With the launch of the Nexus S here on Thursday, Best Buy Mobile listed which stores will sell the phone on-contract with T-Mobile. All Best Buy Mobile locations will carry the device unlocked at a full retail pricing; only select stores will have the option to purchase the device with a two-year contract. For a full list of stores that will carry the phone with the discounted price, check here. (pdf warning)

And thanks to one of our readers (we love you guys) we have a short video showing the Best Buy Special Edition Nexus S Buyers Guide (and that's a mouthful).  Looks like Best Buy will be offering a $60.00 accessory bundle that includes a Rocketfish car charger, a Zagg screen protector, and a Platinum case. Be sure to have a look after the break. [via Best Buy Mobile Twitter] Thanks J. for the video!


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Best Buy Mobile proffers list of stores that will sell Nexus S on contract


i see Virginia isnt on the list. that sucks. still can get it unlocked and sell it on ebay for a ton more.

No stores in SF are getting the on-contract $199 phone? There is no way this can be right. Called Best Buy's Nexus S number and they didn't even know a list came out. This is embarrassing, Best Buy sucks!

Seriously...Sandusky? Who the hell lives in Sandusky? There's no reason for this!

You know what really pisses me off? Best Buy has that stupid upgrade checker and has T-Mobile there. If they don't sell T-Mobile phones, why the hell would they have an upgrade checker for T-Mobile?

From what I understand, unless it's a Best Buy Mobile SAS(Stand-Alone-Store), OR a full Best Buy that does not carry Verizon, the store will NOT have T-Mobile.

If your local best-buy is not carrying T-Mobile, you can always ask for an Instant-Ship order; the phone will be shipped to your house, all you have to do is turn it on and let it go through its hands-free activation. Express(2 day) shipping was $7.99 last I saw, 3-10 day shipping is free.

Lol, it seems all the Best Buys down here in Puerto Rico are getting it... I didn't even know we had five Best Buys! Ironically I'm spending the holidays in Denver and only two stores in all of Colorado are gonna have it. That just seems insane, I know people working carrier stores in Colorado and there's no way there's more demand for Android phones down here, never mind specialized models like the Nexus S, on a carrier that only arrived on the island a couple of years ago.

From the way the Nexus S page on Best Buy is set up, it looks like it may be possible to order it from the website at the $199.99 price. I don't see why that shouldn't be possible, but I guess we'll see tomorrow when it goes on sale. *crosses fingers since he doesn't live anywhere near Sandusky, Ohio*

EDIT: Just called to confirm. You CAN buy the phone at the upgrade price tomorrow from the Best Buy website; if you're eligible for an upgrade, obviously. Whew...panic abating.

We got 2 Bestbuys in the Oklahoma City Metro Area that will offer the Nexus S for $199 for new contract or upgrade..Just got off the phone with them...