Verizon Wireless compares their 4G network to AT&T's.....3G network.

The coverage map war between Verizon Wireless and AT&T continues as Big Red deals a heavy, fourth-generation blow to AT&T's ... 3G network?

At first glance, Verizon Wireless wants you to think the unrivaled red footprint seen here is their 4G/LTE coverage map, but it's not, it's their current 3G coverage.  Further inspection reveals their 4G launch markets -- indicated by small, green bullseyes, peppered throughout the map.  Alternatively, AT&T's 3G coverage is indicated by small specks of blue scattered across the country.

Verizon Wireless has made AT&T their full-time whipping boy, but part of me wonders why T-Mobile and Sprint weren't included here.  AT&T and Verizon Wireless are always battling to be No. 1, so it's obvious why they've targeted AT&T.  But the other two members of the big four actually have 4G service up and running.  T-Mobile claims to have the nation's largest 4G network, while Sprint is home to PC World's voted two best smartphones, and the nation's first 4G network.

But hey, every carrier has at least one or two awesome Android phones, so that's all we really care about. [via Twitter]


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Verizon ad has AT&T seeing red (but not necessarily LTE)


These maps are largely meaningless. What service provider works best for you in your the area that really matters.

Pretty douchy to have big bold type screaming 4G, and then show their 3G map with tiny pinpricks of green.

You are welcome to your CDMA iPhone. You won't like it.

why's that exactly? Especially seeing how it will be on the best network in this country, + be able to access GSM networks overseas. you really don't know what you're talking about, do you?

They dont mention Sprint because Sprint is a roaming partner with VZW, and Sprint doesnt charge for roaming, so really, Big Yellow, has the same coverage as Big Red if you count the included roaming areas.

Indeed. Sprint and Verizon have the EXACT SAME voice and 3G coverage area because they use each other's towers.

Meanwhile, Sprint has 4G in many areas and Verizon has none. Although I do expect Verizon to leap-frog Sprint in 4G coverage in probably a year. And I doubt they will have any agreements in place for that.

Actually while they share almost the same Voice coverage, Verizon Does NOT let sprint roam off of their EVDO network. The only areas where sprint has Roaming are in areas (like Alltel) where agreements existed before Verizon bought them out. Sprint's phones are also hardcoded to prefer native towers over (closer) roaming towers. (this isn't a bad thing, everyone does it) but there are a lot of areas where this can give a false low signal. On top of that sprint has some pretty explicit roaming caps in their T&C, and Any Mobile Anytime (their big marketing push) doesn't work while roaming. I'm not trying to bash Sprint. They have a great network for a lot of people. But you're doing them NO favors by spreading misinformation about their coverage.

You are right- when you are a Sprint customer using Verizon towers, or vice-versa, the data rate is 1x, not 3G (EVDO). Sorry about that mistake.

Although Sprint does have EVDO (3G) roaming agreements with other carriers to supplement their own network.

This. Verizon (my carrier) signal is uber strong in my major metropolitan market. AT&T is okay, but a distant second. Sprint is incredibly poor, and it is impossible to hold a call while driving due to all of the dead zones. Verizon =/= Sprint.

Have you every actually owned/used a Sprint phone in your area? I live in a rural area and Sprint gets just as good of service as Verizon. I know this because I was with Verizon for six years before switching to Sprint because they have better prices.

At&t and Verizon don't care about Sprint and T-Mobile. When Sprint and T-Mobile were losing customers, they went right to At&t and Verizon. At&t and Verizon didn't even have to lift a finger to get those customers.

But isn't At&t No. 1 again since it got 2 million Alltel customers?

Altell was absorbed into Verizon not at&t. But at&t does the same thing. The say that their network covers 97% of all Americans but it isn't their 3g network that covers that much.

But Verizon didn't get to keep all of those Altell customers for some reason (some complicated FCC thing). Then At&t bought the remaining 1.5 million.

Verizon took over the areas where Alltel was already in place BUT Verizon wasn't in those areas (i.e. Central VA where I live) and ATT took over the Alltel customers where Verizon was already based in so Verizon wouldn't have a monopoly in the market.

First of all there is NO true implementation of 4G with ANY carrier. Unless you are using the term 4g loosely to mean "fourth generation" of speed. Verizon has NO LTE except for at a smattering of Tmo is using HSPDA+ which is the closest to being 4G but really it's 3g+. Sprint is not even close. They use wimax which is part of the wifi standard IEEE 802.16. It is really for home wireless broadband and was developed by a consortium between Sprint, google, Clearview, Comcast, Intel, and Time Warner....

Ahh shut up. WE ALREADY KNOW THIS. Point is that shit doesn't matter. We understand 4G is now a marketing term. But faster is faster.

Not entirely true Eurotrash...unless my city of Denver and our airport DIA are the same thing listed twice, LTE is not just at airports. It's launching in over 30 MARKETS + airports. There is a difference.

"its Launching" ... is the key word there ...has in in the future ...
and yes it does make a difference because everyone on this board jumped all over TMO for saying their New offering was not 4G ....

Because their technology is using the same technology, on the same spectrum. Wimax and LTE are both new techs on different spectrums, not something overwriting current 3g

What are you talking about? Launch market means it's live. One of the markets being turned on this year is Denver. I think you need to research more about all of this because you apparently missed something. Also, what does it matter about the technicalities of what is '4G'. As far as the US is concerned, this is the 4th Generation which is simply what '4G' means. LTE is also being adopted around the world. It's apparently a bit more important than 'just a name'.

Before you get on a site geared toward technical audience you should have some clue of what you are talking about. YES, you are missing something. You know nothing of Networking or Networking standards. wireless or otherwise. Why don't you go study up the 802.x standards. You should just stick to thinking you know phones because your rooted a G1 one time. LTE has been out in the rest of the world for Years..its the US that still uses 1980's technology like CDMA and is trying to catch up... (not that you know what CDMA is either).

LTE is still a pretty new tech. It's only in the past couple of years that any networks went online with it. Heck, Japan didn't get it until 2010. And CDMA has a network presence in every country that didn't mandate their wireless technology. That should tell you something about how "old fashioned" it is. GSM is technically the older cellular technology, and GSM networks use a variation of CDMA technology for their 3g networks.

Just wake me up when Verizon gets a true 3g network with 3g speeds un my area I don't count on 512k down being 3g.and I say this because I doubt 4g will be in my area any time before 2012

I was going to say the same thing as djraw. I know for a fact that I roam on Verizon's network with Sprint a lot with my EVO and when I had my Blackberry with Verizon, I roamed on Sprint. It wouldn't make any kind of business sense for them to attack Sprint.

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Spam filter too lax, people complain. Spam Filter too strong, people complain. No matter what they do, people complain. They spend their time tweaking the filters too. It's not an exact science.

The spam filter is eating a lot of people's comments. Personally, I'd rather see the Spam, than have over half of our comments flagged, and never posted. I'm assuming that so much is being flagged, that there is no time to go back and post it all. This is not a problem at phandroid, or engadget...or bgr for that matter.

I agree. I "posted" something earlier today and it was flagged. Apparently dropping company names in a legit conversation is wrong? Those names, btw, were...nevermind, this post might not make it if I post them.

I agree. It has grabbed numerous of my posts... none of which could ever have been considered spam.

I'm surprised that any of the three comments above mine made it through. Using ellipses is a pretty good indicator that a post will be spam.
And all three of them use different commenting systems. Engadget and BGR use Disques. I don't know the system Phandroid uses. and the commenting system here used to be more open, you used to see spam. and people complained about it more than their currently complaining about their posts getting eaten. Again, people will NEVER be happy with an online forum's way of doing things. (people complain all the time on Engadget about things happening to their posts as well). AC is working on it, but no system is perfect.

There's no rhyme or reason for comments making it through versus those that get flagged. I'm on the verge of giving up. I've made a habit of copying my content before posting, on the chance that it gets flagged.

All arguments and facts aside seeing a poster means a step in the right direction with Verizon. Now I know what that little thing next to the 4G on the HTC Mecha was - LTE. Can't. Wait.

PS: Service here in Philadelphia is phe-nomenal.

Sprint and Verizon are roaming partners, but there are limitations. You can only use half of all minutes talked roaming. That counts for peak, off peak, and m2m. Minutes are not counted as m2m while roaming. Verizon only allows 3G roaming in some areas for Sprint. Most importantly, there is a 300 MB/month data roaming limit. So, it's not like you can use verizon's network as you please, as a sprint customer.

Verizon can make their 3G coverage as exstensive as they want. I have no problem roaming for free in places I could potentially have no signal. And bring LTE, cause maybe it will spur Sprint to expand WIMAX in new ways over time. I'm ok with that.

You won't roam on any 3g towers verizon is putting up. You're currently roaming on Alltel towers for 3g and maybe other regionals that they bought up. Any towers verizon put up (or is putting up) will be (at most) voice only for their roaming partners. The only exception to this might be LTE with their rural roaming agreements.

Wrong. Sprint can and does roam with data, also, on Verizon towers. Sometimes at 3G, but usually at only 1x.

Yes, I forgot that people actually consider 1xrtt to be a data session. The poster I was responding to explicitly mentioned 3g towers (and new towers at that).

According to itu, 3G requires simultaneous voice and data. Guess Sprint and Verizon lie about having 3G? Give me a break! Nobody cared how they defined 3G, nobody cares how they define 4G.

All I care about is...when's Verizon going to release a "4g" handset?!

Every one is arguing over 4g/3g dilemma...the carriers aren't going to suddenly change their mind and start marketing it as 3.5g or whatever so just get over it.

You are making excuses for your site eating legit comments and never posting them. Obviously, some people will always complain, but pissing off the ones that try to contribute to the site is going to cause more complaints. It's not like the spam has disappeared. It just later gets removed. I type these comments from my Evo. I don't like my time being wastef.

No one is trying to piss you off. It's a bot. A program with a set of words that it's set to mark as spam. These words are ones typically used by spammers, or things like people posting links to websites. I'm sure if they notice a lot of actual posters getting blocked from certain words they'll remove them. I've been commenting here for a year and I can't remember a single time a post of mine hit the spam wall. If you're noticing certain words are causing your comments to be blocked and you don't think they should be, then have you submitted an email with those words? No one likes having their time wasted. That goes for comm enters hitting spam walls and writers having to manually delete spam. Spam is a lot less common than it once was. maybe they made the block a little too strong this time, and that's called trial and error. They'll have to loosen it up a little until they find a happy medium.

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Yes because it's fun compiling a list of words links and writing patterns that spammers use as well. That's the point I'm trying to make. It's no fun for either party, so laying blame is pointless. I've been posting here for over a year, I've never hit the spam wall. I've never hit a spam wall on any site for that matter. I also rarely link because there's hardly ever a reason to do so when responding to an article. Avoiding ellipses, emotive words, such as sigh will also help. It sucks but there is NO perfect answer, and while I'm sure they're working on getting it to work better, having people posting in every thread about the spam filter isn't going to get it fixed any sooner because it's not broken, it's just a bit too strong atm.

Sprint's 4G is not technically 4G. Then again, current implementatons of LTE are not 4G based on the standards board redefining LTE and 4G.

Tmobile are completely nuts for trying to pawn off 3G tech as 4G. 4G is not about speed alone.

You neglected to mention metro pcs' impressive roll out in I think 2 markets for lte. would be nice if the blogs actually had informed writers working for them. I suppose that is why they are blogs and not trusted news sources because they wait for someone else to report a story and regurgitate their own interpretation of the story. Lemme see. Spend all day playing wow in mom and dad's basement. Get an alert about some tech story. Write 4 lines. Get paid to do that. Back to playing wow.

The picture had Verizon and ATT coverage listed.The author mentioned how it was unusual that Verizon DIDN'T compare coverage to sprint or T-mobile. They didn't mention Sprint's coverage or even T-mobiles with the exception of posting to a previous article about it. And trusted news sources? You mean like every major news outlet that copy/pasted the story about how Verizon was a launch partner for the ipad because the WSJ said so? That definitely sounds like it's harder work and requires a deep understanding of the tech industry. To regurgitate something is to take it from one thing and just paste it again. So you cannot regurgitate your own interpretation. If you're interpreting, you're not regurgitating. It would be nice if a blog could find commenter's who could read an article and reply in context, don't you think? Or better yet, instead of criticizing a blog for being misinformed you contribute something to the discussion instead of just noise.

AFAIK CDMA isn't even truly 3G without simultaneous voice and data. Until VZW and/or Sprint go to SVDO they won't get my business.

Too strong? I have had 20 posts flagged in the last few hours. What is your email? I'll send you my latest trigger. You will see why people are getting angry. It was just a simple, basic comment, with nothing in it that should trigger it.

You can PM it to me. I'm same user name in the forums. And I used to do spam filtering for a website that got as many hits in a year as this one most likely does in a day and it's was difficult there. It's not an exact science.

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It was from the one below about simultaneous voice and data. Notice, when I posted the sentence to show you what I deleted, it wasn't flagged. So, that tells me that there is no rhyme or reason to the flagging. The system is broken. I'm tired of trying to figure it out. Not to soubd like an iphone user, but it should just work ha

Edit: Email verification FTW!

They're working on a complete overhaul of the commenting system (as per their forums in android central meta). That will hopefully address some of the problems here. And whenever you're talking about anything involving people, it will never just work sadly. It will always be too lax or too strong. As for why it posted later, I've worked with some systems before that had a count of potential spam items before it flagged a comment. So for example, you could say three spammy things and be fine, you say the 4th and it's flagged. It is frustrating, I know. But they are working on it, but it's going to take time to do, especially if they want to do it right. And as a sidenote.. i hate email verification.

Simultaneous voice and data = Most overrated "feature" ever. You do know that cdma phones can do that on wifi, right? How many people actually do that? Text and email can already be done, even on 3G. Do we really need to browse the web while talking? If so, wifi is never far away. Oh, and Sprint's 4G does it as well.

There have been quite few times that data with voice would have been hugely helpful for me. It's not about browsing the web per's more about having services running simultaneously. I'm just not willing to pay more and have a lower data ceiling to get it. Wifi doesn't help when you're in the car and 4g doesn't cover all the places 3g does...yet.

FYI the only standard recognized as TRUE 4g by the International Telecommunication Union is IEEE 802.16m which theoretically can exceed 120Mbit/s. Currently WIMAX is the closest to achieving this standard if I am not mistaken.

Thanks for repeating the same thing that we've all read. According to the same group, Verizon nor Sprint have true 3G. In case you haven't figured it out, nobody cares what the itc says.

I hate all of this map garbage, yes Verizon has good coverage for the most part, but this ALL RED crap is a flat out lie. When I had Verizon the 3 places that I spent the most time had data speeds comparable to dial up and voice service was very spotty, yet in all 3 of those places the map was all red, 3G everywhere! Very misleading, and I'm sure I'm not the only person in the country who has experienced this.

And AT&T seems to just be laying down and taking it in all directions, Verizon is making AT&T's network look pathetic next to their over-exaggerated "all 3G" coverage map and doesn't even take into consideration that AT&T's edge network covers about the same amount of people as Verizon (and judging by my Verizon "3G" experience it probably performs equally as good in a lot of places)... and now T-Mobile has suddenly decided that their HSPA+ network is the "largest and fasted 4G network in the country" when AT&T uses HSPA+ as well and has more of it.

I'm not rooting for AT&T by any means but I'm surprised that they are just allowing Verizon and T-Mobile to be as misleading as they are when it comes to bashing them.

That Verizon map is accurate. If you zoom in, you'll see that there are places that aren't 3G. They are just so small, that you have to zoom in to see them. Guess you were unlucky enough to be in those places. Att has hspa+, but no devices to use it. That's because they are crippling Android sales because of you know what. They'll get in gear, as soon as they lose the exclusivity.

I zoomed, it shows all 3G and the data speeds there are a joke, and voice is so bad that you have trouble holding a call, that is if it even works at all.

The map indicates that there is coverage there, which is accurate i guess but it is misleading because there is no indication of quality... it's just red, even if the quality is so bad that it is basically useless, which is the case at all of these locations.