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Don't worry loyal Android Central readers, we are back with only our favorite applications again this week. So, join us past the break and let's take a look at some of our favorites!

Alex Dobie - World of Goo ($2.99)

World of Goo

World of Goo is an highly polished physics-based puzzler that's graced PCs, consoles and iOS over the past few years, and now it's finally arrived on Android! Put simply, the game is based World of Gooaround building structures out of goo to transport your goo balls to the pipe at the end of the level. You'll find yourself constructing ever more precarious structures out of goo, and facing off against traps and other hazards along the way. As you progress through the game, you'll be aided by unique colored goo balls with various abilities, like floating up in the air to hold up heavier structures.

World of Goo is by far one of the most addictive and well-presented puzzle games on Android, and at £1.99 (UK price) for the full version, it's an absolute steal. There's also a free demo version available, which lets you try a full chapter of the game at no cost. [Market Link]

Richard Devine - Sleepy Jack ($1.99)

Android Central

I first had a hands on with Sleepy Jack on an Xperia Play a couple of months ago at a press event, and it definitely caught my eye. Now I've got it on the Galaxy Nexus, and it's brilliant.

Sleepy JackFrom the makers of Cordy, you 'pilot' jack through his dreams of his favourite toys collecting Z's along the way to keep him asleep. It's an amazing looking game, and there are 40 worlds to blast and sleep your way through. For something that sounds so easy, some of the levels are quite tricky and there are three different difficulty levels to choose from.

There are reports of crashing issues on some devices, but never fear. There is a free demo version of the game also available, so give that a try first. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Dabble ($1.00)


Being the cheapest human being in the world, I never include paid apps in my weekly picks. Dabble is the exception to my rule. The concept is as simple as it is addicting: you are handed 20 letters and Dabblethe clock ticks down until you arrange said letters into five words. For the best score you'll need words of varying length (two letters, three letters, and so on up to six letters), though trust me, it is not always possible. Your score depends on how many words you manage to make and how long it takes you to do so.

If you're looking for a social game to replace Words With Friends, this isn't it. But if strategy, speed, and the English language are what get you excited, give Dabble a spin. And if you've got a seven-inch tablet, there's a $1.99 HD version waiting for you in the Amazon Appstore. [Market Link]

Sean Brunett - Chase Mobile


Mobile banking is becoming increasingly important for everyone now that smartphone adoption is Chaseexpanding. Chase Mobile is for Chase bank customers and is a really well done app. With the app, you can pay bills and credit cards, find the nearest branch or ATM, make a deposit, complete a Chase Person-To-Person Quickpay, edit and cancel payments and see rewards. The app has a nice simple UI that is easy to navigate. One aspect of the app that may frustrate some is that you have to login everytime you open the app. With banking though, I don’t mind having to log-in everytime for security sake. It’s a free app from the Android Market and really great for Chase customers. [Market Link]


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Android Central Editors' app picks for Dec 3, 2011


Yeah the Brits Alex and Richard are rubbing our yankee faces in it posting those ICS screenshots

Holy Shit! Are you people ever happy?! First you get all pissed off cause someone posts music for their pick, now you're getting pissed off about games??

How about you submit an app for them to showcase in their weekly pick, or better yet you do an app pick for the week and post it. Then we'll see if what interests you sparks interest in others or if you're just that nit picky.

If you don't like what they're posting then ignore it or find a way to more politely make known your disliking then just bitching.

They should also have a music segment, but all I see turning up for both would be complaining. It's only one time that 3 chose games, there will be a new segment in 7 days

Nice feature of the chas app for security. Additionally, if you are using wifi that is "open" the app forces your phone to use 3/4G for security reasons.

The Chase app is fantastic. I can't imagine any smartphone user who has a Chase Banking account not already using this app. Conversely, the Bank of America app offers less features, less account information, less account payment options, and at times dysfunctional particularly Bill Pay.

The Chase app is so amazingly useful, if one is disenchanted with their bank, this app is worth opening a Chase Bank account just to experience the benefits and ease of control of one's financial well being.

As for mega banks who we've come to rightfully dislike, this Chase app offers a glimmer of redemption for Chase banking customers.

I have the Chase app because I have a mortgage with them but not any other accounts. It does a great job showing me my mortgage, and is fast doing it, but since I don't have a checking account there it won't let me make mobile payments. It gives me a "make a payment" button but them tells me I don't have a qualifying account to do it with. Would be extremely helpful.

Man, so LAME.....

I think the issue, was that they (AC( were all caught up with ICS ASOP Roms, then they realized, all the Devs hit a standstill when it came to "green flashes", Red frames on some screens, And the fact it came to an abrut halt with Audio, Camera and video, and some really strange 2d and 3d support.

So, they had to post some Lame things to cover their asses. And it shows.

Hence, the weak "fill in" app reviews.

Guess they got caught up in the hype.

And why do I have to give permission to my personal contact data.

Wonder if Chase would do the same...