Galaxy Mega

6.3-incher arrives for $149.99 on a two-year plan

Today's a big day for AT&T phone launches, and alongside the One Mini and Moto X, the carrier is also getting one of Samsung's more unusual handsets, the Galaxy Mega.

Announced for AT&T just a few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy Mega packs a 6.3-inch 720p TFT LCD display and mid-to-high-end internals. There's a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 CPU inside, with 1GB of RAM, a 3200mAh battery and an 8-megapixel rear camera. Like the Galaxy S4, it's running Android 4.2.2 and Samsung's latest TouchWiz UI.

AT&T is offering the Galaxy Mega in (dark) blue with 16GB of storage, which is expandable via microSD card. For that, you'll pay $149.99 on a two-year plan or $479.99 upfront.

We've recently reviewed the international version of the Galaxy Mega, and we'll be bringing you some thoughts on the AT&T version before long, too. For more info, hit the links below.

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AT&T launches the Samsung Galaxy Mega


Perhaps for you. Samsung is offering products for different consumers. Just because you aren't interested does not mean there will be no interest at all. But thanks for sharing your opinion, I'm sure Samsung has been waiting for it.

It's the fact that it packs a TFT LCD screen that a device like this is pretty pointless. We already have the upcoming Note 3 and Note 2 which is already out

I know that you know this but, the note 3 is going to cost twice as much. And if you don't need the spen, then this phone is a solid device.

Posted via Android Central App

The galaxy s4 lags with a quad-core processor and 2gb of ram this thing is going to be so laggy with a dual core processor and 1gb of ram touchwiz is just too slow and heavy.

Posted via Android Central App

I will play both sides of the fence

It had lag when it first came out, it was fixed right after

Old news is old. Get out of the past

My daughters S4 is pretty fast. My S3 is pretty fast as well. Then again, I'm comparing that to my GNex (both VZW).

Still, I thought the internals on the Mega were similar to the S4? But, it looks like it has less cores, less RAM, etc. This would explain why a device with a bigger screen is LESS than the S4.

This device is not for "me", but I am sure there is a target market. For my money, if I wanted a phablet, I'd wait a few weeks for the Note3 to be announced.

I was enamored by this phone at first but it seems like a thrown together phone with a dash of S3, a pinch of S4 and a sprinkle of Note 2 and voila you have the MEGA!

That's a great price for a device like this. The specs are decent enough. It will be a touch call between this and the Note 3. Is $300 more worth it for a better, although smaller, screen and an SPen? There is no doubt that the Note 3 will run like butter with its far superior specs but the reviews on the Mega shows that it runs quite well. The price point could be the Megas greatest feature.

Totally agreed
I'm currently using it now
Totally no lag for day to day use. Probably project butter doing its magic

If u don't play the latest 3d games this phone then it'll be the perfect companion :)

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Great option for the few wanting it, but in my opinion it's just too much. We started selling it on the 23rd, so I actually got to play with it, and it looks funky even with my 6'2 frame. I haven't had a single customer look at it and not go "What the hell is this?!" then hold it up to their ear and proceed to tell me how huge it is. Not one seemed the slight bit interested.

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The Note 3 will be nothing like the Samsung Galaxy Mega. It will be sporting a Quad core, 3GB Ram and other features so rest assured it wont be like this model. This looks like Samsung purchased a large amount of equipment for the Note 3 and decided to go with other options for the Note 3 and designed a quick model to dump the hardware.

Dominic Goodspeed
Mr Samsung Galaxy

I have used just about every phone on the market... I am a mac computer ONLY user, and even swore I would never sway from the Iphone... went to the android phones, even tried a windows phone... when the Mega came out I jumped on it and LOVE IT !!! Would not have another phone at this point, yes it's bulky... but there are already MANY accessories on the market to take care of carrying it around... I don't have to carry a laptop around, I can run my business from my phone, hold a conversation, read a book, watch TV, watch a movie, play a game.... it's everything you need right in your hand...
I have read MANY bad reviews on this one... they are WAY off the mark... must be smoking crack when they reviewed this one!!!