Oh, it's on, now. With T-Mobile dropping its fourth round of "Uncarrier" news next week at CES in Las Vegas, AT&T today fired a salvo of its own — offering up to $450 to current T-Mobile customers who switch. Here's how it works:

Starting today, current T-Mobile customers can trade in their current phone for a gift card worth up to $250. The amount depends on what the phone is, and how old it is. But $250 is the maximum.

And then they can get up to $200 in credit when transferring service to AT&T, activating an AT&T Next plan, buying a new device at full retail price, or activating a device they already own. (A reminder, folks, that AT&T and T-Mobile LTE bands don't fully line up.)

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AT&T looks to poach T-Mobile customers with up to $450 if they switch


LOL. What people do not understand is that under AT&T Next, there is no contract. You're paying Full Price for a device. For example, if you want the Note 3, you're getting $200.00 OFF of $700.00...LMAO! Another AT&T smoke & Mirror session, to fool the fools!

WHY would you go for a worse program than JUMP?

Its the wave of the future.
People have started to realize that paying inflated prices forever for a "subsidized" phone is money down a rat hole.

You want womeone to finance your phone for you, go see BestBuy or Amazon.

Mathematically, subsidized phones still make sense when upgrading to new high priced flagships especially with total equipment protection insurance.

Not necessarily...

Seems cheaper to buy a phone outright (like a high end Nexus 5 for $350 or a high end Moto X for $399 or even a budget Moto G for $179) and some other insurance via your credit card or house insurance.

Sometimes I wonder how people calculate the dollars saved and still think that subsidized is the way to go.

Yeah but to be honest, neither of those phones would sell at the price point T they shod be at. Google pays the bills there. They should retail for 600$

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But that was the problem with the MotoX. It DIDN'T sell at the $600 price point, it wasn't until Moto did the Black Friday deal that the MotoX really started to move units. That's why the price got dropped to $400 permanently. Google has said they are making a profit at $350 & $400 for the Nexus 5 and Moto says they're making a profit off the Moto G. So Google isn't fitting the excess, they are adjusting for lower profits and hoping to make it up in services and volume.

Shouldn't they be offering that to Verizon customers? Since, you know, they're actually AT&Ts biggest competitor? It would actually give me a reason to switch back.

Big red it's the king of screwing customers. They just fill the airwaves with their crap about them being the only substantial network out there. That makes the ignorant masses blindfolded and willing to pony up their extortionate prices.

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Big Red does have the most substantial network, AT&T is pretty close. So us ignorant masses at least have coverage pretty much where ever we travel and yes we pony up to have that coverage

At least there are places where AT&T sells their network out at lower prices, including LTE. I won't argue that Verizon has post substantial coverage, but I can survive now that Straight Talk is selling AT&T's network with LTE.

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The should pay you to be on their network right?

Gimme gimme gimme

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There is a reason they aren't targeting Verizon and why the TMobile CEO only mentioned AT&T in his latest dig. Neither of their networks are close to Verizon when your're talking about network size and reliability. You've seen the commercials. TMobile's is still behind all 3 other players. This ad campaign has definitely dressed them up enough to be bought though.

That's a good point. Regarding being bought, NoNexus said something similar awhile ago, along the lines of T-Mobile drastically changing to pursue a buyer. We'll see, I guess.

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T-Mobile isn't really behind Sprint... and besides, Sprint is horribly slow (save for a few select places), while even T-Mobile 3G is faster than Verizon and Sprint LTE.

You have patents!? Can I have one!? (just kidding)

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I wish.
My parents could get talked out of Verizon if AT&T offered a similar promotion.

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At&t? But, they were already told no. I'm pretty sure, another bid wouldn't have a different result.

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Mercdroid is right, ATT cannot have them, unless they do something drastic

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If they offered this to VZW customers, I would consider switching, although I'm not really sure ATT is any less expensive.

ATT is desperate

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I don't think they're desperate, they're trying to squash t-mobile before they become a problem.

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

No the buyout will kill off Tmo, or merger if everyone is lucky

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True, but with the recent promotions they've been running and advancements they've made to their network, T-Mobile will start to steal more and more consumers and marketshare from the other wireless carriers.

Remember, before 2013, no wireless carrier offered device financing. Then, after T-Mobile did it, everyone else jumped in and offered a financing method.

T-Mobile forced the other carriers' hands, and they responded because they saw the potential to lose business. I know, T-Mobile still has the smallest network. But, they can't be ignored anymore by the other carriers.

So, AT&T should (and probably does) take T-Mobile seriously.

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I already switched to tmobile from Sprint and already got a $200 credit for switching. I did try att but instead of paying $110 a month for 2 lines unlimited I would have paid close to $200 with only 2gb of data. I think I'll stick to tmobile for now.

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It wasn't something that was advertised. I just called up tmobile and said that I currently have sprint and would like to switch but have an etf. Is there anything they can do. They said we can give you a $200 account credit if you switch. So I did.

Well, good for you! That's awesome, man. Any money helps; God knows ETFs suck, lol.

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It doesn't actually. If you owe $350 ETF then your phone is fairly and you can resell it for that price. So pay the ETF so that your ESN is not black listed, sell the phone, break even

I'd love to see that plan. I switch switched to ATT from Verizon, and I'm paying $170 a month for two lines, unlimited talk/text, and 8 GB of shared data. I can't imagine you were going to pay $200 for 2 GB of data.

I was going off an old plan. So I redid it. Right now on the att site for 4gb to be shared on 2 lines with unlimited text and talk its $150 with a 2 year contract. It's not so bad except for the contract part. If you were to get their new plan without contract it drops down to $120 for 4gb of data to be shared between 2 lines. It's actually not too bad. Way better than verizon. Come to think about it tmobile needs to step it up quickly since the difference in pricing isn't that much anymore. I'm glad I redid my calculations. With my 23% att discount I may seriously look into att.

Yep! I stayed with AT&T because of my 24% discount. I pay $91.80 per month for unlimited talk, text, and a shared 2GB of data with my wife. She has a Nexus 4 and I have a Nexus 5 so we don't have any phone subsidies (so the $30 a month discount is sweet). So I pay about $50 a month per phone with tax and don't have to deal with Straight Talk bull crap, T-Mobile's less than stellar network, etc.

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That's awesome, man. That's dirt cheap, compared to what some people are paying, lol.

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Yep...I dropped my unlimited data like a bad habit the day they dropped the shared data plans by $15/month per phone if you don't have a phone subsidy. It wasn't really unlimited anyway since they throttled you after 5GB. And I never use that much data anyway. It was time to save a whole heck of a lot of money instead. That beats unlimited data any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

You get 23 percent? Nice! I think military members "only" get 15 percent, across all carriers (I'm not complaining, trust me).

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Yeah if you have 2 non-subsidized phones and a 23% discount and need to share 4GB, you'll pay like $105/month for the 2 lines plus tax. You'll actually pay about $117 or so with all the fees. At T-Mobile, 2 lines with 2.5GB each line would be $100 plus tax. So it's roughly only a $5/month difference and you have AT&T's much better network. Use that corporate discount!

I just calculated and with my corporate discount at tmobile i'm paying $96.80 before tax for 2 lines. 1 line at unlimited data the 2nd line at 2.5gb for 4g and throttled after that. My line is unlimited and my wife never even hits 2gb.
I just checked att and my corporate discount is also 23%. We could probably do the 6gb plan which comes out to $100.10 after corporate discount and before taxes. That is not a bad increase. Decisions decisions. Only issue now is having to pay up front for 2 tmobile phones and then selling our current ones on swappa.

Your corporate discount on AT&T is calculated only on the shared data amount. So for me, the 2GB shared is $55 so the discount is 24% of $55. Keep that in mind. It won't be $100.10 for the 6GB plan. It'll be more than that.

They're doing this to combat T-mobile giving up to $350 credit to pay off your current ETF if you switch starting sometime this month.

If ATT had unlimited internet I would have switched to them instead of Tmo. If VZW didn't take away my unlimited internet, I wouldn't have left them. Now ATT and VZW are butt hurt because they screwed their customers over and Tmo is expanding their 4G and an incredible rate. At the moment Tmo 4g defiantly sucks in rural areas compared to ATT and VZW but I expect that will be fixed throughout the next year or two. I read somewhere Tmo already has a little over 4 billion set aside for network expansion or some such nonsense. Being able to switch my phone out every 6 mos was just a bonus, but a really nice bonus since new models are released basically every year. Oh and call quality is better on Tmo than VZW too, which is another reason I'm going to stick it out with them while they roll out their 4g.

If their coverage expands into small urban and rural areas, I will be switching. I'm currently with AT&T go phone, but if T-Mobile ups they coverage beyond 2G where I live, I'm moving in a heartbeat

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Sprint mobile will have you covered. Trust me Tmo never will

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What annoys me about these deals is how they screw over current customers and they offer nothing to current ones. Everything is switch and of cpurse threatening to switch will not get you the deal.

It is same issue I run into with apartment complexes but at least there I can generally argued for the same deal.


I'm so tired of these deals to get people to switch over while longtime customers get little to no deals from their carriers. I've been with A(add more bloatware)T&T since the Cingular days with 4 lines and with the exception of not screwing me out of my unlimited data (at least not yet)on my line, I've never been offered anything for being a loyal long time customer.

It's like the carriers don't care if you bail because another rube is walking in as you are going out.

Sad but true.

Just call them and say that you are going to switch. Be insistent and they will get you to customer retention.

You may not get a deal that is great but something is better than nothing.

I have been playing cable companies off each other for years

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I'm not sure what you want them to do since this is for switching cartiers. I was on a 2 year contract and I called to switch to the simple plan and they let me. Might give that a try?

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It would be offer me that 200 buck credit on a contract renewal.
New customers get better discounts for signing up while current customers do not have access to those deals.

This. And, I first learned about that "practice," while browsing Amazon and seeing the HUGE disparity between new customer and 2-year upgrade discounts. It is infuriating, to say the least.

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ATT is being really smart. Its not that T-Mobile is a threat now, but at the rate T-Mobile is going, they will be a threat and ATT is stopping a future problem.

Nexus 5...enough said

Super smart. Two things I see here. Obviously they are looking to gain customers by incentivising to switch. During this switch they are acquiring a $600 for $250 that they can refurbish that they can then resell for their Mobile Share value plans that is more directly combating prepaid plans than anything contract based from any other carrier.

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You may not like T-Mo, but you gotta love John Legere. If he isn't the "Wireless Exec of the Year" they shouldn't award one.When is the last time you saw one person change an industry in one year?

First, $250 of that is the maximum you’ll receive in return for trading in your existing T-Mobile handset. To get the full $250, you’ll need a recent handset in good condition – in which case you’d almost certainly get more selling it privately …

Second, the balance of the $200 you receive just for switching is dependent on you buying a new AT&T handset outright at full retail, or activating your own unlocked phone. You’ll only receive that credit when you’ve been paying your AT&T bills for 90 days.

Finally, AT&T is not waiving its standard $36 activation fee, so you’ll have to pay that before you start seeing any money back. Oh, and it’s time-limited offer, but AT&T hasn’t yet said when it expires.

I'm not really sure why you felt the need to repeat what's already in the article

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I think he was repeating it to outline how bad of a deal it is. 200 to switch? most people would have a $350 etf to pay (lost 150 there) and 250 on the handset is joke since most of these devices cost 600-700. Its a rip off and att is a joke. On a side note why did you feel the need to reply with something much more useless than his comment?

He stated it in a much clearer fashion. The headline sounds great but after analyzing the numbers you'll end up upside down on this deal and more than likely paying a higher monthly rate.

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And all the consumer hears is blah blah blah $400

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That's all I read, lol (at first, anyway).

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I'm almost positive that TMO LTE devices should work fine on AT&T's network as pretty much every TMO device is basically the AT&T sku with AWS added on WCDMA. They should all have band 17 built in.

Unfortunately that T-Mobile device would have to be traded in to get the $250.

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Can't they get the other $200 anyway? Or are non-AT&T devices not included in the "device you already own" category?

they are...i just got off a chat with a rep. the $200 after 90 days is for bring your own unlocked device or if you buy a phone from at&t on their next program. plus if there is no contract on the smartphone that you are taking to at&t, then you can get additional $15 (for each line that is out of contract) per month statement discount.

Sprint "unlimited" non throttled multi spectrum LTE plus clear voice is the best value / performance for us fortunate coastal Southern Californians.

Sprint also offers subsidized flagships, a $200 value / cost discount, to switch from any other carrier.

Lol this whole deal is a joke. Go home AT&T you're drunk still from the holidays.

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Wow this is going to make it easier for Sprint to buy them

Or dish

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it will suck so bad if Dish gets them. IMHO and where I live Tmo is far and away the worst, but at least you could fall back on saving money if you are not attached at the hip to your phone. With dish I cannot see that happening.

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Okay, so if I switch from my current prepaid plan on Tmobile and activate my N5 on my sister's family plan, I'll get $200 of credit?

yes, you should...after staying for 90 days. plus $15 monthly discount...i'm currently in the same boat, trying to figure out if it is a better deal. the only reason i'm even thinking about it is t-mobile has not so great coverage (not even 4g) in the route i travel a lot.

I'm more amused by how often the word "screwing" is being used here. I guess I missed when my carrier put a gun to my head and forced me to be their customer.

The internet (or any source of incomplete information) is a dangerous thing in the hands of the ignorant.

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AT&T will make up for their $200.00 with their pricing structure...No loss for them. I've been on all 4 of the major carriers, and right now, T-Mobile works best for me because they have fantastic coverage here, in Las Vegas, and California where I go. I don't care how good the coverage is in b.f. Iowa as I don't go there.

I'm glad to hear that you have great coverage in Cali. I'll be transferring out there, in the summer. And, I'd love nothing more than to stay with T-Mobile.

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"$200 in credit when ... activating a device they already own."

Can I get a $200 credit for activating my Nexus 4 on a prepaid plan from AT&T or would I get cheated by some overpriced plan and lock myself into a contract for so long that switching to AT&T will cost 4 or 5 times more than the credit over the life of the contract?

No, I'm pretty sure, it has to be a contract plan, lol.

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The only way this makes sense is if you have terrible T-Mobile coverage.

Nexus or Nothing

What they don't seem to understand is that no matter how much money you throw at us by switching to AT&T we will be paying more in the long run then if we stuck with T-Mobile. Nothing against AT&T but they must not think that most of us understand math.

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I guess it all depends on each individuals situation. I left Verizon unlimited data when my contract expired(actually before). After it did I would have had to pick a share plan or a new individual plan, since I have no one to share phone service with.

I picked AT&T prepaid Go Phone, and I bought a Nexus 5 from Google Play.
I have unlimited talk and text. I picked 2 gig of data per month because I never went over that on Verizon.

I have very good service. I looked into T-mobile and talked to a few people who had it. The main comment was that they had good service sometimes and other times they had completely none.
Now, I live in a city that has Verizon and AT&T service in underground subways, yet these people with T-mobile I talked to don't even have service in their home at times.

So I went with AT&T. I pay at the Kiosk at the mall I go to once a week anyway, taxes are included and it is about $60 a month.

I am a very happy person with At&T...and I have LTE inside my house on all floors....something I didn't' have with Verizon. And please lets not talk about Verizon 3G speeds. The 2 times I did not have LTE with AT&T I had HSPA+....faster than Verizon 3G so no complaints.... AT ALL.

I would switch to ATT if at the end of the day, they will find a way to make up for these give aways, I had them about a year, I think u were charged for just looking at the phone. All jokes aside, Tmobile sucks in South Florida and I am seriously thinking about switching, you can go months without any issues and then banm! A whole freaking week with bad service, its bad for me because when im on call, I have to keep making sure that I have not been paged by calling our service operator instead of waiting to get paged like I should. Its a bad feeling when u r in an urban area n u cant get coverage, so I am seriously considering this until tmobile fixes their coverage down here. The only thing that might hold me back is Jump. I just love switching up

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