Archos apparently is planning on rolling out its Generation 8 tablets come this summer, with six models ranging from 3- to 10-inch screens. Along with prices ranging from $100-$350 Archos is bringing the power of the internet to your hands without draining your pockets. What stands out about this tablet is that it'll have mulitouch which will be a first for Archos. Generation 8 will also be packing an ARM Cortex processor between 800MHz and 1GHz with a 3G open GL support. Said to be running Android, swapping out AppLibs for the Android Market. Hopefully there will be more talk about this tablet at Computex in June. [archoslounge via slashgear]


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Archos Generation 8 -- Once again bringing Android in tablet form


Erika, thank you for stopping me. I was just about to purchase a 7 series Archos THIS WEEK! This is good news.

I still might get a smaller one to satisfy me in the meantime because this 4Gig iPod I am using to replace my old 4 series Archos (with the shattered screen) is killing me. Smooth and clear, but I like being able to store what I want, where I want, play any mp3 from wherever and whoever and not be enslaved to itunes by default.


I hope they have glass capacitve touch screens. I used the Archos 5 from Best Buy but took it back because the screen lack the quality I like.

I was going to try the Archos 5 until it did not have the real Android Market. Since the Archos Gen 8 tablets will have the real Android Market, I will give it another look.