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Motorola has just put up a new page that helps users easily find the software update status of any phone or tablet it sells. The new page is extremely user friendly, and walks users through finding their device and more information about it. You start with selecting your carrier, then a model and at that point you'll be presented with the update information and support links. Most recent devices will get a "This device will be upgraded to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)" notice, while the older devices are told they'll be kept on Gingerbread.

For those who are stuck on older versions, they'll often be notified that their devices qualify for Motorola's trade-in program, which gives a credit towards a new Motorola device. This is a great move by Motorola to help users understand -- in no uncertain terms -- which devices will get the updates going forward.

Source: Motorola Support


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Motorola publishes new software update support page


Looks like Motorola is prepared for a MAJOR change which might reflect what kind of 2013 they will be having. They definitely need all the help they can get great start thou.

Actually it seems like MOTOROLA is OBVIOUSLY up a brown muddy creek without a paddle if the new X phone is not a quad or octo core phone without at least 2gb ram on board. AND SERIOUSLY what is with the kevlar backing if the screen behind the gorilla glass cracks on the MAXX HD RAZR?

I love motorola, but please give us something to work with this time.

And by that I mean don't make me buy a new phone in order to get a software update. THIS IS B.S......

Making me log another 2 years with verizon because you are too lazy to do ics on the droid x2? HUH?

And at the same time making me choose from the AHEM fine product line you have at given time with verizon?

no thanks. PLEASE RELEASE A BETTER PHONE ....sooner the better.

Blame Verizon. Not Motorola. Oh, and what is the Maxx HD Razr? It also doesn't really seem like you love Motorola. Just saying.

I don't own the phone and am not tracking the spelling for you. Droid Razr Maxx HD ....there, are you happy?

And i've had nothing but motorola and verizon because verizon is the only carrier in my area that is not complete sh*t.

So, can't really call me a basher here. I just want a strong decent phone with an operating sytem I can use new apps and browsers on.

OR just update my GODDAM N droid x2 already tough guy!

You can install new browsers and apps on Gingerbread, "tough guy."

The RAZR HD, Galaxy S3, or DNA aren't strong phones? The RAZR line is Verizon's best selling device, even outselling the iPhone.


SWEETHEART i AM sorry I write EVERY other WORD in CAPS

Now, try installing CHROME browser on your GINGERBREAD.

Now, shut up.

Who is ridiculous now?

Me and YOU are. Ahahahahah... peace out cubbie scout.

Lets see. The Razr/Razr MAXX has already seen one major upgrade and will be getting a second one by the end of March.

Two major OS upgrades seems like a reasonable level of support for a mobile phone. After all, nearly everyone who really cares about being on the latest OS all the time will be wanting to upgrade every 20 months or less anyway.

I heard Motorola's screens are thinner than other manufacturers', making them more vulnerable to breaking.

This is an excellent response to the issues that many people had over the last couple years over updates to devices. As a Droid Bionic owner the ICS upgrade was a fiasco to say the least, this new setup is much nicer,I was considering moving to possible LG our Samsung butt I may stay with Moto for a while longer.

Nice to see Motorola probably with Google pushing a few button behind the scenes working on being more consumer friendly & forthcoming with information. Also as a Bionic owner I can attest the debacle getting to the ICS update but aside from that which is probably more Verizon fault I do love my phone and look forward to what the X-Phone might offer.

Too little too late. As soon as Droid 3 was relegated to Gingerbread I've washed my hands of Motorola and Verizon. Going to use my tax refund to pay my ETF and jump ship to prepaid.

Sorry still motofail in my book and just full of more bs after how Atrix owners have been treated. Until proven other wise I say boycott moto. They need to change a other before I say touch them. This goes double if you are not on Verizon.

Since I've been relegated to GB on my Photon, all options are on the table for me. I continue to receive emails touting the awesomeness of the Maxx, I'm on Sprint, Moto... I even get email's from Sprint telling me to load the new Google Mail app, which doesn't work on my GB Photon, b/c it requires ICS.

I still love my Photon, love the kickstand, FM Radio and its been a rock solid phone. So I have no complaints on the quality of the hardware, I do have issues with their software support obviously. Meanwhile, my wife's GS3 has recieved update after update.

When I finally can upgrade in October, I will be looking at all phones, all OS's equally, and I will only choose phones with proven upgrade history.

Moto will not be one of them.

All you guys who are supposedly leaving Motorola for the rest of your lives are forgetting one important fact: anything that came before the RAZR M, HD, and MAXX HD should not be counted towards Motorola's track record. Don't underestimate the importance of Google's control of Motorola. They want to make Motorola into an example of what an Android OEM should be, and by the looks of it, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it.

Disclaimer: the only Motorola products I own are a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. So you really can't call me a Moto fanboy, can you?

No accusations of a Moto fanboy from me, and I'm over being mad about it as well.

Google was in complete control of Moto when the decision was made of orphan previously promised upgrades to ICS. They held the big news conference about committing to upgrades, then announced the upgrades for our phones and then went silent and reversed their decision. Announcing it after hours on a Friday in other to mute the press coverage.

Moto has a lot of work to do to prove they deserve my $ again, are they blacklisted forever? Nope, but I have sent them to the penalty box for a yet undetermined amount time.

Its really a non-issue for me anyway, as a Sprint customer, Moto & Sprint seem to have parted ways. If I were a Verizon customer, yeah, Moto/Verizon have a better support history than Moto/Sprint do, so honestly, even if I wanted a Maxx HD, its not something available to me anyway.