The AT&T Galaxy S II got updated to Ice Cream Sandwich this past June, but tonight there are reports of users getting a slight version bump to Android 4.0.4. The LK3 update can be retrieved from Kies, but luckily users are saying they downloaded it OTA as well.

There is no change log available, and so far nobody has found much difference from 4.0.3. We doubt that the Exynos patch is included, but we'll have to wait until more people get it installed so someone can check. Of course even the smallest bug fixes and security adjustments are appreciated.

Source: XDA. Thanks, Matt!


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AT&T Galaxy S II getting a 4.0.4 update


all of the AT&T crapware cant be deleted. You can only disable it now. WTF...I cant delete Amazon Kindle and Words with Friend. Plus, I cant even disable Quickoffice.

I TOTALLY agree.. that was SUCH A PISSER when I saw the "applications updating.. and saw "Words for Friends" and other blow by, then realized.. YOU CAN'T UNINSTALL THIS CRAP!!! DAMMIT!! :/

I love the fact Ma Bell is still giving us updates for the SG2.. BUT the cost was HIGH!!!


It's good they released an update, but at this point the ROM community's firmware is so much better than stock, I've been running Jellybean on my AT&T SGS2 work phone for months with AOKP
it's much faster than stock and 100% stable.

that rom is based off of 4.1.2 right? How is your reception during phone calls? I'm running stock and constantly getting complains about my voice coming up low on the receiver end.

Little things we gain are not worth the price we pay for having apps that we cannot uninstall. Looks like some cosmetic changes for the better.

How can this be? I am running the leaked version on a t989 works great except the signal bars don't show anything because its an att rom running on T-Mobile. Anyways its great. I have not found anything wrong with it.