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Rocking the Moto X? Then you're going to be pretty happy to find out that Android 4.4.3 is now available through an over-the-air (OTA) update. A few days ago we pointed out that Motorola would begin pushing out Android 4.4.3 to their various handsets throughout the week.

We just picked up the update on our Moto X. T-Mobile customers and those with developer devices are the first to get Android 4.4.3 on their Moto X.

With the update you can look forward to improved camera software with the Moto X. You'll get better exposure consistency, flash colors and fixes for low-light issues. Also look forward to the ability to pause a video recording with a pause/resume button in the viewfinder.

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Moto X begins receiving Android 4.4.3 push on T-Mobile and for developer editions


Like where is the HTC one m8 android 4.4.3 update?? I live in Chicago and still don't have it yet. Its a brand new phone in a popular city, why don't I have it yet?

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Thought you were serious at first then kept reading.
Well played friend.

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I'm just poking fun at those who frantically express their feelings about why they don't have an update.

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It's good to see the improvements they've made to the camera since launch.

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Same here, I don't understand how the roll out could be so slow this week. It was released Monday and the files are already up online (if you don't mind losing your data that is.

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If you Google xda, and know what you are doing then you won't lose your data. Updated my Nexus 4 since files went live, no data loss. I am running stock rooted with twrp and xposed to add. No problems whatsoever

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no complaint. just saying headline "Moto X begins receiving Android 4.4.3 push on T-Mobile and for developer editions" is misleading

Pretty sure visually just the dialer and then a bunch of bug fixes. That's of course not including any moto x specific updates.

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Active notifications tells me when I'm hungry and when to take a shit
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Mine just came thru, I'm in Arizona. Wife and signal indicator were gray at first instead of white but fixed it self after a few minutes.

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Hangouts is force closing every time I open it now, just got the update. Updated the app in the play store as well. Hope this is fixed soon.

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I figured it out, I think. I had previously disabled messaging since I was using hangouts. I enabled it and it seems to fixed the problem.

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Can you explain how you went about re-enabling the SMS app? My Hangouts keeps force closing as well, and the option to Enable SMS is greyed out in Settings>Apps...

At the moment, I cannot send SMS at all, and have even tried numerous 3rd party apps, but no dice.

Late news? Maybe I was lucky but I got the GSM developer edition update a few days ago. It beat my N5.

Yep, I've been really impressed with my Moto X and this just cements those feelings (had HTC One and N5 before). Got the update today on my DE (GSM).

One of the many reasons I got a Moto X. Updates as fast as a Nexus or GPE device! Constant software tweaks & improvements too. Motorola is on the right track for sure.

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I got mine early afternoon today nothing big change except phone dialer app got pretty cool. It looks more simply flat now liking the new look dialer pad color got change to white and u got icons for contact