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Last week we talked about the leaked upcoming Verizon roadmap, and it looks like Phone Arena got some info that wasn't mentioned the first go around.  Let's rectify that right now :)

  • Look for an entry level Android from Moto called the Citrus sometime in September (possibly the qwerty device mentioned in the first roadmap leak?)
  • The Samsung Fascinate supposedly will show up in October (and if true, that's still at least a month too late!)
  • Also in October, look for the Moto XT610, an entry level device sized like the Droid X
  • Again in October -- the Motorola A957 ( or Sick, or Droid Pro)
  • November may bring a pair of Android powered eReaders, and a pair of tablets -- one each from Motorola (MZ600 perhaps?) and Samsung, either of which could be running Android
  • And last but not least, the HTC Merge supposedly runs Android, has a 10 MP camera on board, and arrives in November as well

Some of this will probably pan out, some may be pure speculation, but it's all fun to talk about.  We'll keep you up to date as we find out details.  [PhoneArena]


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Additions to the Verizon roadmap leak


People have said "I think they're releasing phones too fast for people to decide or to upgrade."

But, I wonder if Google's plan isn't a bit more ambitious. What if they're thinking of closer a phone for every PERSON instead of a phone for every demographic.

Seriously. Look at all the Android devices on the market. Look at all their price points. They're doing more then covering demographics, they're giving them SUBCHOICES too. That is a pretty large scale.

Now maybe its just me but it doesn't seem like Verizon is worried about getting the iPhone or at least making it a trophy like AT&T did. It looks like they are more interested in becoming THE carrier for Android. But I still hope they do pick it up so I can laugh when it looks like just another phone and its not blowing away Android like so many iFools think it will.

Why would they want the iphone, the thing is a piece of shit and Apple has to make up bullshit about other phones because they can't own up to their POS. I wouldn't buy an iPhone, screw that. I'm sticking with android. I dont see Apps as being a point to get an iphone, if I wanted to play portable games, Id buy a fucking PSP.

So what looks promising? The Merge, which I assume is a phone, and Pro look like the next big android phones to be released. Do we know if this is the HTC world phone? The Moto also goes by "Sick"? I'll be getting a new phone sometime after October, but would like something with a qwerty and to be more revolutionary than the Fascinate will be at that time. Not entirely sure what they mean by "entry level", a nice way of saying stripped and out dated, maybe?

People will still buy the iphone out of simple ignorance. You know how many people I see ruining around with android phone that don't know what they have. I had one friend with the original droid, all the apps on his phone I put on it for him. He had 23 update notifications and didnt know what they were. His phone had updated to froyo and he had no clue. He was mad because it was running like crap. I updated everything, cleared the cache and history, rebooted and the damn thing is as fast as my droid x! there are so many clueless ipeople out there. They are better off with the iphone. They are the kind of people that are better off with a collar and leash (iphone) than a sweet piece of engeneering and software genius that run the way u tell it to. Dont know.....

I can't believe they would wait till October for the Fascinate release. They would TOTALLY blow it if they do. Also, Samsung themselves has been Tweeting the Fascinate would be released "late summer" - which could mean as late as mid to late Spetember, but not October. So are we to believe Samsung doesn't know when it's gonna be released either?

I don't think it's Samsung's choice. Verizon is the one who will choose the release date.
Maybe because it's not a "DROID" they aren't releasing currently. especially since droid x and 2 came out. Just trying to increase sales this way.

I don't think it's Samsung's "choice" either. But you would think they would KNOW WHEN it's being released, even if it's not their choice. You would think, anyway .. :-/

And if they don't KNOW when it's being released, I don't know why they would Tweet about the release date and put it on Facebook as "Late Summer"

Hate to break it to you, but it's been blown. Verizon wants to keep selling (and making a huge margin) on the Droid Incredible and (amazingly) the Droid 1 that it had the kindness to keep around at a whopping $50 discount compared to it's successor. Verizon is (not suprisingly) in it for the money. The Fascinate is a great phone but it won't get them market share they are already grabbing with cheaper phones. Plain and simple, Verizon is happy to crap on customers in the name of profit. It used to be they just did it by releasing crippled phones and overpriced add-ons, and now they just don't release a phone at all if it stands to eat into their margin.

played with a captivate. touchwiz and no LED blinker are stopping me from considering the fascinate. what a shame.

LauncherPro (no root required, no $$$ required) will help rid you of any TouchWiz problems you may have, and an app called "noLED" gives you a blinking dot on your black screen to notify you of missed calls, misses sms's, e-mails, etc. Google it, and, problems solved, right? :) Now go buy a galaxy S phone!

Uhhh ... the Galaxy S phones have major GPS problems ... as in no workey.

You recommend a phone with a faulty GPS?

You obviously haven't kept up to date with the issue. It is already fixed (search xda), and Samsung themselves have addressed the issue as well, for those who want to go the official route of fixing the GPS (although you must wait until September for this route).

So, uh, yeah, I do recommend it. :)

Wish I had a dime for every person I heard say, "I'm saving my upgrade for the Verizon iPhone..." Get a Droid, better platform.

Is there ever an AT&T roadmap or tentative list of upcoming stuff?
Just wondering, as that's my carrier and all...just wondering if I should jump on the captivate or wait until September/November/October.