AOKP for the Droid Incredible

Behold the mighty HTC DROID Incredible, now running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3! Yes, you read that correctly, the mighty DInc, the phone that will not go away, now has an Ice Cream Sandwich port that is ready for prime time as a daily driver! Let me introduce to you AOKP, by Team Kang.

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AOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid Incredible

As of this writing, build 27 was the latest and greatest version. Once downloaded, it flashed easily in the most current ClockworkMod with a standard wipe of data, cache and Dalvik cache. In addition to the ROM you must also flash GAPPS for access to the Market and Gmail. The folks at Team Kang were nice enough to include a link for GAPPS on the same page as the ROM, so making sure you have the correct GAPPS is a snap. Other Google apps like YouTube and Maps/Nav must be downloaded from the Market separately.

AOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid Incredible

As usual, first boot takes a lunar age, but this is the time real “Crack Flashers” take to socialize with family and loved ones so all is not lost. Once booted, the ROM will walk you through signing into Google. You should be near a Wifi hotspot for this, the setup wants you to sign in on Wifi and not on 3G data. Once you sign in you have the normal Google backup options to choose from and once you are through the setup you can choose between the Stock launcher and NOVA Launcher. I chose the Stock Launcher for this review, but in retrospect I may switch to NOVA Launcher for the option of removing the Google Search widget from every screen. 

AOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid Incredible

The angry pink Unicorn with a rainbow mane who greets you at boot sets the tone for this ROM. It’s all business with no frills or bloat. This is straight ICS with tweaks. There is no Hulu, ROM Manager, Netflix or third party tethering apps baked in. The only “add on” that comes with it is ROM Control, a settings/mod ad on by Team Kang. It was a bit of a surprise to see such a sparse setup, but also refreshing.

AOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid Incredible

Once I got over my initial ICS crush rush, I started noticing some things that warrant mention. Foremost of these is that you will want to reduce the height and width of the ICS menu icons in ROM Control. The default button size obscures most of the bottom row of the keyboard in portrait mode and takes up too much screen in landscape.  Don’t fret though – even someone with ham hands like mine can still use the buttons easily. All of the capacitive buttons on the DInc still work, so you won’t really need the ICS buttons if you find them to be too small to be useful.  I found myself alternating between the capacitive buttons and the ICS buttons out of habit.

AOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid Incredible

ROM Control also gives you a long list of customizations for the General UI, the Nav Bar, Lock screen, Power Menu, Weather, Notification mods, and a built in Performance section for over/under clocking and freeing up memory. There are a wealth of settings that can be tweaked including some of my favorites, dBm readings for signal and a circle battery mod for the notification bar. The options are too numerous to go over individually, but rest assured you can easily burn a weekend tweaking just the right color, icon, display, performance preference you are looking for. 

AOKP for the Droid IncredibleAOKP for the Droid Incredible

Keep in mind AOKP is still a work in progress and there are bugs to be found. For example, the Gallery kept crashing on me and I had to set my favorite wallpaper from the Settings menu rather than in the Gallery or long pressing the screen background.  Netflix did not work, several Widgets I installed were buggy and the Data Usage Meter is not working.  Bluetooth performance was spotty, sometimes it worked like it should and sometimes it didn’t. Video recording is also a known issue, but with all that being understood AOKP is a very useable and very stable ROM. There is no noticeable lag transitioning between screens, apps launch quickly and battery life on the stock kernel is quite good.

AOKP for the Droid Incredible

I’m looking forward to future builds and enhancements. The fact that ICS runs this smoothly on a device considered to be geriatric by industry standards is nothing short of impressive. Much credit should go to Team Kang for making this ROM as painless as it is, with promise of even greater things to come. I’m pretty sure I’ve found my new daily driver.

AOKP is currently available for both the GSM and LTE Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus S (both GSM and 4G flavors), the Captivate, the Incredible and Incredible 2, the Galaxy S i9000, Tab 10.1, the Xoom, EVO 4G, HP Touchpad, Vibrant and Galaxy Tab 7.

You can download the ROM at or check out the discussion thread in the forums


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AOKP for the HTC Droid Incredible [ROM review]


You may want to update this post since Milestone 4 dropped. I don't have a DInc, but as a Milestone, I'm willing to bet many bugs are worked out. Also, more supported devices have been added:) An I highly recommend Nova Launcher!

Um, why? If your enough of an android enthusiast to be into custom roms and all, you've probably moved on from this 2 year old phone. Especially considering this phone is on the same network as the Galaxy Nexus, you could just upgrade to that and get a much smoother ICS without the bugs. Shouldn't development start with newer phones and work its way down.Not the other way around.

Just because you're an android enthusiast doesn't mean money grows on trees. I still play around with my OG Droid and my girlfriend's DInc, so this is very relevant to my interests.

Up until about 3 days ago I was still on the OG Droid. I grabbed a DInc off craigslist cheep and because of its customization abilities. I installed CM7.1 Android 2.3.7 and reading this review im very happy i picked this phone up till I finally find a phone that really catches my eye (I decided to skip the Galaxy Nexus due to the mixed reviews). I will be keeping my eye on this rom as it matures a little bit more. I am very happy with CM7 (coming from Project Elite 6.5 on the OG Droid).

Anyone using CM7.1 how is your battery life? Mine is not very good but im wondering if its just because the battery is very old. I believe this is an older AMOLED model DInc and im guessing the battery has never been changed. I order a new battery from Amazon for less than $5 and I am hoping this will fix my battery issues.

Same boat. Using DInc with CM7. Didn't think Galaxy that great. My wife returned it and got a RAZR but I still like the DInc with CM7 better.

Regarding ebay $5-10 DInc batteries: All are used even if they say new. I bought a few and one was even water damaged. They are taken from retired DIncs and Eris and tested then sold. I would gladly buy a new one from Verizon but they don't sell them anymore.

Get Juice Defender from Google Play Store. It helps. Your phone will use almost no battery when idle. If you are an active user, it helps less.

Yeah, my phone seems to not use any battery when idle, but as soon as i turn the screen on it drops about a percent a minute. I picked up a battery from a place called OEM planet on Amazon. It says it is new. They had good reviews and I think that is where I got my replacement battery for the OG Droid and it worked great. Ill check out Juice Defender.

I also found a Droid X2 on craigslist in my Area for $100. I thought about picking that up but I dont like that Motorola uses locked bootloaders.

Make sure that you get setcpu and undervolt your processor to 800mhz. I am able to get a full day with heavy usage (including bluetooth tethering for an hour).

I was reading this because I was trying to pep up my wife's dinc and improve her really awful battery life. I gotta be honest I never understood why anyone ever liked this phone... It feels really cheap and flimsy in the hand with a plastic screen and all that plus it's uber tiny. I just had to reply to your post because you saying you like this thing better than a nexus or a razr is nuts! In no ways at all is even in the same league or even on the same planet. Did you say that to make yourself feel better about being stuck with one?

You my, friend, are crazy. You have GOT to be confusing your phones... The Dinc has a very solid feel and a gorilla glass screen. It is kind of small but only by today's standards. It has a 3.7" screen, an 8 meg camera and shoots 720P video...

Cheap and flimsy it definitely is NOT!

No. An enthusiast doesn't abandon a phone just because it's older no more than a car enthusiast rejects a classic car. And the DInc is a classic.

Kudos for getting this to work. I hope the final bugs are squashed and I will be flashing soon to my precious DInc (currently loving CM7).

BTW, I believe this phone was released in late April 2010. It's not exactly an antique.

I agree. I have not flashed my DInc in a while and it has been sitting at the bottom of a drawer since I got my Galaxy Nexus. This interested me enough to dig it out and flash it.

So far so good. No phone service on there but everything else is working. I may let my wife play with it and use it for her phone for a while to see if she likes it.

Um, no.

Many of us like custom ROMs because they help us get the job done. Not everyone wants to or needs to plunk down $200-$300 for a new phone every two years, especially if it will saddle us with a contract.

Awesome review Stig! Good to see my old first Android love getting back into the spotlight. Makes me want to dig out of my nightstand and start the flashing.

I especially love the part about how when the ROM loads initially being the time serial flashers use to socialise with family funny but so true. Great job man.

BTW, I highly recommend backing everything up, both a Nandroid backup (Backup the ROM) and using Titanium Backup (apps and settings) before trying this.

It's just good practice in case you have "buyer's remorse".

I do this to be certain:

A couple of Nandroid backups (MD5 mismatch is not uncommon)

Titanium Backup of everything. You can choose what to restore.

MyBackup Pro. Just to be certain if TB is giving you trouble or visa-versa.

And either remove the SD card when flashing or back everything up to your computer or Dropbox.

I'm running Milestone 4 now! ;) When I wrote this it was not out yet and they apparently added devices as well. Such is the fast paced world of ROM development.

Still a great ROM and I'm really glad it works as well as it does on the Mighty DInc.

And yes - Nandroiding early and often is always the best practice.

As a former Dinc'er, I was waiting for this! I have a Gnex now on 4.0.4 but from time to time I use my Dinc for music and other misc things. Plus I now have an ICS backup phone should anything happen to my Gnex *knock on wood*

Great job Devs! Goes to show the support for Android phones is still there

AOKP is by far the best ICS ROM for any device. I've been on it on my VzW GNex for a long time and can't switch!

Well I tried it on a DInc and it indeed works. Some issues though as you may expect:

Tried with Nova Launcher and Go Launcher and these slow it down substantially. All Go Widgets worked though.

SD reads as full when it's not when trying to take a picture

Capacitive buttons do not light up

Some wonky behavior with wallpapers

Gallery crashed on me too

I went back to CM7 but I would think these problems will be solved. Amazing that they got it to this point.

... Nandroid restored flawlessly! Gotta love it.

Nice. But darn. I have a lot of work to do today. I would love to spend time tweaking it. About the only app that isn't stable for me is Tasker. Not sure why but I'll have to explore that one later.

I can't believe this ROM is being recommended by Android Central. This ROM is in no way fit for human comsumption. True it has come a long way, but it still has a very long way to go. It's more than a little buggy and how many of you don't use your camera? Come on here, why would anyone want to use this as their daily device driver? When I saw that it was recommended by Android Central I thought, WOW they must have finally fixed those issues with the camera and gallery that have been plaguing this software from the begining. Nope, still junk. It's my contention that a trusted "News Blog" about Google's Androd O.S. should highlight only the very best and not just say, "Well, it's almost good enough." Oh, and something else I find inexcusable for a news blog, the writing staff for Android Central need to go back to school and learn 4th grade basic grammar and spelling. You should all be ashamed of the countless mistakes and typos you post. WOW!