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*Update* ASUS US states there is no delay to speak of: "At this point, we still show to be on schedule to start shipments the week of 12/19."

We've received several tips from readers who have pre-ordered an ASUS Transformer Prime from Amazon or other retailers, stating that because ASUS feels the Wifi range is not adequate, they have delayed the worldwide launch until the beginning of 2012.  We've reached out directly to ASUS but, as the calendar reminds us, it's the weekend so we've not heard back as of yet. 

I happen to have our review unit of the Prime here, and will have to agree.  Signal strength apps aside (real world use trumps numbers), the Prime does have a bit weaker signal when a good distance from my router (Netgear wireless N dual-band model) when compared to most other phones, Netbooks, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  It's not a big issue in my environment, but ASUS rightly feels that this should be addressed before release.  The world's first quad-core penta-core tablet deserves to be done right when released.  We'll be sure to update when and if we hear anything back from ASUS.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Asus Transformer Prime possibly delayed until early 2012 for 'Wifi issues'


Oh well, this will give me time to pay off some Christmas Present before I have to make another big purchase :)

I won a first generation transformer, but haven't received it yet. Does anyone know about wifi signal strength with that model? Is it all good?

I have the Asus Transformer and find no problem with WiFi performance. In fact I really like the whole package. I returned a Toshiba Thrive because some major issue with support and their breaking functions with their update to HoneyComb 3.2.1. The Transformer is a class act and I'm sure the people at Asus are delaying the release of the new box to make sure nothing tarnishes their record in the tablet world.

If the rumors are true... And the Transformer prime is delayed till 2012... Asus will have ruined my Christmas...

Sony already crushed my dreams of owning a Vita for Christmas and even for my January birthday. I don't know if I can take another delay.. I feel like crying.

Well, at least they are honest and giving a valid reason for the delay. You know, keeping the customer informed and all...unlike the arrogant imbeciles known as the Verizon executive team.

With this AND the GNex delay I got $1400 burning a hole in my pocket! Better put it in the savings account for now... Or I might buy some 20's or something stupid like that

Welp. As I figured I wouldn't be able to get one of these since I didn't preorder, I picked up a new Galaxy S2 on Craigslist last nite. I guess I'll get the Prime whenever it release in 2012.

I know you guys have updated that it won't be delayed. But I talked to J&R people around at 2:00PM eastern time and they told me that they won't shipped until early Jan 2012. I couldn't get to pre-order it anywhere so I went out with these guys and they actually picked up the phone after two rings, after passing initial answering machine. The guy said, "The we can't not shipped until Jan 2012 because that's what its said from Asus and from our system". I am going to be busy as hell in January because we are going to refresh images at work and I just wish to get my hand on it during the holiday so I can play around with it for a full week. But what can I do now.

Either way, we're screwed.

Option 1: Release it as-is with bugs and all (seems to happen with every Android phone nowadays eh?) and piss off some buyers.

Option 2: Delay it. Not only does this piss off potential customers, but it also opens the door for the competition to release their own products or product leaks to pull some people away.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

Disappointed with the delay but am happy that Asus is insuring customer satisfaction out of the box.

This is exactly why I wait 3-4 months after a product is released before I buy it.

Kudos, though, to Asus for not pushing garbage out the door.

So....since it all turned out to be a rumor, can it safely be said that the Wi-Fi is going to be an issue with these things? After all, You (Writer) have one and said that the Wi-Fi had a "weaker signal" as compared to your other gadgets.
Hmm, maybe i should have waited to order one. Let me work out the bugs first....

How is it that AC posted this rumor and 2 days late it is debunked by ASUS themselves? Does ac not have a way to confirm before posting?
I've been searching the internet to see where ac "heard" this rumor. Did they simply copy and paste someone else's rumor/story/non story? I mean where do we need to go for simple truth? Where is the poll showing that readers dig Android sites being run like TMZ??
Oh I see, technically, it IS a fact that this was a rumor, perpetuated by ac and the likes :(