With the launch of the Nexus S here on Thursday, Best Buy Mobile listed which stores will sell the phone on-contract with T-Mobile. All Best Buy Mobile locations will carry the device unlocked at a full retail pricing; only select stores will have the option to purchase the device with a two-year contract. For a full list of stores that will carry the phone with the discounted price, check here. (pdf warning)

And thanks to one of our readers (we love you guys) we have a short video showing the Best Buy Special Edition Nexus S Buyers Guide (and that's a mouthful).  Looks like Best Buy will be offering a $60.00 accessory bundle that includes a Rocketfish car charger, a Zagg screen protector, and a Platinum case. Be sure to have a look after the break. [via Best Buy Mobile Twitter] Thanks J. for the video!


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Secret stores huh. They act like this is a Xbox 720 launch or something. This phone is already outdated

sandplasma says:

^ Haters gonna hate.

Shawheim says:

i see Virginia isnt on the list. that sucks. still can get it unlocked and sell it on ebay for a ton more.

gqathu says:

Only in 31 states & PR...WTF??

miniZ says:

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

anndrewww says:

No stores in SF are getting the on-contract $199 phone? There is no way this can be right. Called Best Buy's Nexus S number and they didn't even know a list came out. This is embarrassing, Best Buy sucks!

JoseN305 says:

1 in Ohio and its 3hrs away, lol

That list makes me think that the big T-Mo corp stores had a say in which Best Buy stores were allowed to sell the subsidized version.

zmn668 says:

Will it be available through with contract?

dlongb13 says:

Nothing within 2 Hours of Cincinnati Ohio, thats wack.

Duffin says:

Seriously...Sandusky? Who the hell lives in Sandusky? There's no reason for this!

You know what really pisses me off? Best Buy has that stupid upgrade checker and has T-Mobile there. If they don't sell T-Mobile phones, why the hell would they have an upgrade checker for T-Mobile?

4ekbrandon says:

From what I understand, unless it's a Best Buy Mobile SAS(Stand-Alone-Store), OR a full Best Buy that does not carry Verizon, the store will NOT have T-Mobile.

If your local best-buy is not carrying T-Mobile, you can always ask for an Instant-Ship order; the phone will be shipped to your house, all you have to do is turn it on and let it go through its hands-free activation. Express(2 day) shipping was $7.99 last I saw, 3-10 day shipping is free.

Impulses says:

Lol, it seems all the Best Buys down here in Puerto Rico are getting it... I didn't even know we had five Best Buys! Ironically I'm spending the holidays in Denver and only two stores in all of Colorado are gonna have it. That just seems insane, I know people working carrier stores in Colorado and there's no way there's more demand for Android phones down here, never mind specialized models like the Nexus S, on a carrier that only arrived on the island a couple of years ago.

Duffin says:

From the way the Nexus S page on Best Buy is set up, it looks like it may be possible to order it from the website at the $199.99 price. I don't see why that shouldn't be possible, but I guess we'll see tomorrow when it goes on sale. *crosses fingers since he doesn't live anywhere near Sandusky, Ohio*

EDIT: Just called to confirm. You CAN buy the phone at the upgrade price tomorrow from the Best Buy website; if you're eligible for an upgrade, obviously. Whew...panic abating.


We got 2 Bestbuys in the Oklahoma City Metro Area that will offer the Nexus S for $199 for new contract or upgrade..Just got off the phone with them...

Jaredshoes says:

Nice there in 3 states that im very close to thank god for New England