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Time for some more apps! Who doesn't love finding new applications to download for your favorite device? Well, hit the break with us if you love apps, and want some help finding some new ones!

Anndrew Vacca - Marvel Comics (Free)


Comic lovers, don't fret: your beloved medium is far from dead. In fact, it has found new life on MarvelAndroid with the Marvel Comics app, available for free in the Android Market. Create a Marvel account and you'll be able to purchase the latest and greatest Marvel comics directly on your phone. Should you switch devices, every comic you've purchased will remain synced with your account, so no need to buy again. While it may not be as satisfying as collecting a stack under your bed, it's refreshing to see that, just like music before it, comics have found a new medium. [Market Link]

Richard Devine - Font Installer [Root] (Free)


The whole Android world is going crazy for Ice Cream Sandwich right now, and one of it's key fontvisual features, the Roboto font.

There are different ways of getting the font onto your current device, but the easiest i found was using the Font Installer application. It does require root access, but after that you're free to flash Roboto, or one of hundreds of other fonts in seconds. The application also allows you to preview each font before you install it, in a variety of sizes. I used this to install Roboto on my Gingerbread phone, and it really is that easy. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Clean Widgets ($1.99)

Clean Widgets

I'll be the first to admit that a lot of what I purchase in the Android market is based on the looks of cleanthe application, and widgets are one of my favorite things about Android. The combination of a nice clean look, and a functional widget is enough to take money from me almost any day of the week and that is what I found with Clean Widgets. Some ROM's include the same type of widgets, but not all of them do so I like that I can now have the quick toggles for data connection, screen brightness and more regardless of what set up I have on my phone. If you like to have a nice clean look on your screen, be sure to check these out! [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Halloween Live Wallpaper (Free)

Live Wall

HalloweenHalloween has always been a fun time for so when October comes I start to deck things out Halloween style, my phone isn't safe from that. While I'm positive you can find many Halloween live wallpapers in the Android Market, this is one of my favorites. Just some classic pumpkins and fog. It's pretty sweet and available for free. [Market Link]

There are 22 comments

NickAVV says:

[edit] whoops, ignore this

ARich91 says:

That Halloween wallpaper spams your device with ads, not to mention has ridiculous permissions.

SweetBearCub says:

AC Staff, please actually review apps before you suggest them to your audience. Recommending such a poor quality app that spams you and has way more permissions than it needs? You're slipping.

dcreed says:

Parsons is Canadian...they're far too trusting. They still believe in royalty, after all.

icebike says:

Not only that, but it add a search icon to your screen which does not go directly to google.

Very poor recommendation. And pretty ugly wall paper.

Thumbs down.

ARich91 says:

whoops, double post

likwidsoul says:

I just looked at the Halloween wallpaper. Can't for the life of me figure out why a wallpaper needs so many permissions to run. Except to spam you with ads.

Unibrow says:

That font app is pretty sweet

Haha, I thought the Font Installer App, was -Root Free- as in no root necessary. But it is actually required to [Root], and is a (Free) app. Comedy....And I'm hesitant to root my SGS2 on Sprint again at the moment because of all the LOS (Loss of signal) issues going on (rooted and not rooted) sigh.

Rockser2g#AC says:

You can change the font without root. Menu
/settings /display /screen display /font style...

rodohmes says:

Font Installer is a great recommendation. Just what I've been looking for.

Impulses says:

Too bad about that wallpaper, it actually looked cool, sinister but simple...

bswitzer1 says:

for comics I would recommend Comixology. This is the company/app that also does the marvel app but includes a lot more options including dc

ghost010 says:

"Richard Devine - Font Installer [Root] (Free)" is that ICS or a ICS theme?

It's an ICS theme for CM7, there's one on the market and one in the XDA forums, pretty nice tbh :-)

bladerunn3r says:

Love the new marvel app. I haven't read comics in 15+ � years. Actually has good selection, plus a small selection of free comics - some of which are good. Most of the stuff seems to be 1.99 (which is the absolute most I'll pay), but there are 99 cent sales too.

Bob61 says:

Really? These are the Editor Picks? Looks like someone was late with their assignment and just randomly grabbed something to write about. Nothing here folks, move along now....

FrasierCrane says:

After using that font app to install it, I can safely say that Roboto is the Platonic ideal of mobile fonts.

grundyman says:

does any one here know if its possible to have you post relies emailed to you ?

xolanir says:

Running the font installer and it is really sweet. Best of all, it was free. Can't beat that!

gid13 says:

Judging from the comments, this is probably a rare situation, but Font Installer locked up my phone to the point that it wouldn't boot normally. Had to go into recovery and reinstall my ROM.

vansmack says:

I don't think that's true on stock ROMs, though perhaps on your custom ROM?