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A batch of photos and a specification list of the Nexus 10 tablet have surfaced today, making the rumored Samsung device seem all the more real. It's running Android 4.2, which still counts as Jelly Bean. We heard that there's some new action in the settings pull-down menu in 4.2, but the rest of the features are still a mystery. If this is real, it's probably what we're going to see next Monday. Here's what's inside the Nexus 10, according to the source.

  • Samsung Exynos 5250 clocked at 1.7 GHz, Dual-core Cortex-A15, Mali-T604 GPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage (other options possible)
  • 10.1-inch Super AMOLED display, 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution, 298.9 pixels-per-inch
  • 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, LED flash
  • Front-facing camera
  • NFC
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual speakers located on front of device

We've seen a few other signs of Samsung's Nexus 10 device, including EXIF data buried in pictures posted by Google's Vic Gundotra, and a few glimpses from a supposed manual. Sure, these pictures look convincing enough, but we've seen  some pretty elaborate hoaxes lately... What do you guys think - is this legit? Would you buy one if these specs panned out? How much would you pay for one?

Source: BriefMobile

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joebob2000 says:

Uh oh, rounded corners! Run, here comes the patent police!!!

still1 says:

posting this here so that people can see it. More pictures here

Chipras3 says:

Thanks! Would I buy it? I really think I would, yes. I'd probably pay as much as 5 Bens for it.

trav06 says:

That's way too much, north of 4 and they start losing me. Consider the competition -- if I were them I'd price approximately $50 above the Kindle Fire HD. They want to sell their content and services more than hardware, the Nexus 10 should just be a cheap vehicle to do so.

DWR_31 says:

A 10 inch stock Android tablet from Samsung?
Didn't they do this already? Yeah, their first 10 inches was stock until they killed it with TouchWiz.

rd_nest says:

It's a nexus. So obviously it's stock. I am sure there should be no doubts about that. No TW or any other Wiz. It's a Nexus device.

i know that dual core seems to fit the bill perfectly these days, but i have to say i'm pretty disappointed if this thing really won't have some type of quad core processor.

I take a high quality dual-core over a quad-core if that makes the tablet cheaper. 2gigs of RAM v 1gig is a bigger deal than quad v. dual core in my book.

mittcb says:


diskoman69 says:

Exactly. Someone understands.

This high quality dual core chip is probably the fastest chip out right now including the quadcores. Its an A-15 chip this thing will beast any quad core..

triangle8 says:

I would much rather have the Exynos 5250 than the quadcore Exynos in the Note 2 or the quadcore Tegra 3. This thing will fly relative to the others, though all are still pretty fast.

Love Divine says:

People really need to stop thinking about Quad core vs dual core.

The Exynos 5250 is the most powerful chipset on the market, quad or dual core regardless.

But 4 is more than 2. Therefore it is better. Lol

TenshiNo says:

But... Will this tablet go to 11?

Sorry. Couldn't help myself ;)

curley says:

Thank you!! You just made my day!! LOL!!!

still1 says:

This thing is better than the Tegra 3 quad core and the architecture is A15 and not the old A9. look it up for A15. this is expected to beat all spec out right now. even the S4 snapdragon

crxssi says:

Yes, but would it beat the S4 *PRO* version (S4, quad core, and even faster)?

diskoman69 says:

Could care less. This is a top-notch chipset but it still keeps costs and power usage down. There isn't an app (or collection of apps since this will have 2GB RAM to play with) out now that could bog this down, period.

cjbrigol says:

dual core a15>quad core a9 (or whatever the lower number is I don't even remember).

ECOTOX says:

A dual core a15 will wipe the floor with a quad a9 just FYI, while at the same time using less power

aestil says:

They Exynos 5250 will be the fastest overall SoC available, especially consiering the Mali GPU in this is probably the only Android SoC GPU that has enough power for the absurd amount of pixels on this device.

This dual core is not last years dual core, it's not even the dual core from earlier this year. The GPU is substantially better, I believe even than the Adreno 320 in the S4 Pro.

Small_law says:

And, if you're wondering, the Exynos 5250 blows away that "A6" chip Apple debuted. Apple modified Arm Cortex A9 cores for its A6 chip, mostly to improve memory streaming, which is a classic bottleneck for ARM-based processors. These are Arm Cortex A15's, an entire generation ahead. Remember the jump from Arm Cortex A8's to A9's? It's like that, but even more of a leap ahead.

I am interested to see the GPU's performance. As an iPad 3 owner, I can tell you pushing that many pixels at that resolution taxes the hell out of a GPU.

impulse101 says:

This is fastest processor available dual or quad

sillmacka says:

Here is a demo of it's graphics power (hint, It's awesome)

ijKs says:

It's using the newest Samsung Exynos 5 series chip with Mali T604 GPU which is the newest line from ARMs. It will blow every tablet/smartphone currently in the market out of the waters.

cgardnervt says:

Think I will stick with the Nexus 7!

Other sites have reported on new camera software in the 4.2 update, that is HUGE if the software now doesn't suck. Hopefully 4.2 comes to the GNEX quickly so m GNEX camera stops sucking.

On another note, the picture of the bottom of the Nexus 10 shows slots that make me believe a keyboard dock is on the way. That is a huge plus for me and basically guarantees I will be buying one if priced below $400. If not, I'll wait for the price to drop or get one off Swappa. Also, kudos on the 2gb RAM, that's been a huge reason I haven't bought a Transformer tab yet.

Ziptied says:

There is new camera software with 4.2, I can confirm that.

strra says:

the back looks cheap..

MazoMark says:

Personally, I spend very little time looking at the back of my tablet. And with the screen specs this thing has, I doubt anyone will be care what back looks like!

TenshiNo says:


J3R3MY_H says:

I agree with the first reply to your comment but I do wish the black textured material and shiny plastic material were reversed or that it was all black like the Nexus 7. That being said, I have a feeling 99% of the people that buy this are going to buy a case for it anyways.

DaTommy123 says:

Update: "The device’s back feels like brushed aluminum, says our source. There are rubber coated edges, and it’s extremely light and thin."

AndrewChamp says:

Not impressed. Looks fugly, and the specs are just decent. Meh, my OG Asus Transformer looks sexier w/ the same specs.

Andro X says:

It does look hideous. N7 looks great though. I think it would've been cool if Asus just made a 10 inch version of it.

rd_nest says:

Specs are decent? Transformer has same specs?

What do you really have at breakfast? do you have any clue what you talking about?

aestil says:

I agree that this doesn't look that good in these photo's, from an aesthetic standpoint, but the only device with 'specs' that come even close to this is the 4th Gen iPad.

Rizz1-2 says:

Specs are "just decent"? Same specs as the transformer? I wish I had the transformer you have cause it seems to be from the future.

trav06 says:

Sorry, champ, your Transformer doesn't have the same specs.

impulse101 says:

Your Transformer has very very shitty specs compared to this. Every single spec on this blows away the transformer in every possible regard.

Ziptied says:

It's spot on, they got ahold of one for sure. They just started floating around the office wednesday.

bganga says:

I like what I see, but since I already have Nexus 7 and Xoom wifi, I can't justify a purchase. Maybe..

Small_law says:

The A15 cores in that thing will blow the doors off anything out right now.

Ichi_Bear says:

Hmmmm. Depends a lot on the price point :-\

ekt8750 says:

If Google prices it the way they did the N7, I think we'll be in good shape.

anthonok says:

No comments on the fact that it's running nexus 7 style android?

mathiasjk says:

Aww, I was just going to make one

Cube1701 says:

Everyone is probably just assuming that the software on this particular one is far from final.

bruintech42 says:

What would really be cool is if it was the Phone UI in portrait mode and when in landscape, it would be in Tablet UI, and that would be a feature in 4.2 so the Nexus 7 could have the same thing...

Mac58 says:

Actually if you click the link for more pictures you can clearly see its running a different version of android. From the pics it looks like you can have multiple accounts/users and search bar is also changed along with I'm sure a number of other features that aren't as apparent

eahinrichsen says:

Looks pretty good to me. I wish tablet manufacturers would just skip the rear camera, though.

Mobius360 says:

While I have rarely used mine it has come in handy. Obviously people are not using in place of a camera but there is useful reasons to have one in my opinion.

TenshiNo says:

I don't think they *really* intend for you to use your tablet as a camera, but imagine all the "augmented reality" apps that would require a rear-facing camera. Even some games make use of the rear camera. It's still good to have it there, even if you never intend to use to take pictures.

you know that is a good point. i thought the same as the op... why even have a camera. i would be pissed if i couldnt get or make use of an app because i didnt have a camera.

SoreAintya says:

Do we really need another tablet, regardless of size or form factor?


look UGLY!!

gksmithlcw says:

I'm disappointed by the SAMOLED screen, the 16 GB internal storage and the dual core proc but I won't rule it out until I see it for real.

still1 says:

when are people gonna learn this dual core A15 processor beats the old A9 quad core.

currently this processor is the best.. even beats the S4 snapdragon.

gksmithlcw says:

That's why I'm withholding judgement. It just seems odd to drop a quad core in your 7" tablet and then turn around and drop a dual core in your 10" tablet. But I won't discount it until I see it in action.

aestil says:

The quad T3 in the N7 isn't even the full octane T3, it's an LE version which is downclocked and slower than the one that ships in the international One X etc.

It is the worst quad SoC currently shipping in devices. The Quad Exynos 4 is much better, and the quad Krait S4 Pro is MUCH better.

This SoC is MUCH MUCH better than the quad T3 in the N7. You don't need to wait to see it in action.

Rizz1-2 says:

It's not odd because its an improvement. There's nothing odd about putting a better processor in a newer bigger tablet. You don't need quad core to have it be an improvement, as Still1 pointed out.

ijKs says:

That is like stating that AMD 6-core CPUs are better then Ivy Bridge quad-core CPUs. More cores does not mean faster processing power.

The real question is, why are people talking about dual/quad core chips and ignoring the fact this beast has a Mali T604 GPU inside of it?

ajac says:

the back looks kind of beat up...

ArrTooDeeToo says:

Two comments.


No tablet UI.

Hopefully the latter can be restored via some hackery.

gksmithlcw says:

I found the lack of tablet UI a little annoying myself. However, I figure this is a test build of the software @ best so I'm hoping...

TenshiNo says:

I have to agree with you about the UI, but the bezel? How small do you want it? It's not like a phone where it will, most of the time be sitting on the palm of your hand. On a tablet, you actually need something to be able to hold onto on the sides without accidentally "touching" the screen every few minutes. Anything smaller than a 1" bezel and you'd probably be begging for them to put it back, but that too kinda depends on your average usage. Just understand that *most* users are going to need a decent sized bezel on a tablet device.

ArrTooDeeToo says:

I have a Motorola XOOM. I want the bezel that small. It's perfect.

h0ruza#AC says:

Exactly! Thanks for reminding us that sometimes these features are trends followed by manufacturers not necessarily a must or a need.

I say let the bezel be smart. Give us software bezels like we have software buttons. Especially as this is an amoled screen so blacks are amazing.

seriyb says:

It's just a text file setting

I think you guys missed the point that just swept me off my feet: Dual core Exynos.

I know for certain this tablet will be priced around $300-$350. Lovely, since I've been looking for a decent e-book reader and something portable to watch HD movies in.

aestil says:

A 1/4 of the comments on this article are about the dual core Exynos.

I am HIGHLY skeptical that this will be $300-$350. My guess is $499.99.

The screen is the highest resolution of any tablet device, the dual core SoC is Samsug's most advanced SoC, and the first A15 SoC available for any Android device. The Mali 604 GPU should be faster than even the Adreno 320 GPU that's part of the S4 Pro SoC.

This is not a budget device by any stretch. I will be shocked if it's priced at $350.00.

Given Google's abundance in oompa loompas as labor workforce I'd expect that shock to be more like a "catatonic state" when you find this tablet priced at $300.

aestil says:

The 32GB 3G N7 is likely to be priced at $300.00, or close to it at least. You keep on being optimistic! I hope you're right!

afazel says:

The new Chromebook has similar internals and is priced at $250. Just throwing that out there.

h0ruza#AC says:

Yes and also keep in mind that Google wants affordable devices for everyone to access the Internet and their Ad's.

They would sell them for pennies if they could because Google isn't apple and doesn't aim to be apple.

Google makes its money from search not hardware sales.

£259 for the 16GB and £299 for the coming 32GB.

Fingers crossed of course

bsharitt says:

Eww, are they really going to try the giant phone UI on a 10" tablet now? It's bad enough on the Nexus 7, it's just awful here.

milesmcever says:

I can see the commercial now, we designed (invented "apple version") it with front facing speakers because who sits behind their tablet?
I will have to see in person before I order though not sure if I need another tab or not.

Local_Hero says:

I'm really surprised at the onscreen buttons. They seem like such a waste of space on a device this large.

Hopefully this just a demo model and it doesn't look like this. This thing is ugly in comparison to the Asus Transformer infinity.

moosc says:

looks like a xoom

FearTomi says:

Am i the only one who think that this thing looks like a huge HTC?

Jet300 says:

Good Lord that thing looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down ... Real real cheap looking in those pics .

Suntan says:

The overly rounded surfaces make it look a little plain. That said, they should also make it really comfortable to hold.

Hopefully it comes at a decent price.

I know it is a Nexus, but I kinda hope it gets some of the multi-tasking/split screen capabilities that Samsung has been working on. With that kind of res and that much processor/memory, it should be great for running two apps at once.


Visual360 says:

Ugliest @$@#$ ever. Why can't Google (with all the money they have) hire a freakin' designer that can actually design a good looking tablet.

I wouldn't buy this crap even for $50.00.




cramleir says:

OK, this needs to be said, how is it that people can't see that this will be the most super-charged tablet ever? Dual core ARM A15?? I don't care what the core count is, this will trash everything else on the market. 299 ppi? Super Amoled? AWESOME

crxssi says:

I doubt it will "trash" the S4 Pro. But it should still be very powerful.

kullkid92x says:

Damn, not liking the look of the tablet at all. Idk if im being picky seeing the finish of the iPad or the Surface, but this just looks 'cheap' next to them both -_-

i wasnt expecting google to go this route, specially taunting apple with the high res on this one.

Ohh and yeah its time we put the quad core arguments aside, c'mon think about it dual core A15 or quad core A9? theres a reason both samsung and qualcomm are going with the dual core A15 as their next top end class.

I'm going to guess that being a Nexus, this will have no MicroSD or SD storage at all? Yeah that's not gonna cut it on a 10.1.

stoneule says:

I agree it is ugly. Now I know we don't know everything about the LG Nexus 4 yet, but this is truly the first big Google event/product reveal that I am just not excited about At ALL.
....Here's to hoping I'm wrong and google will pull a rabbit out of their hat Monday, but... geeze...

Grahaman27 says:

...oh man, youre right.

n0obpr0 says:

Meh, looks ugly...the N7 is sexier lol

Mordac says:


Was seriously looking at a tf700, but decided to wait when the N10 rumors really started to crank up.

rjayflo says:

exynos 5250 is a monster! only wish this chip was in the Nexus phone

Why are folks hating on the plain android UI? If I remember right when 4.0 came out they said the goal was to merge phone and tab UI into one that could be thrown onto either type of device and be perfectly functional. I do not own a tablet yet, so someone educate me. My thought is that 4.2 will be perfect on this thing.

aestil says:

Not hating on plane Android, hating that instead of a tablet UI, it has the same 'phone' UI that the N7 has.

The distinction is how UI elements are arranged in stock Android.

TenshiNo says:

You are correct, to an extent. What everyone is concerned with is that in the pic above, we see the notification bar at the top of the screen, with the software button area at the bottom, exactly like on an Android *phone*. Tablets typically move the notification area to the bottom right and share that bar with the on-screen buttons. That design was first introduced in Honeycomb (Android 3.1) and carries over to the newer tablets, with one exception: when the Nexus 7 came out, the OS was setup so that it thought the device was a phone, and did the phone layout instead of the tablet layout. Originally, the N7 didn't even *allow* landscape mode from the home screen (launcher) without installing a 3rd party launcher. Given the screen shots above, peoeple are now concerned that the N10 is going to have the same "issue". Having had an Android tablet since the 3.1 days, it would be "painful" for me to get a device that had a layout like the pics above show. It's a horrible wasn't of space, and I almost *never* use my tablet in portrait orientation.

brendilon says:

"Most" android tablets do do that. That's because "most" Android tablets are Old. This is Google's design setup going forward, has been since 4.0. iPad does the same thing, in case you hadn't noticed.

Additionally, for all the complaining I hear about tablets in portrait mode, the only time I've see anyone using a tablet in landscape mode is when playing a game or taking a picture (snicker). You might not have noticed, but almost all the press images of the ipads also show it in portrait mode as well. I'd bet you use your tablet in portrait mode far more often than you realize.

h0ruza#AC says:

You're right in using apple as the example because it seems apple may once again be the inspiration but I also fear that you're right and I'm the name of uniformity android may take a step backwards instead of combining both schools of thought and giving us both options or one that works in the best I for the device for factor.

Apple has a habit of telling everyone else that their approach is always right but that doesn't mean they actually are.

ricrdv says:

Pretty awesome, hope it's true, im considering a tablet in a near future, this could be the one.

Windstep says:

I honestly don't get why the nexus 4 would get a quad core krait chip when a tablet that can afford a higher power draw and heat gets a dual core a15 (dmips for krait is 3.3 vs 3.5 for a15 so no, the dual core in this case is not much faster than the krait though gpu looks much faster on the exynos)

mintvilla says:

this is easy to answer, and its because LG dont make processors, and thus use the best they can buy... therefore the S4 pro.

Samsung make their own, and thus will want to use their own, theyve obviously sold alot to google as its being used in the chromebook. So why would sammy use someone elses processor when there the only ones on the market with an A15.

Now i dont know which processor is better, but theres probs not going to be alot in it.

Windstep says:

Good Point!

aestil says:

The answer to your question is at the end...

This device is supposed to have the absurdly high resolution of 2560x1600. The Exynos 5250 will have a faster GPU than the S4 Pro's Adreno 320, with similar CPU performance. This is the better choice for this device, by far.

I wish it was available to LG for the Nexus 4 as well, but I don't think Samsung is selling their inhouse SoC's to their competitors yet.

rd_nest says:

S4 Pro just doesn't have the ability to drive a WQXGA (2560 x 1600) display. Max it can drive is QXGA (2048 x 1536) resolution.
S4 Pro is marked at around 30GFLOPs, whereas Exynos 5250 pushes 72GFLOPs.

It's not just about DMIPs number. Check this article from Tomshardware about S4. You may find this interesting.,3...

jasonvvong says:

Should have had Asus make it. It would've been a lot better looking of a device. That is one terrible bezel. But if there is a 32gb version for 400, I'll get one in a few months for sure.

vic_singh says:

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! front facing speaker...

crxssi says:

+1 Agreed. One of the few things I don't like about the Xoom are the rear-firing speakers.

However, I am quite concerned about the puny amount of storage AND with no SDcard. Also very concerned about AMOLED screen (I generally find them way inferior to LCD2/3).

Mobius360 says:

Sold my Transformer Prime yesterday potentially to pick this up, spec wise this thing should be the best Android Tablet experience by far. It looks like a Note 10.1, probably no chance for a stylus on this though. Think I like the front speakers. I am interested but I will wait until Monday to decide for sure. My Xoom still serves my needs very well.

Jotokun says:

Front isnt that bad, but the back is kinda ugly. Just means get a good case. Very interested in this, the specs look good and I dont really mind the improved consistency in the UI with the Nexus 7. I'm sure this is just in the status bar and nav buttons, they'd have to be insane to tweak the apps like they did on the 7.

It may not be as space efficient, but I think it looks better with the split notification and nav bars. If it bothers you, use a custom rom.

If the price is right, I may pick one of these up.

John-Smith says:

I'm not sure if I really need this since I have the Nexus 7. But I do want it.

Aikuchi says:

This looks intriguing. I have been holding off getting a table because I didn't think they came with enough RAM(I'm especially looking at you ASUS Transformer Infinity). 2GB is the minimum amount of RAM I would accept, though I would prefer 4GB.

So if this is the same innards as the new Chromebook, Im tempted too buy the Chromebook for $250 and drop ChromeOS and put Android 4.2 on it. IMO I have been waiting for someone to come out with a Android Ultrabook or Desktop.

hmmm says:

Android is designed with 1GB in mind. What would you need 4GB for? Or do you plan on keeping this for like 8 years?

Aikuchi says:

Things change, nothing stays the same, I figure 4GB would be a good safety net for the longevity of the device. And I might use it for 8 years, I still use my PS3(another device I wish originally came with a minimum 2GB of RAM) and that is getting up there in age. Also when I first got my Droid X, I never once wondered how much RAM it had. Now two years later I notice when I don't have enough RAM, 512MB just doesn't cut it anymore. So now its one of the things I look at when buying a new device.

sfreemanoh says:

Yeah, but device manufacturers aren't going to create their products so you won't have to buy something else for 8 years. Regardless of what you want.

SamOliver says:

There isn't a single tablet with 4gb of ram and most peoples computers have 4gb or less. I wouldn't expect a tablet with 4gb of ram for a long time and I think that 2gb is more than enough for most people.

larrygeary says:

Uncle Bill says nobody needs more than 640K.

a22matic says:

I like everything I've been reading, but why Super AMOLED display?

gksmithlcw says:

Because it's Samsung...

hmmm says:

Yeah, pentile sucks. Hopefully the high res will help. It should look very similar to the Galaxy S 3 I would guess based on PPI. Maybe ever so slightly worse.

crxssi says:

Yep, I am greatly concerned about AMOLED. I have been unimpressed with that technology thus far...

This thing is simply ugly. Im an android guy, but why does apple always make better quality and better looking tablets than these guys?

TenshiNo says:

I will agree that this looks a bit fugly, but I have to argue with the "always" portion of your statement. Asus' newer tablets look far better than the iPad to me.

brendilon says:

Apple doesn't, actually. One, better looking is a matter of taste. It may look better to you, but a lot of folks think Apple's design has become stale and boring. As for quality, clearly you're not one of the former iPhone owners who were beset by the screen cracking issues. And any company that tells you you're dropping calls because you're holding the phone wrong has absolutely no room to boast about build quality.

Grahaman27 says:

he is talking about design, how something looks. This look hideous, it looks like any of those cheap chinese 100 dollar tablets.

brendilon says:

I know exactly what he's talking about. Design IS a matter of taste. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean someone else won't. Nothing about this design prohibits function, therefore it's strictly a matter of personal opinion/taste.

Additionally, these aren't very good photos. Judging a device's aesthetics off some crappy, glare filled photos seems a little premature. There's a reason you see renders in press releases instead of photos more and more often.

Innersoul33 says:

Wow I love the specs of this device. I'm a Samsung fan but the plastic build quality has been getting to me lately. Hopefully the nexus 10 is made withe higher quality materials.

dominiej says:

I really like how Google is trying to establish some design language across all of the Nexus devices (the Nexus 7 would be the one with the least of this language imho). The phones and this tablet all seem to express the same curves. I really hope they price this thing to go for the iPad's knees...

rkirmeier says:

Not the best looking tablet but I'm sure it will look better in hand! The screen will be amazing to say the least and the fastest SoC will make a nice package. Those crying about the N7 interface need to get a clue. This is a leaked picture of a prototype. Google is NOT going to use the phone UI... This going to be a nice tablet and just might replace my TF101!

TenshiNo says:

I expect once people hold this thing in their hands, they'll be so blinded by that amazing screen that they'll forget all about how ugly the back is :)

That said, however, you know the Apple-fannies will be playing the french taunter over this one.

How do you guys feel about the on-screen navigation buttons being in the center a-la Nexus 7? I would prefer them on the bottom left corner kind of like how current tablets are set up. Just easier to use especially when in landscape mode

hmmm says:

The speakers on the front are the best thing about this. Other than that it will perform the same as the N7. Pretty nice if you want a larger tablet. I tried the Transformer Prime and 10 inches is too big for me.

I'd pay maybe around $399 for this. That's twice as much as the N7 and the only difference you will notice will be the larger screen and rear camera. Neither are worth $200 more.

crxssi says:

And much more battery.
And twice as much RAM.
And stereo, front-facing speakers.

dtreo says:

After using a new iPad for a few weeks now, I don't think a 10" tablet is my preferred dimension. Odd that Apple left the GPS out of the iPad mini and I'd rather have a Nexus 7 anyway.

Small_law says:

Honestly, it's bizarre they did that. My new iPod and iPad 3 can't do turn by turn when tethered to my GNex. Nexus 7 does it just fine. Weird.

hksscom says:

Awww... no GPS?

crxssi says:

OMG, I hope they didn't drop the GPS. That would be a HUGE turn-off and for me an instant "FAIL"

biggbrother2 says:

The website with the photos is severely overloaded, so I am guessing interest is high...

Design is really not setting this apart, it looks just like any other Samsung device. Wish they could have made it all black with minimal bezel.

Small_law says:

Ok, I wasn't planning on thinking about getting, but the specs, resolution, pixel density, and speakers on the FRONT are moving me closer to a purchase.

rovex says:

Its not super pretty, but a super high res super AMOLED has me won. I really dislike the grey blacks on LCDs, ALL LCDs of any quality, whether SLCD3 or Retina.

crxssi says:

And yet SLCD2/3 has better color and sharper images. To me that is more important than ultra-black blacks...

bdroc says:

That's just not true. I compared my Galaxy Nexus with my brother's HTC EVO 4G LTE side-by-side and it's sharper. LCD blurs everything slightly. Not to mention the color grading is smoother. Finally, with a custom ROM on the GNex, if you bring the Green down about 20 percent, the colors are just as lifelike as any LCD or even CRT. I don't understand why everyone in the world likes SLCD better...I'm starting to think it's just AMOLED fatigue...everyone hoping for the next best thing.

It looks like the ZTE Optik with a little photoshop magic on the samsung etching.

crxssi says:

"photo editing" magic

Realist says:

i like how they added grey bezel to the black bezel... just in case there wasn't enough bezel already.


Grahaman27 says:

PHONE UI????????


vinny jr says:

FUGLY as hell. Why even bother make a tablet if you are going to just throw last years parts in it with new software? Why make a tablet at all if you are going to only give it 16gb of int memory??
It's a freaken joke IMO, very disappointed to say the least. If this is the real deal then forget about it, I will buy something else.

brendilon says:

Last year's parts? Get a freaking clue...

OT: Go Pats!

BrianTufo says:

For all you guys crying over the hybrid UI...there is a reason Google changed it up on the N7/for 4.0+. The older Android tablet sales were garbage and the UI was a mess. Tablet UI is awful. Once you use the N7 briefly or own one and use it a lot daily the UI is perfect. It makes transition between tablet and phone seamless. I'm very happy Google changed it or I wouldn't own an Android tablet.

That being said this thing is by far one of the ugliest pieces of hardware I've seen lately. I thought the Surface was meh but this thing is gross. I'll stick with the N7 and be happy there.

Grahaman27 says:

THere is a very necessary reason that the tablet UI exists.

Imagine holding a widescreen 10.1" tablet with this UI. your browsing the web, now go back one page- what do you do? TAKE ONE HAND OFF THE SIDE TO PRESS THE BUTTON IN THE MIDDLE.


RaiderWill says:

God.. They're Suckers Born Every Minute..

$499.99 + Tax + Case + Scren Protector + 2 Yr Extended Warranty = $645.00

$350.00 !

Ha !!!!!

joelteixeira says:

I would love to see some benchmarks againt S4 Quad Krait 1.5, the scores published by AnandTech are using a S4 (Duo).

BobJones19 says:

The only thing i don't like is that there is no SD or MicroSD card slot, my guess cause Google wants you to use their services for storage. IT would be cool if it has dual screen for some apps that other Samsung devices are doing now

Zach.Stokes says:

Am I the only one who is dissapointed that Samsung was the one to produce the Nexus 10? I was hoping it would be ASUS or another manufacturer. Its got great specs but as far as looks go, it seems to lack the luster of what the Nexus 7, in my opinion, has plenty of. Plastic look and huge bezel? I don't know. Its interior may be phenomenal but it just doesn't stand out of the crowd like the Nexus 7 did.

Zach.Stokes says:

Double post. sorry.

Except Asus destroyed the Nexus 7 with poor POOR quality. I went through 4 of them, because 3 of them has the screen lift issue and the other had extreme light bleeding. I gave up on the Nexus 7 , because of the design flaw and this new 10" looks even worse. Why for once can't a manufacturer make a good looking tablet like Apple. I hate apple, But Damn their ipads are gorgeous.

Zach.Stokes says:

I've heard of the problems that the Nexus 7 has had. But I'm talking more so about the look and feel. In my opinion, it looks like a great product. And that is what Google needs, great looking, great spec'd Nexus products to differentiate themselves from the carrier branded mass of tablets and phones. It's a shame it is having problems like those you suggested. Maybe they will fix those issues once/if they start producing the 32 GB nexus 7?

roltzje says:

No issues with mine at all, launch 8GB

seriyb says:

UI can be changed from Phone to Tablet with a simple tweak in one of the systems text files.
I did it for my Nexus 7 but then went back to the Phone setting

wyseguy77 says:

This will be my X-mas gift to myself, as long as it's real and out by then.

roltzje says:

Doesnt look that great but maybe it will come in at $350-400

silverghozt says:

Super duper FUGLY, and low storage. Think you lost me again, Goog. The only thing that could save this monster is price. Let's hope.

dllb says:

Tab 10.1 is $349 right now.

With the OLED screen (more$) and the top of the line GPU/CPU (more$) this is an iPad competitor (more$).

I don't see it beeing less then $500.

Cubfan says:

Gosh, I hope I can flash Touchwiz on this thing.

BruhMan says:

How does this even come close to the Note 10.1??? No SD, No Optional Stylus?? Dual Core??

Galaxy Note 10.1 Destroys All!