AT&T Galaxy Note

Looks like AT&T is wasting no time bringing its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note to market. If the latest rumors from BGR are to be believed, the carrier plans to launch Samsung's 5.3-inch phone/tablet hybrid on Feb. 18 for $299.99 on-contract.

The blog also reports that two new, unannounced devices will be making their debut the very same day -- the Samsung Rugby Smart and the AT&T Fusion. The Rugby Smart is reportedly a $99 entry-level HSPA+ phone, while the AT&T Fusion, for which no specs are offered, will apparently sell for $124.99.

All unconfirmed at this stage, of course, but we don't think anyone would be surprised to see the AT&T Galaxy Note arriving in mid-to-late February with a hefty price tag. As for the other two devices, we'll just have to wait and see what materializes over the next month.

For more on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note, take a look over our hands-on coverage from CES, and our full review of the international version.

Source: BGR


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AT&T Galaxy Note rumored to launch Feb. 18, along with two unannounced devices


Can't speak for the T Mobile, but it would seem like the Sky Rocket HD is moreso ATT's Nexus, although ATT Nexus rumors are still alive it seems.

No word on T-Mobile, but it does seem to support 1700 AWS. T-Mobile has nothing right now and the only thing they've announced is the Galaxy S 1.5 (aka Blaze 4G).

But for AT&T and T-Mobile, you can get the unlocked Nexus. With T-Mobile this is fine because there is no reason to sign a contract with them anyway, with the way they do their pricing.

The 2-year value plan is cheaper then their off-contract plan. You still have to buy your own device, but you save over $20 per month.

Most of the times on Sunday's....but if the release is expected to be huge, the will soft release during the week.

"...Samsung Rugby Smart and the AT&T Fusion..." this is exactly the reason people hate samsung's attitude. instead of supporting already released models (fascinate, captivate, epic 4g, infuse, etc) which are still no slouches and could easily take the mid and entry positions, samsung (and possibly others?) choose to introduce more of the same!

are there really people who would say... "but its THIS year's mid/entry device. no i dont want LAST year's best." (ok except for infuse they arent LAST year models, but you know what i mean). people that would choose to go with a mid/entry generally dont care if its today's mid or yesterday's top. they cost the same!

i dont get it... WHY is it so difficult to follow Apple's model???

The name "Rugby Smart" suggests I'll be a sequel to their Rugby dumb phone, probably a rugged smartphone which the Infuse 4G isn't, despite what the spider commercial might suggest.

if i was on AT&T (which i thank my personal God i am not) i would be all over this NOTE!!! (touchwiz notwithstanding).

In Samsung's eye this phone was released in October. I would worry about how committed Samsung will be to updating this with MWC right around the corner. Would not surprise me if the Note 2 was announced which would be the end of any real support for this one.

Other than that it would be a nice device if you want something between a tablet and a phone.

Don't do this to yourself! You're missing out on a nice piece of hardware. I was on the edge about returning mine because it really is quite large. Having been forced to use my SGS2 for three days, now I know I'll never give the note back :).

I want the note so bad... I feel even if they announce a galaxy note 2, I won't mind cause I need LTE for where I go to school, the skyrocket gets much better service than my infuse inside buildings on campus. Europe wont get a note 2 till next fall and the note is the kind of device I can hold onto for a while since it's such a great all in one device that I could never upgrade to anything with less features. The note will easily keep me from getting phone envy for at least a year or more.

Man I want! But I need it on Sprint with ICS and LTE. I am not going to buy a phone with out ICS and LTE.

I have an ICS nexus S 4g to get me by for now. I miss larger screens!!!!

I'm picking it up, but I'm not happy about that proposed $299 price tag. That may make me look again at the Skyrocket or Vivid.

Pretty neat. That's two days before my upgrade date of Feb. 20, but I'm kind of leaning towards the Skyrocket right now.

Thanks BGR
I hate my iPhone and I've been waiting a long time. I was going to get the SGS2 until I fell for the Nexus hype. But no gorilla glass, no removable SD, slower processor, only 4.3" usable screen, extremely poor battery -- Forget Nexus. I now painfully wait for the Note. Which will get ICS soon enough.

I already read most of the manual and reviewed dozens of You tubes and articles. I even made a mockup of the size out of cardboard to see if it is too big. Answer - Nope! Do your research. People who already have it LOVE it.

My wife has a Droid Razr. I pacify myself on it. It is better than the Nexus and I love it, but the Note will rule: beautiful Super Amoled HD at 1280 X 800, fast, powerful, and practical. If you can live with the size, you would be crazy not to get it.

Price is fair considering its a mini tablet and has LTE, although that is a joke since it is NOT AVAILABLE in 99% of the country. Who cares.

Rest assured, there will be no Note 2 in the US for over a year. (What moron refered to a Note 2 already? Sheeeesh.)

No more waiting. Hallelujah!

I'd love to have this phone but I can't upgrade until Nov. 2012. Perhaps my new employer will offer me a cell phone. If so, I'm going with the Note!

The AT&T Fusion has been out for about a month now! It's a Go Phone smartphone made by Huawei with Gingerbread, a 3 megapixel camera and a 3.5-inch screen.