One of the (almost) overlooked things from today's Motorola presentation in New York was news that Motorola will be offering a developer edition of all three of the new RAZR models announced today. This is great news for tinkerers interested in the RAZR M, the RAZR HD, or the RAZR Maxx HD.

We've heard this from Motorola before, and we're still waiting to see it develop, but there's one major change since the last big Motorola announcement -- Google. Google was very much on hand today, with Eric Schmidt opening the show, and he spent a good bit of time talking about how the two companies were going to mesh together. Hopefully, some of the DIY spirit Google fosters will spill over into Motorola Mobility and we'll see these soon.

For now, there's no word of availability or pricing, but we'll keep our ears on.

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vor says:

Please o' Please make a Pentaband version

icebike says:

Which reminds me....

Has Samsung released their GSIII developer phone that Jerry was encouraging everyone to wait for and buy?

spartanguy81 says:

bootloader unlocked. No one cares anymore.

cmdr430 says:

Why does it matter if they release a "Developers Ed." if they have the new bootloader unlock tool?

Whats the difference? Will it run "stock Android"? Nexus Device?

hoosiercub says:

Something tells me these devices that are on Verizon won't receive the bootloader unlock tool treatment, call me crazy.

Crispy says:

Developer phones don't matter.

- you have to pay full retail
- no one buys them so there's so no support
- its not possible to port the image from a dev phone to a regular one and thus make it unlocked

The only reason they exist is to make the announcement look good on tech blogs.

We all already know that.

jmaher1023 says:

Actually the purpose of a developer phone is for app developers, not hackers who want to port the latest and greatest flavor of Android to their phone.

kenyee says:

Question is: is the "Developer Version" going to be a Nexus? I.e., plain unskinned Android...if it's unskinned and people can easily get AOKP on it, you might as well call it a Nexus phone and if so, it looks like it might be worth it...

Darkseider says:

In a word... FAIL