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Another CES has come and gone, and like the past couple of years there was a common trend -- Android was everywhere.  Our fellas on the floor in Vegas had their work cut out for them, and did a heck of a job covering the best of it all.  While they wind down (and get ready for MWC in Barcelona next month) the rest of us wanted to take a minute and talk about our favorites from CES 2012.  Hit the break, see what we liked the most, and discuss.

Alex Dobie

ASUS 7-inch tablet

My pick has to be the 7-inch ASUS Transformer Prime (or whatever it ends up being called). $250 for a Tegra 3, quad-core powered tablet in a highly portable 7-inch form factor is crazy, and even if we have to wait until the second quarter for this tablet, it's certain to be a hugely important device for ASUS, and Android as a whole. Last year's HP Touchpad fiasco, as well as subsequent sales of other tabs like the HTC Flyer, have proved that consumers are crying out for a good, cheap tablet. If ASUS can deliver on this promised price point without any nasty surprises, things are certain to get more interesting (and competitive) than ever in the tablet space towards the middle of 2012.

Chris Parsons


Much like Alex, my excitement for CES was captured by the 7-inch ASUS Transformer Prime. For a long time now, it's been my feeling that tablets have all been over priced and if ASUS is going to push out a premium Tegra 3 tablet for $250 that's a big move and if they are successful with it -- it could lead the pack for everyone else which ultimately, is great for consumers.

Jared DiPane

Android phone home

My favorite Android related piece from CES this year was the home phone running Android. Yes, the device ran Android 2.2 and it was laggy and not perfect, but it was innovative. I would love to see Android on more than just phones and tablets and this is a great example of that. Support like this from people thinking outside of the box is what will help ensure that Android continues to grow and reaches that next level.

Richard Devine

Medfield smartphone

I was really impressed with the demonstration of the Intel reference device during their keynote. The optimization that has been applied to Android on their hardware looks really promising, offering both top level performance and battery life is a really enticing prospect. All that remains is to see whether or not this translates to consumer devices in real world use cases.

Sean Brunett

Smart Washer

I think my favorite items shown off at CES were Samsung’s smart appliances, particularly its smart washer. When Google introduced Android at Home, I got excited over the infinite possibilities of controlling everything in my house right from my Android phone. This washer is the first step in doing that and it makes me very excited. I can’t wait until I can control wash cycles with my Galaxy Nexus and receive notifications when the load is finished. Eventually, we’ll need a robot or some automated way to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer, but I’ll settle for this right now.

Jerry Hildenbrand

Huawei Ascend P1

I was most excited about Huawei this year.  Not only did they come out with what look to be a couple of awesome Android smartphones in the Ascend P1 and Ascend P1S, but they also kicked out an Ice Cream Sandwich build for their MediaPad -- something manufacturers of more expensive tablets are struggling with.  Huawei wants to break into the US market, and these two things are a great way to capture our hearts and minds -- great hardware with the latest version of Android is the road to success.


Reader comments

Android Central staff's best of CES 2012 picks


I think the water coating of phones electronics was cool and crackberry kevin blowing a 500$ for a clock app

I gotta say this year's CES was kind of boring. There wasn't really any stand-out devices that truly stole the show. All the phones and tablets are what you'd expect to be released every other month, nothing really special. Plus a bunch of phones that seems to have been released just to piss off the owners of their previous versions: Titan 2, Skyrocket HD, Razr MAXX... I liked the Titan 2 - looks like a very solid device, Sony Android phones - nice design, that thin Toshiba tablet - also nice design...But none of them are really that special.

I definitely would have to agree. It cracked me up to see Jareds fav. was the cashiers phone running android. Good eye catching that Jared, very amusing.

I was also dissapointed in the products revealed. I expected a few "wow" ICS phones. While the GNex is pretty sweet I wanted to see what other manufactures were capable of with ICS. I'm ready for a new device but dont want to puchase anything without ICS. Capacitive buttons will detract from the experience and take up screen real estate. I guess we will have to wait until MWC. :(

I will agree with Alex but there is a caveat, we may never see it in 2012. I am still waiting on my Transformer Prime :/

I do like the idea of a 7 inch tablet at 250, but do you really think that ASUS can roll out anything without surprises? Just take a look at the 101, 201. And now announcing the 700 series before the 201 has even hit the stores. I think they are all about surprises. lol

i think CES royally sucked this year. i look forward to seeing some ice cream+quad core love next month at mobile world congress.

Can ANYONE please compare the Thunderbolt to any other smart phone and tell me what IS the best smart phone out there.

I tried the Gnex on its first weekend and by Monday I was running back to my Thunderbolt. Tbolt may be old, but it doesn't get stupid hot, has better battery life with the Rezound batt, doesn't make white backgrounds looks like crap, doesn't have a worthless speaker, doesn't have an unessecesarily large bottom bezel, and doesn't slide out of my hand like an ice cube.

Interesting, im of the opposite opinion. Ive had the OG Droid, the Epic, the EVO, the EVO Shift, the EVO 3D, and the Nexus S 4G and now im back on VZW with the Galaxy Nexus. It's the best smart phone I've ever owned. I am a big htc fan but this phone beats them in almost every area.

Before CES I was keen on the Transformer-Prime, but we have the new screen issue to resolve before assessing it.

I find the 7 inch form factor works well; but it needs to have the right price and be durable. The $249 7inch tab sounds very nice, but are ASUS producing stable - as well as fast, products?

Did anyone see the Video Name Tag? These guys had OLED screens that you could wear as a tag, a belt buckle. They also had Video Trading Cards. This was one of my favorites....nothing else like it at the show. I think it's the same people with the video mic flags I saw on the news.