Galaxy Note 4 leak

Update: Whoops. On closer inspection looks like this is in fact a fan render from a few months back.

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Note 4 early next month at the IFA, with rumors referencing two possible variants of the device — a standard model with a form factor similar to that of the Galaxy Alpha and a curved display version which may be called the Galaxy Note Edge. Images leaked earlier this week claimed to show the standard version, and today another image has appeared showing what a curved display variant might look like.

The image from GSMArena is allegedly shows a Galaxy Note 4 unit sent out for testing, showing a display that slopes to the left and right sides of the device.

Also highlighted in the image is the back, which looks more akin to that of the Galaxy S5 than the Galaxy Note 3. Another point of difference is a flap that is covering the microUSB port at the bottom of the device.

As is always the case with unsubstantiated leaks, we suggest you take the information with a grain of salt. What do you guys think of the Galaxy Note 4 with the curved display?

Source: GSMArena


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Alleged photo of Galaxy Note 4 with curved display leaked [Update: Nope]


Nothing beats any Galaxy Note or now new Galaxy Note Edge. People better recognize the Note phablet evolution.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Oh yeah man! Samsung is amazing. And t-mobile. Nothing beats Samsung and t-mobile, nothing. I mean, Samsung laptops, Samsung watches, Samsung phones, Samsung TVs, Samsung condoms, Samsung dildos, and best of all Samsung douche bags.

We love you standard basic day to day haters of Samsung. Show us more of you're classical stupidly.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Hey look, you're not a spam bot. Good job. Still a fool though. No different than a typical iZombie. Loyal to one brand blindly.

And you fanboys are a disgrace. Once you zombies stop being so blind to one brand then I'll stop calling you out.

One question, little hater. Why don't you waste as much time hating the ones "liking" the LG phones with mediocre screens, Motorola's with 2012 technology, HTC's with cameras from the last century or Sony's who just can't figure it out any more? Why the constant hate of Samsung? What do you think you'll achieve?

(Turned out to be more than one question, but it's one theme....) :D

Because I don't see stupid fanboys for those other companies as much. There are a few HTC fanboys which I call out when I see them, but not as often.

Please, show me. Because I don't see LG fanboys. Sure, people love the G3 but I don't see them saying stupid crap like, "LG is the best and nobody comes close, nobody." Anyway, I just think it's naive to be dedicated to one company like a dumb fanboy.

Are you really wearing that big blinds? You're involved in trolling with one of the just below, mate... Pointless discussion with pointless hater is pointless discussion with pointless hater.

It's really bad when the previous generation has a better screen, like in the LG case... So yeah, I'd say the Note 3 display walks all over the LG G3....

Ha ha ha you're not lying there a proven product in the Note 3 pimp slaps any silly Lg G3 so easily it's comical.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Maybe if you put half the effort into getting a f****** job, as trolling internet sites all day responding to any Samsung post anywhere, there would be less money taken out of my paycheck every month and deposited it into your f****** bank account.

Get a life loser

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I'm guessing there will be several variants of this phone between the release date and Christmas.

Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

This is fake. This photo has been out for a while now. It's a concept by someone.

Kinda surprised AC posted this...

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Wow.... Terrible.

All I really see here is a way for Samsung to keep increasing the prices of their products with no real justification for a price increase... Hey we added a curved screen, so we added another $100 to the SRP.

And it still has that TERRIBLE back cover design.

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Well my opinion is its terrible. And I am allowed to have my opinion whether you like, agree with it or not.

And since the S5 has been widely criticized for the back cover design, I am clearly not the only person that feels that way.

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Believe me, you're right about the design of the S5. Skipatrol says that every time he disagrees with someone's OPINION. Basically, he's a d-bag.

Yeah, gsmarena updated the page saying its a concept as far back as may. Nothing to see here, lol. But it would be kinda cool to see what that would be like, though i think id stick to the original style.

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Going with fake. The sides, IMO would be more pronounced to be useful. That's like a 45 degree angle of wasted space. Also, I'm not so sure they would ever deliver a device with the band aid back again, especially on a note. Where's my ravioli style faux leather?