HTC device.

Hello0187 says:

"Sense" Phil... "Sense"... :)