Searching for Android applications that will enhance your daily life can be a bit of a difficult task, because sometimes if you don't know it exists, you won't know to search for it. Part of our goal here is to bring our favorite readers some of our favorite applications each week, so let's take a look at some of our favorites from this past week.

Jerry Hildenbrand - SMS Backup and Restore


Flash ROMs a lot? End up wiping all your data more often than you would like? Yeah, smsme, too. I regularly use Titanium Backup, but make it a habit not to backup and restore system data of any sort between ROMs. I'm also too forgetful to back up the databases by hand :) SMS Backup and Restore and it's scheduled automatic backups to the rescue. I use Google Voice for calls and most of my texting, but for family we always use our carrier number for texts. Since those are the messages most likely to have something worth saving SMS Backup and Restore works out really great for me. It's free in the Market for phones running 1.5 and up. [Market Link]

Sean Brunett- TWiT


If you’re not familiar with Leo Laporte, he has built an extremely successful net-cast network called TWiT. The initials stand for his flagship show, "This Week in Tech," which twitfeatures a round table discussion of the week’s technology news by the leading professionals. The network is independent, and produces loads of quality content each week. You can find shows ranging from general technology news to more focused shows such as MacBreak Weekly or This Week in Google. The Android app allows users to watch and listen to his net-casts directly on their mobile device. You can play the episodes live or download them for later viewing. If you’re a TWiT and Leo Laporte fan, make sure to get this app. Favorite shows of mine on the network include This Week in Google, Tech News Today and Framerate. There is even an Android show that is currently in Beta and is hosted by @RayGun01 and @Eileentv. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Smart Bench


smartbenchWe all know of the many benchmarking apps out there be it Neocore, LinPack or Quadrant. One that may not be as familiar sounding in SmartBench 2011. Personally, I find Smartbench 2011 to be a more accurate representation of benchmark results but that may just be me. In any event, Smartbench 2011 is available for free of course in the Android Market and surprisingly enough, supports dual-core devices already again, giving reason to why it's better for benchmarking as it supports newer devices in ways some other apps cannot. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Shush! Ringer Restorer


Ever go into a meeting and set your phone to silent, and then leave the meeting and shushforget to return the volume back to an audible level, and miss an important phone call? Well, you are not alone on this, and luckily for us developer Public Object has developed an amazing application that allows you to determine a length of how long you wish to keep the device on silent, before it will auto revert back to your previous sound settings. So, say goodbye to those missed calls because you forgot to change the sound settings, and install this great, free application. [Market Link]


Reader comments

Android Central Editors' app picks for March 12, 2011


Well, strike me down. I never thought of that, Silly me.

I don't care too much about all of my messages but I've been swapping ROMs lately and could use a backup now and again.

On to getting this app again.

Backup to GMail is much better. Firstly, it syncs to the cloud. Secondly, it does SMS and your Call Log! And finally, it is instant and automatic -- your are constantly synced all the time.

I tried Backup to Gmail last night actually. It force closes if you use OAUTH for authentication right now and with the 15 minute refund window I don't have time to mess with it. At least it did with my setup

The other option is to use plain text for user and password which is far less than ideal so I got a refund.

another good one is MyBackup Root, it does both SMS and MMS along with APKs and DATA (restores automatically without you having to install each app), Call Log, Alarms etc.. kinda of been a 1 app to do them all thing.. I got rid of Titanium Backup and SMS Backup/Restore. SMS backup/restore is a awesome app if you just want to archive your texts though.

I want to like Smartbench...but with my scores it's telling me that my stock EVO is pretty much the worst Android phone available :( I'm not trying to be ignorant...but really? Is it THAT bad? *cries*

Ok fine...HTC better bring it this summer...they have some serious competition. I don't care for Moto or Sammy phones due to lagging updates and cheap looking/feeling phones, but that's just my preference, as I know they can be decent devices. Much prefer HTC for build and attention to detail. Apparently they need to step up a bit as far as specs to compete with the rest.

Unfortunately, Smartbench 2011's report is correct. I own Nexus One myself (essentially an identical hardware as Evo 4G as far as the processor is concerned), and the first generation Snapdragon processor + Adreno 200 GPU is now outclassed by most of today's smartphones on the market. Well, to be more correct, the CPU is semi-decent but the GPU is REALLY outclassed. Smartphone technology evolves fast, and Nexus One has been out for more than 2 years now - this is an eternity for smartphones.

Having said that, unless you push your phones to the limit, I don't see why phones like Evo and Nexus One would be insufficient for 90% of the users.

I use Tasker to silent my ringer automatically if I have a meeting on my calendar. It then restores it at the end time, all by itself. I prefer that solution.

I watch a lot of TWIT, and had heard they were adding a few shows (Android and Photography), but didn't think they were up. Is the "beta" of the android show available to anyone?

The TWiT app, just like the regular MediaFly app, is a piece of junk. I complained on the forum and the Market comments, and no avail, it still doesn't work properly. Jumping around disrupts the cache, so it just resets every time I move it. And it doesn't load as fast on WiFi as its iOS counterpart does. All in all, it's a piece of junk, just like the Android Stitcher app is. Oh, and it takes up WAAAAY to much CPU!!!!!

Just checked out the app called phone silencer. Much better UI. Asks you when you want the ringer turned back on and the volume as well. Puts a widget in the notification drawer to either change or turn off.

Thanks for the heads up.

How accurate is Smart Bench... really? I ran it 4 times on the same phone (myTouch 4G) and got four completely different readings. And the numbers weren't even close. Accurate... give me a break! From my perspective this thing is completely useless.

Phone Silencer and SilenceModeTimer are both better than Shush imo, the former is prettier but the latter allows you to create quick shortcuts (even tho both pop up when you press any silence/vibrate widget) and shows a brief history of past timer duration selections (3).