Well everybody, we survived another week. It was hard, and at times we couldn't tell if we would make it, but here we are. For all of the trials and tribulations, we have these, the five very best Android apps to hit the Google Play Store in the last seven days. This week was dominated by stuff for the artistic types delving in photography, drawing, and video, though there's one handy new utility tucked away in the batch.

Stick around, because tomorrow will be running through the best Android games launched over the last week.


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The best Android apps of the week: HTC Zoe, TapPath, and more!


You're running a phone from a tiny manufacturer with no accessories and minimal support. Get used to it and count yourself lucky if HTC decides to support it.

It could be worse, you could have a Find 7.

You could hold a contest and give your phone to the hottest looking half naked bimbo and then.... Oh, wait, they've already done that.

here's my pick - not a new App but new for me - i just bought it this week -

eWeatherHD, NOAA Radar, Alerts
Elecont software - June 4, 2014


i love and primarily use it for the included customizable hourly weather widget which shows me the temperature and chance of precipitation hour by hour for every next 12 hours at a glance. helps me plan my day/outings.

not an inexpensive App but worth it IMO.

Never really played that much with Zoe when I was using the M7-8 but have been for the last few days. Its cool and all but falls under those "nice to have" kinda things.

For me personally the best app of the week is cloudmagic, best email app on Android in my opinion. Handles my outlook, exchange, and gmail with push notifications no problem.

They also fixed up their sync so no more errors.

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Check out a wallpaper atop w called Wally. Never heard of it until this week but it's pretty good

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Tap Path looks really cool... and I already own link bubble. But I'm worried about it's reliability and compatibility with different apps. Example: most links I'm opening are coming from greader... If I tap twice (even on a link) it has it's own response to that (which is to reformat the page using readability) ... Guessing I won't be able to have/do both?

Also - you asked about what new apps we've found. Something called Flippr is kinda cool... Found it on reddit. It creates a little hotspot for you to tap and slide out widgets. Not working 100% IMO yet, so only using it with one widget; the terribly ugly BreakingNews (red/white, non-resizable) widget ... Really nice to have it available at any time (can slide out over another app)