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Those of us in the United States have been enjoying Amazon MP3 on our Android phones since the launch of the G1 way back in October 2008. You blokes in the UK? Not so much. But those day are nearly over, friends, as the Android 2.1 update will add the Amazon MP3 store to your phones, according to the British Telegraph news site. And with it you'll get direct access to more than 9 million songs, along with a strong competitor to Apple's iTunes. Amazon hasn't officially announced this yet, and it's unclear whether phones running previous Android builds will get in on the fun.

And as for when the Android 2.1 update will be dropping? Sorry, still don't have an official date on that yet. [ via Engadget]

Update: @terminal7 on Twitter lets us know that, actually, Amazon MP3 (UK) has been available for previous versions, at least on his rooted G1. Any UK people help clear that up for us?

Amazon MP3 in UK


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Amazon MP3 coming for Android in UK


I still like downloading music from iTunes. Its the same price, and the sound quality is better. (AAC > MP3) Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken (sound quality is the only reason why I'm not using Amazon MP3)

Is AAC better than MP3? I heard AAC has more channels and therefore more depth and whatnot, but I honestly can't hear a difference.

Yes, AAC is better. However compression methods are sometimes not easily compared, and there are some differences that might cause you to want to go with one over another. But in general, AAC compresses to a smaller file and provides excellent quality. (Yet another awesome thing that came from Apple.)

I'm not sure how long it's been on there, but running the current CM on my G1, yes I've noticed it when I saw that Telegraph story. However, it wasn't too long ago I remember last investigating when it was coming to the UK.

Surely Cyanogen would know about it, it can't just magically appear (although he's in the US and hence wouldn't really notice).

No sign of any Amazon app in the market when browsing on my Hero (stock 1.5 ROM).

And no word since they first mentioned it months ago of when we'll get updated to Android 2.0/2.1 - I think HTC are too busy playing support for the Nexus