Galaxy Nexus FCC

We've said before that we fully expect U.S. carriers other than Verizon to make available subsidized versions of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and this looks like a pretty good step in that direction. The FCC has approved the GT-i9250T, which is a Galaxy Nexus sporting radio frequencies for 3G on 850 MHz and 1900 MHz, which AT&T (among others outside the states) uses. This is different than the GSM version many of us have already imported in that it's lacking the 1700 MHz band for T-Mobile 3G (also called AWS). So it's a pretty good bet that we may well see a proper AT&T release at some point.

Why an entirely different version for AT&T if the current GSM model works just fine? Wouldn't want you to even have the possibility of skipping over to T-Mobile, we reckon. Not a huge deal, but also a little odd.

Source: FCC; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Another Galaxy Nexus at the FCC points toward possible proper AT&T love


You do see LTE mentioned in this document, you just have to know what you are looking for.

In AT&T land LTE often masquerades under the name of WCDMA/HSPA.

RMC is also referenced, and this is a key buzzword in LTE.

Remember, LTE does not use different radio bands, it just uses more of them simultaneously. LTE (among other things) refers to the WAY you use the radios, not the radio bands in use.

That's totally wrong. WCDMA/HSPA is just the current HSPA/HSPA+ netowrk AT&T uses. LTE is on a different band and totally different radio.

Again, you are confusing AT&T's fake '4G' HSPA+ with real 4G LTE. The HSPA+ is running on the same radio and same bands as 3G.

Both AT&T and Verizon are running LTE at 700Mhz bands. Specifically, AT&T is using 704 ~ 746MHz. LTE is a totally separate network than its HSPA network and requires separate radio. It's a new technology, nothing to do with WCDMA/HSPA radio.

Lol, Verizon will probably pull a Merge or Nexus One on the G-Nex.

Hopefully Sprint picks it up before too long.

I call BS on this for AT&T. This is almost surely for Rogers in Canada, they ALWAYS run Canadian phones through the FCC even thought it is a US government organization. Then we get posts about X phone might be coming to AT&T.

So AT&T is going to have the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II LTE, and the Galaxy Nexus NON LTE? I don't buy it even though I wish it were true.

I agree 100%. However, as noted by others, it puzzles me why a non pentaband GSM version is floating around in the 1st place?

It's possible the radio may be cheaper not being pentaband, or they are trying to restrict people being able to use AWS with it in Canada on other carriers.

Cheaper? By how much, 2 or three bucks? Redesign and certification would whipe out any savings.

This could be Rodgers sneaking in LTE.

I never noticed until right now that Rogers phones don't include 1700MHz support, but that still doesn't explain why the phone doesn't support 900 and 1800 bands like all other Rogers phones. Hmmm. I am still holding on to hope because this is all I want from AT&T.

Why do you want it from AT&T? They will certainly lock down the tethering.

Just get the Pentaband GSM version and it will work but not have AT&T lockdowns installed.

Because $500 is a not insignificant amount of money.

Also, if it goes like the nexus s, maybe it won't be locked down. (The att nexus s was basically the same as an unlocked one, wasnt it?) Plus, with some unknown amount of fiddling, depending on what att does to it, one can flash the stock roms that were just released yesterday.

If this was for At&t the model number would be GT-i9250A this is most likely for Telus in canada hence the T at the end of the model number...

Go look at the phones that Telus offers, especially the Samsung phones. They are all the world GSM phones that include the 1700MHz band. Telus would have no reason to have a redesigned phone that didn't support this band. AT&T would have every reason in the world to not support this band, just like how the iPhone doesn't.

No, ALL AT&T Samsung phones always starts with SGH. So, if this is AT&T version, is will be SGH-i9250. There is never a phone carried GT in the model name for AT&T.

Would anybody really be surprised if ATT restricted the radios and then de-nexus-ifyed the phone too?

I wouldn't mind getting the GN at a subsidized price, and what ever AT&T does to the phone can be undone through rooting and hacking. As far as LTE goes AT&T LTE wont be in enough places in america til the next Nexus arrives. Until then my HSPA+ speeds are just fine for right

another question: how much memory does it have? Is this another phone with a paltry 16GB? Or are we finally getting a proper 32GB HSPA+ phone? Is there any way to figure that out from these documents?

Maybe t-mobile it does say i9250T which tends to be t-mobile, and rmm the mytouch 4g slide was missing the aws 1700 and it ended up at t-mobile (of course considering the "my" trademark is tmobile's.)