Best Buy Canada

We noted Best Buy in the U.S. was taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note and now their Canadian stores have started as well. Although the Canadian release doesn't include any free goodies to go along with it, the price points for the device do vary across carrier with Bell coming out on top in terms of pricing.

  • Bell - $200
  • TELUS - $250
  • Rogers - $300

Those price points are all on new, three-year contracts but that's a given for the Canadian mobile landscape. The Samsung Galaxy Note will be available on Feb. 14th so if you're looking to get your hands on one, head on over to Best Buy and get your pre-orders in.

Source: Best Buy Canada

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Geikamir says:

Come to Verizon soon! Please!

wewewi says:

Geez the Galaxy Nexus was already expensive; 649$

Now 729$ for this one..

Tedium says:

Remember how happy we were in 2007 to ditch our dorky styluses? Remember how the Dell Streak 5 failed because it was "too big?"

Phone nerds are stupid as hell.