Adobe Flash Player 10.2

Well, that didn't take long. Just half a day or so since Adobe announced that Flash Player 10.2 would drop for Android on March 18, and the darn thing's already leaked out. This is the version that the Motorola Xoom has been waiting for, of course. So we fired it up on a Xoom, and -- behold, Flash! It's also running decently on our CyanogenMod 7 device (that's Gingerbread for you teetotallers), and our man Alex has it on his Froyo'd HTC Desire. That's not to say there's not some stuttering, still, but who's to say if this is a final build -- or if it's early and busted. If you're the adventurous type, give it a shot. [via My Droid WorldThanks, Sean!


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Adobe Flash Player 10.2 leaks out, running on Honeycomb, Gingerbread and Froyo


For those who are feverishly installing this flash to their Xooms, comment on whether you have received and done the Motorola update prior to trying this Flash install and running it. Wondering how Flash works before and after the update being pushed out.

Ive got this on my Xoom. I have no unrooted and I have not updated. I tried it and its quite jittery. I OCd to 1.5GHz to see if there was improvement- no. Still jittery.

I installed it from link from above by pattavino ( thanks for the link ) . Works perfect. Unrevoked rooted EVO.

I definetly have flash but I haven't updated yet downloaded and installed without a problem but I noticed it much slower.. I'm happy great leak and now my xoom has flash!

I installed on my xoom. I'm still unrooted, locked and have not yet gotten the 3.01 update. Installed and seemed to work just fine. Best of all.....PLAYON WORKS! Happy xoomer.

Works OK on the Xoom, non-root and no Moto update. Very jittery. Probably uninstall and wait for the official release.

wtf is all these people intalling flash 10.2 on a non updated xoom.... the whole point of the update was to prepare the xoom for flash

Ok question I had for a while with Flash. I had OG droid and I would go watch full episodes on Jon Stewart's show sound was alaways going like 2 times slower than the video. I thought its the phone, but no I have epic 4g same thing. Just installed 10.2 and again same thing. I've tried all kinds of roms, and stock roms, always the same result. Anyone have any pointers?

Okay, I just manually updated to 3.0.1 to see if it improved the flash experience. It makes absolutely no difference. The instructions are here to do that. You can easily regain root and it doesnt wipe.

Video is a bit choppy... but not too bad. Audio does lag a small bit as well. Its a whole lot better than what I had before which was nothing. Motorola xoom 3.0.1

Use default browser to download then go to downloads app and click it to install. You may have to change your settings to allow downloads from outside of android market.

Great on my Xoom' not rooted, not updated yet. 420p videos works well. 720p is choppy and laggy ..basically its a great to have but not what they promised us (HD Flash Experience). However maybe its an early release, let us wait and see

you not the only one who used it without updating... the benefits provided by flash 10.2 are not available unless you are on 3.01

People kill me they don't follow instructions and then wonder why things don't work correctly even if you update after you install this flash package you did it in the wrong order. Wipe everything old flash new flash cache the whole 9 and start from a blank slate then judge the results. Troubleshoot before you bash on something you did incorrectly

I have a stock Xoom and just received the Motorola update. I'm willing to install this Flash apk but before that, does anyone know if I can safely uninstall it like any other app?

My plan is to use this version until Friday when the official one is released and then do an uninstall/install new. Just in case it fixed a few bugs over the week.

yea it works, my flash downloads slightly faster and is smoother but the quality is far less than what i had with 10.1. cant wait for the real 10.2 to release.

the video works well on my MyTouchHD CM7RC2. However no sound.... will reboot and fix permission and report back.

Didn't fix the problem. Back down to 10.1 and it [the sound] works flawlessly.

I installed it on my Xoom and tried watching an episode of the Simpsons on The video played smoothly and the audio was working well also. When I tried the same test with on my Epic 4G it was an unwatchable slide show. So far it seems to be working well.

im new to android, just got a xoom. can someone tell me how this is installed? i dont see it in the market.