ACE ROM for the Epic 4G

Again and again we see Android modders and hackers take a good thing and make it better -- this time around it's the Sprint Epic 4G. We're not surprised by the amount of love the Samsung Galaxy S phones get from Android developers.  They have great hardware, but often the software leaves a bit to be desired, so they are just begging for the custom ROM treatment.  Android Central forums adviser Paul627g has done just that with the leaked, then official, then removed EB13 Froyo build for the Epic 4G.  With tricks like a deodexed system, bloat removed, and full ext4 compliance this one looks like a real treat, and the fellas seem to have fixed any random issues that were present in the official version.  And we're a sucker for the custom wallpapers by Android Central forums member scodoublet (check out some of his other wallpapers here.  They're fantastic.)

To top things off there's also a huge list of mods, tweaks, a kernel, and other add-ons to be used with the ACE ROM.  If you're rocking the Epic and have went down the path of root, you really need to have a look.  [Android Central forums] Thanks for the heads-up Casey!


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ACE ROM for the Sprint Epic 4G


I installed this ROM earlier tonight without incident. I've had lots of experience in modifying and tweaking my device, but this is the first time I've toyed with changing the ROM. Worked without a hitch. I'm loving the changes brought by this ROM.

Tried it, and to be honest, I'm still chugging along with Bonsai4All on the DK28 base and the Genocide kernel. Thanks for the heads up, Jerry!

OK, Don't shoot me, I'm a newbie to all this stuff... I've rooted and put the ACE ROM on my Epic. When I download APPS from the market, it downloads, Installs them, but I can not find them on my device. Can anyone help me understand this.. Remember a Newbie to this stuff, so be gentle.