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Hulu Plus

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Hulu Plus is one of the larger streaming services that competes with Netflix. While Netflix early on was geared more towards film and physical media, Hulu has always been about television. Granted, Hulu’s film collection is nothing to sneeze at, given the additions of the Criterion collection and recent gains in more mainstream films. But television is why most come to them.

Hulu Plus has agreements with many major networks including ABC, NBC, CW and Fox in order to begin streaming episodes of current shows as early as the day after they air. If you’re the type that tends to lose interest and then need to catch up frantically before the season finale, Hulu is for you. They also are a cord-cutter’s resource as well, offering shows from cable networks such as Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon for the kiddies. Partnerships with major anime providers such as Funimation, Viz, and Aniplex have also made it a viable alternative to Crunchyroll for many otakus.

Hulu Plus may not seem the most up-to-date in the design department, but their player and their playback experience are top-notch. Finding and browsing content is much easier here than on Netflix, as categories and suggestions seem more accurate. The kids section on Hulu Plus is ad-free, exceedingly well organized, and offers a ‘lock for kids’ function to keep them from getting into more adult content if you let them pick their own videos.

When selecting a title, you’re shown the synopsis before playing it, unless you choose a video from the homepage’s carousel. Chromecast integration is wonderful, and in this case something of a necessity, as the only way to otherwise get Hulu on that wonderful little dongle is with the Chrome tab casting beta feature. The notification for Hulu while casting is nice, allowing you to use the wonderful ten second rewind without re-entering the app. The lock screen controls lack this, but still offer the pause button at least.


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Marriott looking to bring Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora to your hotel room TV

Marriott is about to make your hotel stay much more rewarding. The hotel chain has confirmed to Bloomberg that it is testing a TV service that allows its guests to access streaming content from their own Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora accounts. The service is currently being trialled in eight...
Hulu Plus on Android

Hulu Plus to offer select free viewing on mobile this summer

Previously bound to having a Hulu Plus subscription, Hulu this summer will be opening up their free streams to mobile users. As of right now, if you want to watch something that's streaming on Hulu on your mobile device, you'll need a Hulu Plus account — even if that show is free to stream...
Amazon Fire TV remote

Amazon adds Hulu Plus, Crackle and Showtime to their lineup of Fire TV voice search partners

If you're like Gary Busey and enjoy talking to things such as your Amazon Fire TV, you'll be pleased to know Amazon has added new voice search partners to their still fresh set-top box. Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime Anytime are joining VEVO in integrating their full catalogs into Fire TV’s...

Hulu Plus gets Chromecast support

Google's Chromecast streaming dongle now supports Hulu Plus, the company has announced on its official blog. The TV streaming service's mobile apps will be updated on Google Play and the iOS App Store today with a new "Cast" button, similar to other Chromecast-supported apps. Until now Chromecast...
Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus update adds dedicated kids section and new discovery features

It's been quite a while since we've heard from Hulu but a new update is available right now on the Google Play store that has some nice additions to it. Rather than sticking with the typical bug fixes and improvements, Hulu has added a new dedicated section for kids. Knowing that Hulu contains...
Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus updated to include improved support for 7-inch tablets and high resolution displays

Hulu Plus for Android has received an update, which now includes improved support for 7-inch tablets and high resolution displays. A couple of months ago, there was an update which expanded the app to more tablets, and this is continuing that trend. It's great to see the folks over at Hulu...
Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus updated with additional tablet support and new UI

It's been a while since we heard anything from the folks over at Hulu. Today though, they've gone ahead and updated their Android app to include support for a few more tablets in addition to switching up their user interface for the better. In total, Hulu Plus now has support for nine Android...
Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon says Kindle Fire also will have Hulu Plus and ESPN

The back-and-forth between the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet continues, with the former this morning announcing that it will have Hulu Plus and ESPN ScoreCenter when it launches next week. That means the Kindle Fire will have the three major video content services -- Amazon, Netflix and now...
Android Central

Hulu Plus adds more device support to their Android app

  If you're rocking a device that in the past, wasn't supported by Hulu Plus then you'll want to check the list below. Hulu has updated their Android app today and the list of supported devices has grown by nine. Eight phones and one tablet. The new devices listed are: HTC Incredible 2 HTC...
Vizio 8"

Vizio 8" tablet first of its kind to support Hulu Plus

  The Vizio 8" (yes, that's the name) now supports Hulu Plus, the first tablet to officially do so. To be fair, Vizio's latest device runs Gingerbread instead of Honeycomb, so you can't really take this as a sign of things around the corner for the XOOM, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and other higher-end...
Hulu Plus on Android

Hulu Plus now available on four more devices

 Hulu Plus is now available on four more Android smartphones, bringing the total number of supported devices up to 10. The HTC Thunderbolt, EVO 4G, MyTouch 4G, and G2 are now Hulu Plus enabled, joining the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, and the Motorola Droid 2, Droid X, and Atrix 4G. Hulu...

Google reportedly in talks to buy Hulu

Google is participating in preliminary talks to buy Hulu, according to a report today by the Los Angeles Times. The article cited anonymous sources close to the situation who say that Google is interested in the advertising potential behind Hulu, which owns rights to a number of TV shows’ current...