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Another busy week comes to a close here at Android Central, and to cap it off we're bringing you another grouping of app picks in our Apps of the Week column. Once a week each of the writers here at Android Central chimes in to put an app they've been using this week on display, and give us a small synopsis of why it's the choice this week.

We have another great roundup of apps to put on display today, including a couple awesome games and some other entertainment apps as well. Read along and see how this week's picks stack up with the rest.

Make It Rain: Love of Money - Simon Sage

Make it Rain

This game is so stupid. In Make It Rain, you swipe bills from a money clip to earn cash. You spend that cash on a money bucket, which earns more cash when you're not playing. Upgrades such as hiring a lobbyist or investing in junket bonds increase the rate of return and maximum holdings for this slush fund. Owning commercial assets like cigarette factories or arctic drilling operations increases how much you make per swipe. Financial investments like pork belly futures and subprime mortgages will even provide income without you having to swipe. There's an occasional pop-up ad and in-app purchases for power-ups to avoid FBI investigations, and no end to the rain. Even though you know it's just a Cookie Clicker clone with a few cute cynical jabs at capitalism, and you can't shake the feeling of being a douchebag with a wad of singles at a strip club, you'll keep playing Make It Rain because the next upgrade or lucky 50 x swipe is always within reach.

So stupid.

Download: Make it Rain: Love of Money (Free)

Alex Dobie - Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Released this week in Android after arriving on iOS around a month ago, Monument Valley is a beautiful puzzle platformer based around impossible architecture and physics. Taking on the role of Ida, players find themselves in an isometric world where their perspective effects what's possible.

The game is clearly inspired by artists like MC Escher, with puzzles based on mind-bending geometry that wouldn't make sense in the real world. But its ten worlds also have their own unique, serene visual style and soundtrack, making it a surprisingly atmospheric experience -- especially with headphones or on a device with front-facing speakers.

Monument Valley isn't a long experience, but it's well-paced, hugely enjoyable and doesn't ever become tedious or frustrating. And considering the $3.99 asking price, we really couldn't ask for much more.

Download: Monument Valley ($3.99)

Richard Devine - FIA WEC


Anyone that knows me even a little knows that motorsport is a huge part of my life. One of the many series I follow is the World Endurance Championship and part of that is by using this app.

The basic app is free and gets you access to all kinds of news, results, standings etc. For the full experience including life timing and video you need to pay up a not insubstantial amount (with Le Mans being a separate payment again) but you are at least allowed the option to pay per race.

It may feel like a money grab to some, but short of watching every minute at the circuit or on TV, this is as good as it gets. And you still get a fair amount of content without paying a thing.

Download: FIA WEC (Free)

Phil Nickinson - Zombie Gunship

While Alex takes the easy way out, I'm playing Zombie Gunship. I loved the AC-130 portions of Call of Duty, and it's translated nicely here in Zombie Gunship. The gist is simple: There are zombies. You have an AC-130. Shoot the zombies from high above. You've got a few weapons at your disposal, plenty of upgrade potential, and a bunch of in-app purchases available. Gameplay is simple, but the objectives are challenging. My only real complaint here is having to recharge my tablet so often.

Download: Zombie Gunship (Free); Paid version ($0.99)

Andrew Martonik - WatchESPN


I'm sure many have used (or heard of) the WatchESPN app, but it deserves mention again as I've used it to keep up on some great European soccer in the last week. As I write this out I'm watching Bayern Munich play Borussia Dortmund streaming in HD on my phone, and that's pretty awesome. And following the announcement this week that MLS will be streaming all of its games on WatchESPN starting with the 2015 season, I better get used to this app. It's a must-have whether you're a fan of soccer or any other sport.

Download: WatchESPN (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand - Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story

What to do when you're in need of some time-wasting, and none of the new games in the past week or so tickle your fancy? You go back to an old favorite, that's what. I've been playing through Game Dev Story again, and I wonder why I ever stopped. It's a playful little simulation game (that's probably close to Real Life™ in many ways) where you start your own game development company, and manage it to become a multi-million dollar business. It's not too hard, which makes it fun, and has a great multi-path storyline. If you've never tried it and are looking for a good time-waster, give it a whirl.

Download: Game Dev Story Lite (Free); Paid version ($2.50 - on sale)

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Apps of the Week: Monument Valley, FIA WEC, Zombie Gunship and more!


Zombie gunship on a tablet is good. iBomber is another flying game where you are the bombardier and requires no iap's, can play game beginning to end without buying anything.

Looks like a Nexus to me with some kind of grip case. I could be wrong. Or drunk. Or both.

EDIT: or were you talking about the second to last one? (Andrew's)

Simon, that was the best write-up possible for that game. Downloading now. Even though it does indeed look stupid. So stupid.

Maybe I'll try monument valley considering it's by the same devs that made whale trail. I'm afraid the reviews are making it sound a little over priced because you don't end up getting much play time out of it.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah i bought it yesterday, unfortunately there is only like 10 levels, but from level 1 to 10 it definitely left me very satisfied. The devs put a lot of work into this and it really shows. Stunning visuals and use of geometry. The music/sounds is so crucial to the game too (like Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery).
Honestly four bucks for this in the end was worth it for me.

It is short. But it is a lot more satisfying than a cheeseburger and fries from a fast food joint, which costs about the same.

Also, don't expect much from the "storyline." I was really disappointed with that. They could have done a lot more to make the story as polished as the rest of the game.


Thanks Richard Devine for posting the FIA WEC app. It is pretty difficult to follow in the USA when motorsports are dominated by billboards driving in circles and banging into each other.

Damn you, Make It Rain! Idk why I'm still playing it.

Posted via my oldie but goodie Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

I'm assuming that what you mean is that WatchESPN doesn't work with DirecTV accounts, but they really should add that to the list of accepted carriers. I agree!

Posted via Android Central App