Galaxy S4

21-megabyte update now hitting AT&T-branded handsets, users report smoother performance

Following the T-Mobile update that landed this morning, AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S4 is also getting its first firmware upgrade. The over-the-air package weighs in at just over 21MB, and although there's no changelog provided with the update, GS4 owners over on the Android Central Forums are reporting faster performance and smoother animations on the new software version. If lag fixes are indeed present in this new firmware, then it'd be a welcome change -- in our review of the U.S. Galaxy S4 on Sprint, we noted occasional, frustrating jitteriness in certain animations.

To see if you're ready to update, head to Settings > More > About device > Software update. If you're not seeing anything there, you could try connecting your phone to a PC or Mac and using Samsung's Kies desktop software instead.

AT&T Galaxy S4 owners, be sure to let us know how you're getting on with this latest update down in the comments.

Source: Android Central Forums


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AT&T Galaxy S4 getting first software update too


At first glance the Touchwiz UI is much smoother, including the folder fly outs. Opening core apps such as messaging, contacts etc, run smoother too.

wow i have a galaxy s 3 and att hasn't released jelly bean 4.1.2 yet and galaxy s 4 already has a update for it

My guess is this update was in there ready to go when the phone was released and was still filtering threw AT&T system.

Either way I agree the update process is beyond crap.

How does a phone lag with those specs? Samsung must of put some super bloatware on there. Thats what taking up 8 gigs on the phone. And no it's not from the Att apps because my HTC one is smooth

I would go out on a limb to say its TouchWiz UI or whatever samsung deems it now. Packed with tons of feature but does stutter on occasion, for the most part it's smooth. I agree though i really love what HTC has done with Sense 5. It's basically a no bullshit UI and that is much needed nowadays!

I think Samsung rushed the device out to stop HTC's momentum. They probably figured they could fix the lag with software updates.

I would say your right. Speaking of lag, did anyone have an S III previous to this device? The keyboard got to be unbearable... I had to download swift key for it to be responsive.

I have the S3 but I never used the stock keyboard. As soon as I got it I downloaded Swift Key. I also had to download Swift Key to my Nexus 4 because the predictions were way off on the stock keyboard. Swift Key is the best keyboard in my opinion.

Why is VZW always last to update the S4 and the One?I gonna leave VZW and go with Virgin Mobile,they already have the S5.

Just got the update at ~6:30pm EST 5/7/2013. Haven't done much with it yet, but from what I have done, it seems to be more smooth! Keep it up samsung, refine TouchWiz and we won't have any lag problems haha...

I am on ATT, and I just got my Galaxy S4 update as a push. I just got a notification that the update was ready to install.

Installed the update a little while ago. Noticeably snappier performance throughout! And the gallery app bug where I Would get a lot of lag has been fixed. Very good update.

My update came through, installed fine, but now I'm experiencing consistent battery drain. No new apps installed, can't find the source. Battery is down 18% in just 5 hours of idle.

It seems to have stopped. Not sure what the issue was. I was watching the Rx (Download) arrow just tick every 2 seconds for a while, went to sleep, must have stopped last night at some point. Last full charge went almost 40 hrs. This one still won't go as long though.

Nevermind! I see that stock wallpapers give you a transparent background, while new wallpapers give you black...

I hope so because I have the MDL update but still experiencing the lag. Frankly, I'm surprised to see the lag issue for this level of device. But hopefully there will be another one... how did you find out?

I can't seem to get the update to work. I'm completely new to android, so bear with me. Wheni check for updates, it says I have the current version. However, I've never updated since I bought the s4 on launch day..

How would I know if I somehow already got the update or not? How do we move apps to sd card if/when I get this update?

Thanks in advance for your help.

To move apps to SD click on settings then application manager, then just click on any downloaded app, remember ones like bank of America, Facebook and certain ones will not go to SD after clicking on the app. At the bottom left in a box it will say, save to SD add click on that, then it will say after it has sent it, save to phone, hope you get it working

I just updated my wife's s4 and it was alot bigger than what you said, it was around 243MB it made the status bar see through, made it able to put downloaded apps on the SD card, this is AT&T by the way, also made it very slow alot of lag and the connection to cell service keeps going in and out, will not complete certain calls, and this phone is only 2weeks old, it was working perfect before update, if any one can help, please do thanks

You installed the MF3 update to her phone.Thats a no no if you go to xda forums for the at&t galaxy s4 it says dont install it.Theres no way back to any other update through odin or nothing your stuck on it for now till someone finds a solution.

I got the Samsung S4 about a week and a half ago after the month from hell with a Windows 8 OS phone...
Windows offered absolutely NOTHING as far as apps that would make my life easier... they have about seven billion game apps, but hardly anything else.

I am SOOOO happy to be back with an Android handset!!!
I can't see why ANYONE would want an iPhone....
But then, I'm not the kind to wear a $5000.00 Armani suit to church, either....
I'm sure Apple phones sell well in Chicago's Wicker Park and Lincoln Park areas among Douce...uh, I mean "hipsters.."