Nexus 7 (2013)

Deal available both online and in-store, with Play Store codes sent by email

If you didn't happen to pick up a Nexus 7 during your holiday shopping, Best Buy is running a pretty great sale you may want to take advantage of. You can pick up Google's latest 7-inch tablet for just $199, that's $30 off, and also pick up a $25 Google Play credit in the process. Even if you don't see too much value to the Google Play gift, $30 off an already cheap tablet is nothing to sneeze at.

The sale is active from Best Buy's online store, including free shipping, and we've also heard from a few different folks who have found the deal active in brick-and-mortar stores as well. There's no special coupon code to receive the deal, and it looks as though the Google Play gift will be sent to customers via email. The one unfortunate part of this deal is that it seems to only apply to the 16GB Wifi model, not the higher storage capacity or LTE variants. 

Source: Best Buy; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Best Buy offering Nexus 7 for $199 with $25 Google Play credit


That makes this a steal! Great job Google. If only I had the cash to spare after Christmas I'd get this without a 2nd thought. Unfortunately my wallet is tapped out. Maybe I'll catch the next sale. :)

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Get the normal GPad and make it into the Google play edition... You save $100 that way!

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You cannot do this, so far it has not been able to be converted, closest you can get is by loafing one of the 4.4.2 Roms, but I agree about getting the normal version if you can get a deal like pre Xmas and flashing it

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Bing go!!,on the "Unless you filled it to the brim."

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I would totally jump on this but I've already spent so much money during Christmas...

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I could get away with the 16 but the 32 would be better.

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I bought the 32gb 2012, for me it was a waste of money, my tablet I pretty much only use for streaming content and a few games. It is like 20% full. If I get the 2013 it will definitely be the 16gb. Luckily the 32 gb will have a little bit better resale value.

Gonna run into debt soon with all these offers lol!

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1


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Haha, just kidding

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

my local best buy price matched it last night. combo that deal with a $25 rewards voucher, $150 tablet voucher for signing up for time warner, and a $25 gift card for xmas and i snagged one for $1.99 after tax.

This is a great deal. But, it will ruin the resale value of my Nexus 7. Oh well, lol.

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"Resale value" and "Nexus" don't go together, brother. I thought you knew that already.

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Resale value and any android device don't go together. I've bought and sold at least 10 devices this year, and the Nexus devices held value better than any other android. Look on swappa, the used Nexi are selling for almost new prices.

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It's a great tablet. You will NOT find a better tablet for the money. You just won't. If you can spare the funds, I say go for it.

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Actually the kindle fire hdx is equally as good for the money.

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Oh? I haven't played around with it, so I wouldn't know. But, thanks!

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Yeah I bought one for the little one for Xmas and no regrets.

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That's awesome, brother. I'm glad you and your little one like it!!

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The kindle fire hdx is nice, but no Google play support and Amazon's restrictive fire OS is a major ball ache, but most people know about those issues going in

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But Amazon's app store is no slouch either. I've found every app I've searched for so far. Kindle free time is a great feature. I want the best for my kid and when it came to "kid" tablets the hdx was a far better tablet than anything else on the market.

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Pretty good I bought mine in November and got a $25 google play card

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I'm wait for a sale on the 32 and snatch 2 of them. Now that we are financially recovered from Christmas.

merry holidays

I bought one last night on the sale and still waiting to see how I get the $25 Google Play credit. Do they email it to you, was I supposed to get a card or some other kind of voodoo?

check your gmail promotions box, thats where mine got routed to. they give you a code, then go into the play store, tap redeem and enter the code from the email.

Did you buy the tablet from the store or ordered it online? Because I bought mine from the store and I'm still waiting for the Google play credit.

Have Nexus 7 since August and my only complaint is that the screen is kinda small. Google, we need a Nexus 8 or increase the size to 7.6 at least

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I feel like I have gotten the best deal on the Nexus 7 (2013), yet. Via a store, anyhow. 179.99 @ Office Depot, with a $20 gift card, 16gb flash drive, and 1 year of McAfee << LOL.

I was able to get Best Buy to price match Office Depot Sale when they had it for $199 Christmas Eve and got the $25 gift card.. Bought it for my wife. Not sure she ready for me switching her to Windows 8 yet. Great deal for the N7. Its as great device

Is it me or did take down the $25 promo? At checkout it's just giving me 3 months of Kerpersky security..did it end? I know the in-store ones did.

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i am still dealing with them to get the $25 credit with my purchase from yesterday when the site clearly showed it as "free bonus content"....glad i took screenshots.

i never got the email with a code and spent 45 min with various folks and 3 botched transfers only to get a person saying they will call back in 24 to 48 hours and have the credit sent......we will see.

Is it me or did take down the $25 promo? At checkout it's just giving me 3 months of Kerpersky security..did it end? I know the in-store ones did.

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"Even if you don't see too much value to the Google Play gift, $30 off an already cheap tablet is nothing to sneeze at."

This is the dumbest comment I have heard from Android Central. Getting $25 to spend on Google Play is pretty good.

Yup, it would appear so :(. Bought one today, and nary a sign. Just an email from Google thanking me and trying to get me to spend money in the Play Store lol.

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i think this was all a mistake on their part because it came down pretty quick.

the "bonus content" section had a date of 11-21-2013 stuck out on the end...although it did not say anything like "expires on..." or "after ..."

my case has been "escalated" to upper management to get the play store email sent.

Best Buy rant begins in 3...2..

holy crap!!!

1st call 1-1-14, because the auto email was not sent after order.

2nd call 1-2-14, still no code..."you will receive it in 24/48 hours"

3rd call 1-2-14, still no code..."we are escalating this to our "back office" ref # issued

4th call, 1-7-14 (i'll give them the weekend and monday to get this done.....WRONG)
got someone who got me on the phone with one of the folks that will be issuing the code (finally!.........?)

YOU HAVE MAIL! yay!.........but wait, it is for $25 windows app store credit for purchasing a Microsoft Touch device....AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!

5th call, 1-7-142 hours after first call today......" i see you have not yet received the $25 Google Play gift card code yet, we will have to send this to our "back office software code department" to be approved.
you will need to wait 24/48 hours for any email codes to be generated.
(apparently, no one has been updating the case with info that they have already done this)


yes, you can laugh at my "merry go round ride" of customer support adventures.

after all of this is done my best buy card will be mailed to the with my final bill (not sure why i still have one).
i sure don't want to cancel the card yet, that may delay something i had not even imagined