HTC One M8 unlocked

Take the plunge and ride into Freedom Country by buying an unlocked phone direct from HTC

For now, the new hotness in the smartphone arena is the HTC One M8. So Aluminum, much camera, very screen, and it's getting a lot of attention — deservedly so.

But while you're out there, looking and lusting, there's something I want you to think about before you buy — telling the carriers to GTFO with their locked and branded versions and buying one directly from HTC. Yes, you can do that, and here are 10 reasons why I think you should.

Buy me unlocked

Before we start, I have to mention that none of this applies for Sprint and Verizon customers in the U.S. You will need a carrier-certified device, with a serial number that is valid in the carrier's computer system for activation. All the radio differences aside, Sprint and Verizon get to decide what phones you use on their networks, not you. That's not saying an unlocked and unbranded device won't work — see the Sprint Nexus 5 — but that they just won't allow it. We'll leave the discussion of how much that sucks for another day.

1. Value-added bloatware

If you buy your phone from AT&T or from T-Mobile or from Rogers or from any other carrier, it's going to have crap loaded on it that you will never use, and you never wanted to begin with. You can disable some of it, but you're still buying a phone with your money that someone else decided to install garbage on. I'll decide what garbage gets installed on my phone, thank you very much.

2. Updates

HTC has been fairly transparent about the update process for the past six months. One of the things we are all able to see is that carriers hold back updates for your phone so they can test and make sure their crapware works. Sometimes, for just a few weeks. Sometimes — hello T-Mobile Galaxy S4 — it takes much, much longer.

3. Carrier locks

Even if you pay full price for an HTC One M8 from T-Mobile, you have to wait 40 days to get it unlocked for use on another network (or for use overseas), according to their rules. You can probably find someone willing to unlock it early for you, but they don't have to. Other carriers have even worse official policies, and when it comes down to it they don't have to unlock your phone unless you're a current customer in good standing. Resist the urge to buy outright from the carrier store and wait the few days it takes to get one shipped, and they're already starting to hit customers' hands.

4. Bootloaders

HTC One M8 bootloader

Granted, most people won't care much about this, but we all should — even if we never want to unlock our bootloaders. Phones are not cheap, and once you pay all that money you should own your hardware. That means it should be your bootloader to unlock so you can break things, not AT&T's.

5. External branding

Some people out there care about how their expensive new phone looks — especially with a phone like the HTC One M8. Buying one unlocked means never having to see the carrier logo stenciled, anywhere. Little things mean a lot.

6. That vacation to Rome

Your North American HTC One M8 would probably work well enough in Rome while you're there on vacation — you shouldn't be looking at your phone much anyway then. But look at the carrier locks section above. It's not really up to you when you buy a locked and branded phone. The option you're given may turn out to be very, very expensive.

7. Features

Remember how one big and red carrier we won't name took features out of the Galaxy S4? Or another equally silly carrier stopped sideloading for about two years? Yeah, that's not going to happen when you buy an unlocked phone. You'll get everything you were showed at the unveiling event, with no little surprises.

8. Prepaid plans

You see us talk about them a lot, and maybe you want to try one of the unlimited talk and xxxGB of data plans for $40 yourself. See the Carrier locks section above about that. Having to say "pretty please" after you've plunked down a handful of money is no bueno. Prepaid service has come a long way, and it really is worth looking at. Make sure you can look at it by buying an unlocked HTC One M8.

9. Get the software updates you're supposed to get

HTC One M8 update

If HTC decides your M8 can run the next version of Android very well — and they are committed to doing just that — do you want your carrier having any say in the matter? HTC builds phones and writes software. Your carrier sells the products that make them the most money. Think about it for a minute — AT&T would rather sell you a new iPhone than make your current phone even better. Don't give them that chance.

10. The whole subsidy model sucks

Only in North America does buying a new phone mean sticking with a carrier you may not like for two years. They lure us with cheap and free phones, then sneak behind you and thrust in the fangs while you're dazzled by the prices. This needs to stop, and you can do your part by not buying into it. Find a friend from Europe and ask him or her what a competitive cellular carrier market is like.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should at least consider buying your M8 direct from HTC. This is just a list of the 10 I think are most important. Feel free to fill the comments with your reasons — and reasons why you think it's not a good idea — so we can discuss and maybe learn a little bit together.


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10 reasons why you should buy your HTC One M8 unlocked and direct from HTC


Verizon deleted Samsung Optical Reader app, Samsung Apps (store), and ChatON -- they also buried Blocking Mode so deep that it you might have well considered it removed.

The Blocking Mode is actually useful. I would have been pissed had that been buried on my old S4. As it was Samsung and AT&T both pissed me off enough to ditch the phone for an unlocked Moto X, anyway.

Blocking mode is right on the first page of settings in my SG3 when i finally got the 4.3 update. Very easy to access.

I'd like to know why Verizon is blocking the FM radio in the HTC One, on every other carrier you can just turn it on for your local radio stations and Verizon blocked it. All the hardware for it is still in the device.

I'm going to tell Verizon Wirelss to GTFO!

I'm buying the HTC One M8 from HTC directly and activating it on Verizon Wireless.

"sense" my sarcasm here? Verizon?

You want a HTC One on VZW? Well then you're going to get a VZW version. Buying it at retail lets you retain an unlimited plan if you have one, but it's still a VZW molested version.

Why do you stay on Verizon Wireless, they may have good coverage but sre terrible to their customers and give them zero freedoms in hardware choice. Leave them and don't reinforce their bad behavior

Posted via Android Central App

Amen!! I just left them finally and a proud owner of a Nexus 5. A device I could never own on VZW. Curious about this phone though. Had the One before and liked it. Not as much as Nexus though.

Because I have unlimited Data still on their network, and I use between 6 and 10 gb a month with tethering. Place shifting my TV at home to watch local sports teams when I'm not home is the reason. I'd pay more with any other network. The day they completely force me off my unlimited is the day I leave. Then it will be unlocked GSM phones only.

Because coverage may be more important than the type of phone. I'm on Verizon and I have unlimited data still, because I buy my phone outright. I paid full price for my Note 2, and I don't regret it because when I need to use my phone I know that the network will work. Until T-Mobile improves in my area I'll stick with Verizon.
"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

...principally because it's a phone, and if I can't connect then I may as well carry around a brick. Was on AT&T (and its predecessors) for more than a decade. There are AT&T dead zones in my area that are so well known they have historical society markers. Will never go back.

Isn't the point of a smartphone that it actually works to make calls and access the internet when you're away from home? I've been on Verizon for 10 years now and have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. The hardware choice and slow updates are frustrating, but not enough to warrant trading it for lesser coverage and slower speeds.

I guess it depends on how good the carrier coverage is in your specific area, but I don't think many will argue that Verizon has the best overall coverage.

I swore never to buy another carrier branded phone years back for these exact reasons. If you're in the UK I'd recommend going to carphone warehouse or phones4u as they sell unbranded handsets with contracts.

Posted via Android Central App

Those are often quite expensive for off contract phones because they really want you to sign up for a contract which is how they make their money with big commissions, not just today but in years you renew.
Try Clove or Handtec, or even Amazon for better pricing.

The issue I am having is that, even though I want the developer version, it doesn't have all the T-Mobile bands. Big fail by HTC that means I need to buy it from T-Mobile to get the right frequencies :-(

Not a good idea with T-Mobile, all the bands are recommended especially in some areas.

Posted via Android Central App

Can you explain where/how one would be impacted by the lack of that one radio (I think it is missing the band IV UMTS - 1700/AWS). I live in San Diego and not sure how to pinpoint what the negative effect would be. Otherwise the T-mobile version is less expensive, can be paid monthly and can also be unlocked (after 40 days and paying the remainder $)...?!

I agree. It would be nice but on T-Mobile that band is required to get full use of the spectrum. Crazy that Tmo needs its own special hardware/firmware build. Why can't we all just get along... With that said - can a radio flash fix this issue? Or is it a different radio on board?

It's a hardware thing, not something that'll be overcome by flashing a radio. And don't listen to the guy who says you can live without that one band. Of course you will live. But your data speeds on your expensive new phone, in many places, will be absolutely terrible without that band (and you'll be unhappy with it).

It's not just the HTC One that has this issue. I sent my Nexus 4 through the "super wash" cycle of my washing machine by leaving it in a pocket (whoops). I was looking at my replacement options (on prepaid plan, T-Mobile). I was thinking about the Dev edition of the Moto X. And it also lacks the right combination of bands for complete/best usage with T-Mobile, just like the HTC one.

So then it came down to the "unlocked" version, not the Dev edition, if I wanted a Moto X.

FWIW, I went with the Nexus 5.

If I really wanted this exact hardware (HTC one), I would get the unlocked version. I would give it a real good test for a bit (make sure none of the hardware components are defective) and then void that warranty and unlock the bootloader. Then I'd have a "developer" edition that fully worked on T-Mobile.

It's always been my experience with electronics, if something is defective, it will usually fail very early in the warranty period (usually right out of the box, or first week or two). If it performs without any problems in that period, you aren't ever going to be making any warranty claims. I used to work with consumer electronics, and almost all warranty issues for our customers were discovered "right out of the box". The few that weren't discovered right out of the box, they happened in the first week.

But, that's what I would do. You do whatever you think.

Um...the MotoX dev version is the *exact* same internals as the unlocked T-Mobile version. Hate to break it to you. They even have the same model numbers and software builds.

I am also trying to decide between HTC One M8 Dev Edition or the T-mobile version. Not sure what the exact impact of the missing AWS radio is... but wouldn't then the T-mobile version be better - it is $50 less, can be paid monthly over 2 years, and can still be unlocked (after 40 days, if paying off the rest of the $)... what am I missing?

My same exact dilemma!! I seriously want the Dev Edition but with it missing the semi important T-Mobile band im forced to wait until the 11th to pick one up... Tho my market is about 50% reframed on 1900 so...

Where do you find the info/map about the "reframed" area? If I do not have the AWS radio (missing in the HTC One Dev Edition) will I be affected in San Diego? Thanks!

The US is not the only country in North America but carriers in Canada copies the US model. Unfortunately, HTC didn't extend selling carrier-free devices to Canadians. Only Apple, BlackBerry, Google and Sony do that up here. Hopefully HTC will follow suit soon.

Like everything else about T-mobile, it depends on your location. About 40% of the places are fine. You're looking for spots that have repurposed the 1900Mhz spectrum, which T-Mo says should be everywhere "soon."

My opinion is that it's gonna take a few years, and I say that as a mostly satisfied long-term T-Mobile customer.

ONly reason i am buying a branded tmo one (other than 100% network compatibility) is 0% financing. why fork over $650 now when i can do it $28 a month at a time and have no interest. OPM.

Isn't there a website that shows which areas have been repurposed? I can't remember the name.
Posted via Android Central App

I was unaware of the issues with certain bands. Is that just a thing with the Developer model or the dev model and Unlocked model alike?

Posted via Android Central App

"Looking for spots that have repurposed 1900 Mhz" - are these spots that will *work* or *not* if the phone is missing the AWS radio?

Jerry, can you clarify - the spots with the repurposed 1900Mhz spectrum will *work* or *not* for phones missing the AWS radio?

The Google Play Edition covers all Tmobile bands, that's what Im ordering.

Posted via Android Central App

For complete understanding can someone explain - The "T-Mobile bands" is that 700mhz old VZW bands for upcoming AWS plus 1700/1900/2100? And then 1700 Band 4? Poeple always refer to the Bands and not exactly sure what that means. And for the Google Play edition - confirmed to have these "T-Mobile Bands"? THANKS!

Number two is about Android updates.

Number 9 is about all those little security updates to existing code that carriers never like to send out. My Galaxy S II is still waiting on a couple.

Edit: swapped those numbers. Been a long week :P

Math fail, it would be 3

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Ah... I was going 3 & 6

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I have the Verizon model and am very pleased that both ISIS Wallet and Google Wallet work perfectly on my device right out of the box, I have been waiting years to see this. Shame, it appears that they did remove the FM radio on it though.

So Google wallet does work?? I've been wondering that! That's such a relief. Although I'd have to assume it also works with unlocked models, since I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere yet.

Posted via Android Central App

Jerry.. to be honest. a lot of times I don't agree with you.
This time Sir, Every One of your 10 Reasons were Spot Fricken On.
Anyone reading this and STILL running to a carrier branded phone really are Sheep for the Slaughter.

Exactly, cuz if you don't do what the internet tells you then you're a sheep. No one is allowed to decide if these 10 reasons are important to them, everyone must read them and follow them...or else you are a sheep.

Now you Finally understand.
As long as the price is approx. the same.. you go Un-Branded.. & Un-Locked.
If ADB Sideloads.. TWRP... Rooting and Build.Prop editing scares you.. Then by all means.. "Be The Sheep"

I'm determined to convince myself that this post and your post above are both sarcasm.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "Blessed" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Asus ROG"

Any time I see a comment with the word "sheep," I tune out completely. If it's genuine, it's too stupid to take seriously, and if it's sarcasm, it's a cheap, tired joke that wasn't funny the last hundred times I saw it.

The only thing that scares me is the possibility that one day I might end up thinking just like you do...smdh

That honestly depends on several factors:

1) Depending on the phone, the cost for an unlocked version can be several hundred dollars more. And, often, that money has to be paid upfront, as many OEMs don't offer device financing.

2) Convenience. It's way more convenient to walk in to your local carrier store and buy a phone than order unlocked and have to wait for it to be shipped, running the risk of your phone being late, stolen, etc.

3) Some devices don't have unlocked counterparts (many of the popular devices do now, though) and are only sold by one specific carrier. Or, in the case of the One (2013/14), the unlocked model doesn't support all of T-Mobile's bands.

And, I'm sure, there are many more factors that I haven't mentioned that apply that may pertain to specific individuals in certain situations.

Making a blanket statement like you did does no one justice, not even yourself.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "Blessed" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Asus ROG"

Agreed on your first point. You definitely save money long-term buying a phone at cost and going with a pre-paid carrier, but you can say the same about buying a car with cash instead of getting a loan. Not everyone can afford the upfront cost.

Bingo. Although it has been my experience that if you can't afford to front something like the M8, you probably shouldn't be getting one on contract either. Get a Moto G, X or Nexus 5 and go carrier unlocked. Win/Win.

I was under the impression developer phones straight from the company cant be activated on Verizon due to them being CMDA. I thought developers editions are GSM. This wrong?

Posted via Android Central App

No its right. Second paragraph says this doesn't apply to CDMA carriers. Great article, Jerry. Oh BTW, leaving out the 1700mhz band for TMo is a big fat fail for me. Kept me from buying the One and it will keep me from buying an M8. Unless you never leave the big city, you need 1700 for HSPA+

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly, most of my area used is hspa+, I need that band. Plus, my boy at tmobile hooks me up with a huge discount. Glad I'm a sheep.

Posted via Android Central App

It's the AT&T SKU. There's nothing "left out." It's just a different phone. (Not that that makes it any better for you guys, but you know what I mean.)

Unlocked HTC One(s) have Sense.
Developer HTC One(s) do not have Sense.

The are not the same.

Developer editions of the HTC One are senseless.

Posted via Android Central App

Of course you are dumbo

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Unlocked = Sense UI + Sim Unlocked (can be used on any GSM carrier)
Developer = Sense UI + Sim Unlocked + Unlocked Bootloader
Google Play = Stock Android

"Only in North America does buying a new phone mean sticking with a carrier you may not like for two years"

In Spain is exactly the same. Not only that, subsidies are going away and you still get locked for 2 years paying for the full price of the phone and sometimes even more. I know, plain stupid and theft, but for all the people that just go into the store without researching, it's their reality.

PS: I thought the phone market in the USA was much better. At least the prices seem much cheaper since the €/$ conversion rate plays in our favor (manufacturers convert 1$ to 1€, so a $600 phone becomes a $825 phone here).

This always great news. I wish more manufacturers offered unlocked bootloaders. HTC has been awesome like this. I really hope the new ONE will do well for them. I am on HT and have a Galaxy Note 3 which I love and works perfect for my needs but I came from an HTC One and absolutely loved it. I have nothing but good things to say about HTC

So I'm going to put this into the context of my recent experience. I have a sprint note 2, in December the charging port quit working. They changed it at the store free of charge on warranty. In February it happened again.

Let's say I buy my M8 (which I may be getting one very soon) from HTC. Let's say it works fine for a year but then the charge port quits working. Who covers that getting fixed? I'm guessing I do because I don't think HTC has service centers. So after a few months or a year I've got a $600 brick that I now have to pay more for to have fixed.

I realize that I pay extra each month for insurance that may equate to the cost. But then there's the hassle of getting it fixed vs going to a repair center of my carrier and them fixing it or replacing my phone in a couple hours and me on my way.

Not saying unlocked isn't a good idea, but I've yet to have a phone last more than a year without something going wrong with it. And yes I take very good care of my hardware, it costs to much to replace.

Posted via Android Central App

Well my wife's HTC one had the purple tint in the camera so I contacted HTC and they sent me the info on where to send it for repair free of charge I mailed it out to somewhere in Montreal Canada and within 10 days received the repaired phone in perfect condition I'm not sure if its an HTC repair center but they may have hired a 3rd party to repair phones.

Posted via Android Central App

I used Sprint for several years (loved my OG and LTE Evo) and last Spring switched to a Nexus 4 on Straight Talk. My 2 device bill went from ~$200 final cost to $100 final cost (insurance included w/ Sprint). One phone was dropped (Nexus) and the screen was cracked, local shop fixed it for $100. No repairs were done on my Sprint phones. So here's the dollars and cents of my particular situation:

Sprint- $100/phone (reduced bc I'm counting 1/2 of contract term) + $200 service/month for 12 months= $2600 (2 year cost would be $5200)
ST- $350/phone + $100 service/month + $100 repairs= $2000 (2 year cost would be $3300)

Buying the M8 outright will still cost less than one year of Sprint, coming in at $2500, and becoming an even better deal after that. Also, the market for used GSM phones is far greater than that of a Sprint phone.

It's not for all, but prepaid can be an insanely better option.

My old HTC Nexus One (still one of the best phones I've ever bought and owned) had my beloved track ball (ah the beautiful multi colored notifications in that ball) quit working. I was well out of the 1 year warranty window having bought it from Google. I contacted them, sent it in to an HTC repair center, and it came back repaired free of charge with prepaid shipping label, so no cost to me may I add. All took around 10 days. HTC has great customer service. They didn't even care that it was rooted and boot loader unlocked.

Most important reason for me is the math behind the pricing and the monthly fees on a subsidized plan. Buy a subsidized phone and you are required to pay $60 minimum per month to cover the subsidy, yet the carrier is not currently offering any plans at $60 so it has to be a $70 plan.

Or get a customer retentions plan or a pay as you go plan for much less, and buy your phone outright. The difference between that $70 over two years and a $35 over two years comes out to be much more than the cost of the phone outright for $700.

My Moto X was $666 with tax at launch on Rogers, and the difference between my current $32 plan and the new offered $70 plan + $130 for the subsidized price ≈ $1000. Thank you very much I'll stick with my cheap plan and save almost $400 over 2 years.

While I love unlocked phones, I decided to get an Carrier Branded ATT M8, reason mainly was that it was the one that was most easily available to me day 1, got it shipped to me the next day. I have no issues with the ATT M8 as it was easily BL unlocked via HTC Dev, for 19 bux I got it sim unlocked via cellunlocker. The minute i got it, unlocked the bl slapped TWRP and ARHD on it, carrier sofware/bloatware problem solved. Also I got that missing extreme power mode feature that was missing on US models that shipped. Since its based on the WWE/International software....note the ATT hardware and international dev unit seem to be identical save for the radio bands. All in all can't complain.

There are no problem with updates for me since I'm always running custom ROMs... And international variant ROMs are compatible with Att m8 without modification.

I bought my Nexus 5 directly from Google. I'm still waiting for an update to enable Sprint Spark while other subsidized Sprint phones have already received their's. Sometimes subsidized pays off.

My carrier branded Australian phone has one bloat app, no extreme power saving mode but the bootloader is unlockable, ready for the GPe rom when it's available

Posted via my HTC M8

Incorrect. It gets LTE without problem. The only thing it is missing is the AWS 1700 hspa band but if you are in refarmed T-Mobile market then you get hspa on 1900, so you are covered.

Posted via Android Central App

I've got an unlocked sgs4 and it gets regular hspa and LTE great. Just not the refarmed 1900 hspa+. Not on my area yet anyways.

3rd Paragraph:

"Before we start, I have to mention that none of this applies for Sprint and Verizon customers in the U.S. You will need a carrier-certified device,"

Some of you people have a viewpoint about as wide as a race horse with blinders on. If I were to leave VZ the thing I'd be free from is the need to answer my phone, since VZ is the only cell provider offering coverage in half the areas I travel to including my in laws house, one of my largest business areas and my vacation property.

Open your eyes, the world is bigger than the city you live in.

But but but.... You'll have the latest and most shiniest phone at this very moment!!! Until the next OEM releases a phone and then everyone will be like AH I have to buy that one now, anyone want to buy my pos one m8 lulz... Yeah.

My Nexus 5 works fine on Sprint. I have a 32gb unlocked one too. Just needed the right Sim card. I used an HTC One Sim card and that worked the magic.

Nexus 5...enough said

Obvious article is obvious.

Most of the points above apply to all carrier models but I guess it is a good recap. #2 had me laughing pretty hard. HTC has been a bit transparent about updates, to their own dismay. The say a date and then miss it on a pretty regular basis.

They don't miss it they give it the carriers on time and the carriers miss it. Learn the difference.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah they were late by two weeks. What non Google company had KitKat before them? Oh that's right none.

Posted via Android Central App

Oh wait Samsung did it at the same time

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

NoNsense being shady with his untruth, as usual.

Also bitter because his Samsung Note 3 got the unannounced keep you guessing as to availability Kitkat update mid March.

Oh wait, WiFi calling was announced a month or two ago... So yeah not quite unannounced

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Didn't took you long...
Just wait a few more days and they you'll get all wet at the s5 coverage..
Repeat after me: " do not TROLL on HTC.." do not TROLL on HTC..
And pause.
And again.."samsung only wants my money" ...
Do this twice a day..

But he has a point why bother commenting on an HTC thread if your going to just bash them every time. As for the kitkat update they did hit there targets in the rest of the world and only missed by a few weeks in the states. My wife received kitkat on her HTC one on Rogers on Jan 30th right on schedule.

Posted via Android Central App

Name me a phone that doesn't have flaws. I am an equal opportunity hater, especially when articles / comments go the other way.

I bash my beloved Note because of the speaker and a few other things whenever the need arises, and wouldn't trade it for anything

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

You troll the boards and get called a troll. It seems to be pretty straight-forward cause and effect.

Except it isn't a troll, it is a fair and honest assessment of what happened

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Why do any people troll articles or forums involving devices that they have no interest in purchasing?

If we're going to attack NoNexus, then we should be attacking the other people that blindly post nonsense, too, right?

Posted via my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "Blessed" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Asus ROG"

How was I attacking him I was merely pointing out that he says HTC missed there update promise but out of all the carriers only a couple carriers in the states missed there mark definitely an improvement over previous years . Nonexus knows his phones but it just seems he has more of a chip on his shoulder when it comes to HTC and he seems to make negative comments about them .

Posted via Android Central App

Sorry, I wasn't accusing you specifically of attacking him. If you're offended, I apologize, brother. It just seems like some people (they know who they are) report his posts because they don't like his opinion, even though those same people spread filth and lies about other manufacturers.

HTC did a great job of not only getting their updates out in a timely manner, but they also kept their customers in the know when an update wouldn't make a deadline.

+1 HTC did a great job of saying that they were behind and it wouldn't be long

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Sorry but all the carriers in the states missed the HTC deadline, and it was not the carrier this time.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

All the US carriers did NOT miss HTC's original deadline, NoNsense.

You consistently have a deceitful way of expressing yourself. That's why you elicit the responses like those above. And when you're called on it you shmarm you way back with half assed duplicitous remarks such as "it's OK but everything has faults".

Is that a definition of a troll?

We're on to you NoNsense.

Your credibility is shot.

See link dumbo..

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Blah blah blah blah blah... Srsly guys I'm tired of seeing this childish bs in the comments. If you don't like the guy then ignore him. You srsly think he is sitting there at his computer shaking now that you've "called him out" that he is "deceitful and duplicitous"... Just makes you look dumb honestly. And that's MY opinion that I'm free too just like NoNexus.


You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Who cares? Bezels don't matter. Also no bezel no front facing speakers or dot view case.

Posted via Android Central App

I care. Lol

They could have engineered that bottom speaker to not have the huge HTC bar above it. Then it would be alright. Also,that dot cover is hideous and I know I'm not the only one to think so. Samsung and LG have the right idea again only IMHO.

I do like HTC products BTW just don't like what they did with this one. Last year it was the goofy ass buttons, and now this stuff. Oh well. Maybe next year.

HERE HERE! I didn't believe I was the only one who thought that bezel was a ridiculous step backwards. Its awful. Just awful. I don't CARE that there's a speaker down there. How many of One M8 owners are going to sit their phones out and play music on those speakers all the time? Oh sure there might be a small percentage who work an office job that will do so or those who are in awe of the new and 25% improved speakers and will do it for a couple days. But it looks srsly awful and having the terrible OCD/perfectionist thing I wouldn't be able to use it. Hats off to those who will ignore it just to have the slightly upgraded phone. I couldn't.

If I had the money to spare to buy this outright, I would. But since I do not, I can circumvent every single problem here by rooting as I always do with every Android phone I get.

Great Article, +Jerry Hildenbrand. I'm looking forward to going this route. One point of confusion on this topic is that HTC offers a Developer, and an Unlocked Version. It looks to me that the two are almost identical, both with Unlocked Sims, but that the Developer version also has an Unlocked Bootloader. Am I correct with that? It's too bad that they use the same "Unlocked" description when referring to either function.

Assuming there is no restriction on the Developer Version product warranty because of the unlocked bootloader, that looks like the right choice for me. At this point, my phone preference would be for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but I can't find any evidence that Samsung will also offer a Developer version of that phone that could be used on AT&T. If not, I will opt for the M8.

The Developer Edition of the HTC One does not have Sense and integrated photo editing features.

Of course you are, wrong as usual

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

FREEDOM!.... **INCOMING** "But I have Unlimited On Verizon** Folks....And if you do you better stay there. Being GSM and free is a great feeling though

Until they change their policy and remove your unlimited. It'll happen. I guarantee it will eventually. They don't give a flip about their customers.

And when they do then the value proposition for staying with Verizon is reduced and people may go to unlocked. Frankly I don't know how people get these fantastic phones with large screens and LTE and don't go over 2GB/month. Who needs that stress?

I like Freedom Country. But Freedom Country doesn't have LTE where I live. So Verizon is my only option. Gotta do what you gotta do.

I just ordered an M8 developer edition for $649 no tax plus free shipping. Was on the fence to get it from AT&T but didn't want the usual extra carrier baggage on my new device that's listed on this article. I made the right choice :)

What's the difference between Dev Ed and unlocked versions? Any reason to buy one or the other?

Developer edition is SIM unlocked plus the boot loader is also unlocked if you want to root it right away or install custom ROM's. For the same money I got the developer edition.

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A big thing for an AT&T customer is on and off contract pricing on mobile share. If you have a plan over 10GB then the off contract price of the plan over two years is $600 less than being in contract. Easily worth it if you can afford the initial investment

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On paper, it's a great plan; however, contracts deal with financial liquidity. Say I wish to purchase phone for my family. Buying 4 new smartphone equates to 600x4= $2400. As much as I love cellular technology, it isn't cheap, especially when going off contract. I'd rather pay $800 on contract for the same phones. Most people simply can't afford flagship phones that are unsubsidized. Spending so much more money isn't necessarily justified.

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Kids don't need it, some days the wife can be debatable. :-)

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Word. I'm the only one on my family plan that gets the flagship phones. My wife is happy with her Moto X. My father-in-law has a flip phone. And my mother-in-law has an iPhone 4 or 4S. I'm rocking a G2 coming from a Note 3. And I want either the Sony Z2, G3(?), or M8. I'm the one that needs to save money and sell my old phone in order to get the flagships.

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Why would you want another phone when your rocking a G2? If you want to throw your money away ..... throw it my way! LOL You wife is smarter than you ..... the Moto X is killer!

It's actually more expensive long term to get a subsidized phone. Pay as you go or retention plans come out to less over two years than the way more expensive monthly plans that cover the subsidy. You gotta do the math.

Not yet, but there are quite a few retailers (in the UK at least) that carry unlocked versions. You'd be looking at around £520-£550 for the 16GB version (or £470 for SIM-unlocked, but Three branded M8).

there isn't "much camera" on the HTC

Posted on my Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) or Gateway ID49C

I'm still wondering why anyone would buy the actual GPE. It costs $50 more plus tax. So you're looking at about $100 more than purchasing the Dev Edition from HTC. And in probably a month you'll be able to convert the Dev Edition to a GPE quite easily (developers are already working on it). And I think you should at least try Sense before automatically going to stock.

It's a bizarre choice to have set the price of the GPE device higher than the unlocked sense version.

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You still get crapware from the phone manufactures as well. HTC, Samsung, etc load a bunch of crap on there

True but added crap like VZ navigator isn't added by HTC.

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Yeah but you get Samsung hub and blinkfeed

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Why? I messed with one yesterday and compared it to the M8 sitting beside it and the S5 seemed very "meh." I actually preferred the looks of the S4 that was sitting nearby.

To each their own. I have the sgs4 and love it. But I'd really love to have the latest sony z phone. Its beautiful.

I asked this in the forums but it hasn't gotten anywhere. Has anything been mentioned about buying the unlocked m8 from bestbuy? There is an ad for the s5. I'd like to purchase an unlocked version from bestbuy because unfortunately I'd had to make use of their geek squad protection and I like knowing my hardware purchase is covered.

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I agree with Jerry 100%. Just got mine today and walked right into a T-Mobile store and got a SIM for my prepaid account. Now that's what I call freedom. The money I spent is worth it alone just to not be beholden to a carrier. This is my first non Nexus device in a long time. Thanks Google for freeing me from the mentality that has kept me on contracts for all these years. Once you go unlocked you never go back.
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It's a risk to buy unlocked phones from the manufacturer ... The warranties and tech help are not as good as best buy or just going to the store.

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Not a fan of Best Buy's geek squad protection. $200 for two years protection and then another $150 if you have to use it. In my opinion it is better to just sell the broken device on open market and replace or upgrade

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I'm not sure what plan you had but I had a plan that was only 9.99 per month and had NO deductible. So one month in if I shatter my phone they replace it. Which actually did happen. You shouldn't be paying another 150 just to use it that doesn't make any sense at all. That sounds like carrier insurance good sir. Which is a flipping joke.

Best buy.. Customer service. Really you couldn't come up with anything better.

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At my local store I've always had GREAT service. Last time I upgraded I turned in my old phones, got the two 50 dollar gift cards for upgrading with them again, got free phones with new contract, and walked out of there with THEM owing me $200+ which I got on a gift card and helped me buy a tablet. Not so bad right?

And before anyone says anything, no I wouldn't have gotten more for my old phones by selling them myself. They were old HTC inspire 4g awful pieces of crap that were falling apart.

+10000 Jerry. And I wish Sprint and Verizon would be punished more, in some way, trying to take away all consumer freedom and choice. It is just anti-competitive and wrong.

I am looking at the Nexus 5 as "things really done the right way"

I was gonna laugh at you but thought twice. Your kinda right. If tmo had the coverage for me that sprint does, I would switch

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Yeah, after 15 YEARS with Sprint, I FINALLY switched the T-Mobile and have generally been very happy... especially with the speed, reliability, and lack of serious network issues I had on Sprint. Plus I saved a little money too. But the voice/2G coverage is considerably less. Does make me nervous about travel. I just don't travel much, though.

Really, I do think carrier contracts and phone locking and denying certain models is just wrong. Consumers should be able to buy any phone we want and use it on any carrier we want, without interference from the carrier. Carriers should sell only what they actually provide- phone/data wireless service.

I've been using T-Mobile .... it's been a 100% great choice. I think that T-Mobile is taking the others to the "wood shed"! It's amazing ... the other carriers are trying so hard to buy them .... almost like they are trying to get rid of them for offering service that is far more reasonable. I feel fortunate that I get great T-mobile coverage. T-mobile is a breath of fresh air ........ I just got tired of verizon bending me over!

10 reasons why you shouldn't buy your HTC One....

1. Sealed/embedded battery
2. Sealed/embedded battery
3. Sealed/embedded battery
4. Sealed/embedded battery
5. Sealed/embedded battery
6. Sealed/embedded battery
7. Sealed/embedded battery
8. Sealed/embedded battery
9. Sealed/embedded battery
10. Sealed/embedded battery

Sent from my Note 2 with a user-replaceable battery (that I just swapped out at 20% after a full days use and am now back out and about for the rest of the night with a 100% charge!). :P /haha Had to be that guy! Yes I did! :D

That is the most inspiring thing I've ever read. Hail Samsung.

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100% agree. If it were a $350 phone ...well possibly. Just replaced my battery in my S3 ....... after two years. An immediate difference in battery life. For instance ...... (not that I'll buy one) the S5 has been tested and has been found to have one of the best battery life statistics on any phone. Guess what ..... it's removable and easily changed. Another reason ..... $600.00+ for the M8 and planned obsolescence. Less than $20.00 for a new battery for the S3. Yes .... I'm that guy too! The sad thing about it all ....... without a single reason ...... there are many that defend the non-removable battery!!!!

Most phones have enough battery to last long enough now. I used to be in the removable battery camp, but with the increasing capacity and smaller sizes of Juice packs....I find the extra battery unnecessary. I have yet to have a smartphone battery NOT last at least 2 years. I'm always carrying an ipod/pad for the kids, my nexus, and a wife who forgets to charge her a high capacity juice pack with multiple charging capabilities is more valuable. I do use an S4, and I've never removed the battery in the last year.

I somewhat understand what your saying .....but a removable battery is an option. You've been fortunate. Batteries that lose efficiency and go bad ...... is not uncommon. For me ... carrying a juice pack is more problem than popping in a new battery which takes ...30 seconds. But ... to each his own. Not to mention the ability to have a decent extended battery is another reason for the removable battery option. Why would anybody not want the option to not have these features? Your defending choice but it doesn't hold up ...... IMO.

I half agree with you. But I'd rather have a lithium polymer battery that filled every crook and cranny of my Samsung so it would have over 3000!!!!! MAh of power instead of only 2600. Like the LG G2.

Most of those I agree with except the last one. We're already a few decades into knowing our carriers as a society. Most people know what carriers are good, bad and their only choice. Switching carriers is a thing of the past. If you don't know which carrier is the best for you by now you never will. Until I move I will be with ATT as it's the strongest signal carrier when I'm in my home. THere will be no flip flopping. And I assume most other people are by now settled into the carrier they prefer. I actually love the carrier model as I get sweet phones for a quarter the price and since I have no intention of leaving ATT why wouldn't I? IMHO

I can't live without wifi calling on T-Mobile. My hospital doesn't get much signal with T-Mobile or AT&T. When I was on Verizon I was fine. But the reason I chose T-Mo is for the wifi calling. I can still call and text people even without a signal. So I'll be going branded until T-Mobile can get some decent building penetrating spectrum.

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Tmo wifi calling is important to me too. The lack of full LTE bands for tmobile is not great but I just got back on the m7 from my nexus 4 and had forgot all about wifi calling. Now my phone works in the building at work.
Now that I remember how useful it is, I can't go back. Lol...

Plus will root the new One and unlock stuff anyway.

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Jerry, while your reasons all make sense they are not economically sound if you are intending to be with a carrier long term. You are giving up $400 worth of subsidies as long as the competition remains as it is. On the day that TMo or ATT have equivalent coverage in my home market AND all the places that I travel I will have a true competitive choice. That does not currently exist so I will be a Verizon customer until it changes. Since my wife has no interest in a smartphone of any kind I have the option of upgrading every year and have done so for the last 3 years. This year looks very uninteresting so far in terms of revolutionary upgrades (my last 3 phones with the Droid Incredible 2, S3 and G2. In each case there was a revolutionary upgrade in every respect (single core, 1 GB ram, 2GB on board, micro SD expansion, 8MP camera -> dual core, 2 GB RAM, 720P Screen with LTE, improved 8 MP camera -> Quad Core, 2 GB Ram, 32 GB storage, 1080P screen, 13 GB camera with OIS and best battery life in its class). NOTHING announced this year so far comes close to revolutionary upgrade and in most cases is at best an evolutionary (maybe). I have owned 2 Nexuses and have yet to unlock the bootloader or flash a custom ROM (and for those that may snicker and say I don't have the expertise I was tearing apart computers and building them from scratch when most of you were teenagers or not even born). While I'm not a big fan of Bloatware I accept that as a cost of doing business and part of the subsidies I accept from the carrier. Also, my current plan is a rather unique grandfathered plan from Verizon that gives me 700 anytime minutes, unlimited weekend minutes, texts @ .15/min (Google Voice is a wonderful thing and my wife hates text messages so they are blocked on her phone), unlimited data for my smartphone for $24/month (after discount) and an overall cost of $82/month (fees, taxes, etc included). I also get an additional 5% off from Amex. If they ever push me off this then I will have to reconsider because Verizon has gotten even more outrageously expensive. I'll keep my subsidies as long as I can because I certainly get my money's worth out of them. I do pray that real competition comes to my needs so I have some alternatives to consider - right now, NO ONE can hold a candle to Verizon's coverage in my home market or my travel needs.

Taking apart hardware is nothing like taking apart software. So yes you do not have the expertise to do that.

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Well, I back the you also needed to know how software worked. I do have the technical expertise to unlock my phone and flash a ROM-I just have no desire to do so.

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Your wife sounds like she doesn't even need a phone heh.

I'm with you on the no unlock or root thing. I actually BUILT android from AOSP for my last device and made edits in smali and java and blah blah blah. I rooted my new device once and had it setup the way I like and then it's KitKat update came and it took me a full day to get back to completely stock to flash the damned update. I'm tired. I have a physical disability and bad depression that leaves me drained. I'm still a smartphone enthusiast but I don't have the energy to have a rooted phone anymore. Some of you may laugh at that but until you've walked in my shoes you don't know at all. So I need a good STOCK phone. I'll just disable bloatware in settings. Good enough. Or someday I'll have an unlocked phone.

She rarely uses the phone - mostly for emergencies (she used to use it more - just doesn't like the feel in hand and call quality). As with my PCs (which I used to tweak all the time, play with new software, rebuild, etc.) I just want to take something out of the box, set up my accounts, trim off as much bloatware as I can, set up my software (I always use an alternative launcher, Apex) and just have it work.

Great article. Unfortunately I am on Verizon! Damn them for having such a fast network with the best coverage.

Jerry, you have an interesting article, and some valid points, but when you start dissing the carriers because of their rules, I tune you out. Try to remember some of the things that the carriers have done for us.

* Made wireline telephony available to almost every house in North America.
* Created a Long Distance network beginning with Microwave, then evolving to fiber optics that span the globe
* Created wireless networks that are constantly being upgraded
* Subsidized wireless phone costs, to the point that it can take up to 18 months to recoups their costs
* Provides employment and benefits to hundreds of thousands of individuals
* Are an integral part of local economies
* And are a catalyst for technological innovation

This is what capitalism is all about. It takes A LOT of hard work, time, and money to design, build, maintain, and upgrade these networks. So when you complain about *their* rules, don't forget it's "their" network, and that they have obligations to the shareholders to make a profit. If they have to implement "their" rules in order to achieve that obligation, and might annoy a few people here and there, so be it.


I call BS. Verizon LONG has a history of nickel and diming customers. Think back to the original Moto Razr flip phone. Half the features the phone came with were crippled by VZW so they could charge you extra to use them. You had to use bit pim just to be able to get a ringtone on it instead of buying one through their that was the only way to get a customized ringtone at the time. That had NOTHING to do with the network. ALL PROFITEERING.

Sorry if I came across as the carriers being perfect, they're not, and I recognize that they do things that make us cringe. But as a whole, larger segments of society seem to be developing this mentality where the expectation is that "stuff" should be available, at little or no cost (I'm not referencing the OP in this case). So in general I just get annoyed at comments that seem to tilt that way.


Oh good god I remember doing that... That was so dumb. I'm glad we're past those dumbphone days. Remember how much a game cost in those phones? Like 6 bucks. And you couldn't transfer the purchase to a new phone. It was awful.

Don't give companies like Verizon too much credit. On top of their huge profits they are opponents of net neutrality which in the end wind up totally screwing their customers which they don't give a rats ass about. The internet as we know it will be a la carte meaning that they will block every app or feature unless you pay to use it. Unlimited data is a thing of the past and now the right to use the internet as we want is going away thanks to these companies that you're praising.

But that's my point.... Who pays for the unlimited data? How are the costs that I outlined above recouped? Maybe the internet and telecom in general should be government subsidized? And why shouldn't there be metered internet? If I use 10GB of data each month, and you use 250GB of data each month, why shouldn't your monthly bill be higher than mine? Long distance telephony for land lines is treated that way, gas, electric, water and sewer utility bills are generally usage based, cable TV is usage based, basically everything we consume is usage based.

I don't disagree that some of the carriers are making huge profits, and that CEO's receive bonus's that are grossly excessive, and I'm not at all happy about Obama giving away our (US) "control" of the internet, but I sincerely doubt that your fear of an la carte internet, and that our "rights" to use the internet how we want are in any great danger.


Where in some shady website? $650 unlocked and no tax if you are outside of CA, TX, IL directly from HTC. Plus free overnight shipping.

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First of all, unless you live in one of the 10 biggest cities in America, nothing outside of Verizon is even relevant as far as coverage goes. Second of all, not everyone has $700 to plop down on a phone when they want one.
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If someone has money paying crazy monthly charges for the contract duration to useless carriers, I think he or she can definitely save up to afford the unlocked versions.

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That's faulty logic. I don't have income right now. I have to keep paying ATT "ridiculous" monthly fees because I can't let phone service lapse. So where in there am I supposed to save up 700 dollars for a stinking phone? Thanks for speaking for the rest of us who aren't making $20+ per hour and live on credit cards.

"Oh a new phone is out! Oh I'll just put it on my credit card ! *smh*

Such hyperbole is ridiculous. There surely are places where Verizon is the only decent carrier, but AT&T covers most everywhere too.

Not everyone is you. Most of us can get AT&T sims for an unlocked phone and some of us can even use a T-Mobile one.

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He was exaggerating pretty badly, but he has a point. Only VZ has coverage at my inlaws house in northern Arizona. Two of my largest business areas, also in Arizona have only very spotty coverage other than VZ. Yea, I could drive a while and find coverage, but that's not a viable option for business use. And my vacation property also, it's VZ or it's nothing unless I want to drive 20 miles into the nearest town.

I'd love to ditch VZ and get a Nexus 5, but unless someone else gets their coverage it's just not happening.

My unlocked version is coming tomorrow. Never buy the crappy carrier versions with their ugly logos.
Thanks Jerry for writing encouraging unlocked models.

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Great article, I wish something like this would get published in the New York times, we need the masses to understand how much carrier locks suck.

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Won't matter. People want to plop down minimum amount possible for their phones and not worry about the rest. Out of sight out of mind. It's the American way.

This entire article is pretty weak. The only compelling reason you provided was the idea that you might get more eyes on an article than the true shortcomings would otherwise reveal (hint: Not that many, and yes you win).

Please, use you talent to chase things that really matter -

This is partly why I got a Nexus 5...I don't want to be at the mercy of my carrier, and I get my updates. I'm on AT&T (in a non contract plan), but if one day I want to switch to another carrier or go prepaid, I can switch whenever I want.

From my Nexus 5 via the coolest of cool Android Central App

Smart choice .... or even the Moto X. You can then buy a Nexus 6 (if there is one) next year. $700.00 for a phone .... for what?

Frankly, I think that it's irresponsible to recommend buying this phone when it recieved a repairability score of 2/10 from the very reputable people of Buying a $700 phone that you could easily drop and break knowing it's horrible to repair is just plain dumb to me. There are many excellent phones that are far more repairable and it's our responsibility to let manufacturers know that non-fixable phones are unacceptable. Period.

VERY good points. I have replaced screens, buttons, batteries on many phones in years past for friends but these newer phones are made with so much glue and tiny proprietary screws that you can hardly repair them and must send them away. A corporate scheme if ever I saw one.

After reading this & my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon) still running jellybean, I'll never buy another carrier branded device again!
Thank you Android Central!

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This is a great route... For people that have $600 laying around to throw at a phone that will likely drop to $500 on the used market in about a month. Better idea than a contract, but I'll bide my time until I can get one cheap, mint, and nearly new from Swappa for much less.

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the last phone i bought under contract was an iPhone 4 after i unlocked it i never looked back at locked phones again and couldn't be happier

i bought my m8 straight from htc developer edition. should be shipping tomorrow and i don't have to wait till tmobile decides to sell it.

Subsidizing and 2-year-contracts are still very common in Germany, too. But there are other options and, if you choose to get you 2-year-contract without a phone from a reseller, you might get a huge refund...

Do they also apply ugly carrier logos on phones like US carriers?

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Yup, I just bought a note 3 and s4 both subsidized with a 2 year contract on Voda here in Germany...t-mo was the same just a little more expensive. I didn't check any of the other carriers, but I'm not sure what was meant by Europe having a more competitive market. Everything I've seen so far has been right on par with the big 4 in the states. The biggest difference being that they charge 700€ for the same phones that cost $700 in the states! With one euro being worth around $1.38 you'd think the price would be lower, say around 500 €. But my new note 3 doesn't have any carrier branding! :-P

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10 reasons to buy HTC One from HTC... if you're an american. Theres zero bloatware from any of the top swedish phone carriers, the land of socialism.

It's always good to buy no contract. But $600.00 is a reason not to buy the M8. Terrible waste of money just to have a phone that does little to deserve it. Congratulations to those who can afford to buy an unlocked phone. There are just many smarter choices when considering "bang for the buck"!

That's true. Some of us still use older/lesser phones, and are fine with that. I spent $200 for a LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile in June 2011, and $40 for a Kyocera Event in October 2013. The V has gone through several ROMS, and still runs like a no-nonsense champ. The Event... not so much (locked bootloader), though I've rooted and debloated it, and done a few tweaks to make the radios run better. The phones could be used internationally via WiFi, and a VoIP app. The phones will work with VMUSA for as long as they're supported. I've spent only $25-35 a month on my cell phone bill. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a phone like the M8. If anything, it would increase distractions, and FOMO, but that's just me.

If only I hadn't bought a Moto X over Christmas. I really like what HTC is doing. Sense finally has me excited to try an OEM Android experience again.

Can't we all see what these companies and the journalists are doing here? The Moto X was THE phone to get. It was superb. (Still is in my opinion) BUT now the next big new shiny thing comes along even though its mainly incrementally upgraded it is suddenly THE phone to get and everyone wishes they hadn't bought the phone that was THE phone to get just months ago. Its a ridiculous system and I for one am tired of it. Pick out a phone you like and stand behind it, satisfied, knowing everything else is so close in quality or experience anymore that its not worth being upset over or having phone envy. By the time you can afford to upgrade or buy an unlocked one the phones out will be EVEN better. Unless you have gobs of cash around and can buy every single phone that is announced. Then we all might be happy.

I would love to live in the US if I had a chance, but I'm not sure I could live with those mobile carriers! In the UK its so simple, yes you get locked to a brand if you buy from their store, but you can unlock for 10 pounds usually or do it yourself. It would take 3 days max.

Cheaper deals too! I get an employee discount but I get my Note 3 on EE with unlimited texts, calls and 10gb of 4g Internet for 27.50 a month.. I bought it the week it came out too and had no upfront cost. I also bought from Phones4u so its unbranded!

You can get a SIM with a reasonable amount of texts and minutes with unlimited internet for around 12.50 a month, with no contract. Most posts I see with a good deal in America seem to be around 40 dollars for a similar thing. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems way too expensive for what youre getting in the states.

Looks like a GPe might be my only real choice. About 30% of the places I go don't have TMO's WCDMA service on band 2 :-/

#9 is a repeat of #2. #6 is a repeat of #3.

Buying an unsubsidized phone means spending about $400 extra. Are your 8 points REALLY worth $400 to the vast majority of smartphone users? I REALLY don't think so. An extra $400 just to not have a carrier's logo printed on the phone body is EXTRA stupid.

Partly agree. Others will bash you and say but you're spending more in the long run! Well I'm one of those who can't afford to pay upfront for a phone. So what do we do? With these newer plans that T-Mobile is touting you STILL have to buy a new phone up front and sort of subsidize it in by making payments. Soooo pretty much the same? I Think these subsidies will still help out those who cannot afford lump sums of money up front especially those with large families all getting phones at once. People may not WANT the change some of us smartphone addicts are preaching. They don't care about having the latest every 6 months. Just my opinion.

"People may not WANT the change some of us smartphone addicts are preaching"

I used to be in the always-want-to-be-on-the-latest bandwagon. Now, with some of the things that are being taken away in Kit Kat, I'm pretty content to keep my S4 on 4.3. Seeing as how I can swap out the battery in it when the original loses too much capacity (somewhere between 12 and 18 months from new), and I would lose my Unlimited Data if I wanted to get a new phone without paying an arm and a leg, I may be sticking with the S4 for a looong time.

What really gripes my wager is how the staff here on AC, like Phil and Jerry, seem to be advocating for Google's moves that are screwing us over. Telling us all how losing the use of SD cards is good and spouting Google's garbage rationale for it. Telling us how losing the ability to move apps to SD cards is also good, again spouting Google's party line nonsense about making things more secure. Does any other machine running Linux need to be restricted from adding storage beyond the boot drive in order to make it "easy for end users to understand" or to "make it more secure"? I don't think so. Google just wants to make more money - by pushing people off of SD cards and into using Google's Cloud, so that Google can mine their data. The carriers like it, too, because they get to charge us more for accessing our data in the Cloud that we don't have room to store locally. But I digress...

With my plan with Sprint at $50 per month switching would not save me money.

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As a TMO customer, there is one piece of value added bloatware that is actually valuable to me: wifi calling. Not available on non-branded phones.

Unfortunately, it does not support T-Mobile fully. THAT is the only reason I'm going with the carrier version this time around. It was annoying being on LTE one minute and then E the next.

I agree that the whole subsidy model sucks. However, some of us can't afford to drop $700.00 on a cell phone. I get a new phone every two years with AT&T, and the M8 will be mine in Sept. I couldn't even afford to get the 32gb N5 for $400.00 when it came out.

Good job Jerry! Only in America does it take 2 years to own a phone, 5 years to own a car, and 30 years to own a home!

.. Maybe not just here but who's with me anyway!

As someone that only pays full retail for his devices. I think it is the best over all idea. People would have a greater respect for their devices if they payed retail for it.

Great article and I agree totally. If I wasn't graced with a crappy Verizon bloated, work supplied Galaxy S4 I'd be all over this phone.

Let's not forget one thing. If the Unlocked M8 is the same hardware as AT&T variant, then the Unlocked model will also support, LTE-A Carrier Aggregation, and VoLTE. So if you're on AT&T you get the benefit of faster speeds. If you're on T-Mobile you get HD Voice, and VoLTE ready device. You only get HSPA+21, BUT, if your area is already covered with T-Mobile's LTE, it would mean that it's been refarmed, and has HSPA+ on PCS live.

I prefer to look at it as why you should not buy a HTC one m8 period. You should not buy this phone on contract from the carriers, from the play store, from HTC directly.

They are charging 699 us dollars for it. That is flat out outrageous. And yes of course HTC isnt the only the OEM selling devices for insane amounts of money, You should not buy those other devices either.

Carriers suck and I hate the entire contract and subsidized market more than anybody I know. But lets not forget why it even exist in the first place. It does because all these OEMs are laughing all the way to the bank at people paying 700 dollars for these devices that cost around low to mid 200s to make. Or at least trying to in the case of HTC.

Instead of buying this phone or any of the similar priced phones from the big OEMs you should support a device or company that is not doing this garbage, One that is actually competing on price or trying to break the status quo in the mobile industry.

Some examples of this are these devices. The obvious ones are the nexus phones of course. But there are others. On the low end you got the moto g. High end devices you the oppo find 7 for 499, their plus version or whatever its called will be 599. There is the mi3 which cost around 325 and 400 bucks for the two different versions, The unlocked LG g2 is 430 bucks on amazon.

If you truly want change stop supporting all these overpriced phones period. The HTC one line, the galaxy and note line, the sony z line, phones like the moto x when it launched, And of course apples iphone. Also dont buy any device that charges some insane amount of money for a increase in storage capacity either. The best enterprise grade nand from Intel cost in the ballpark of two dollars per GB. Yet these OEMs are getting away with charging a extra 50 bucks in most cases for 16gb of dirt cheap crappy nand is used on cellphones.

You can of course just sit back and blame the big bad carriers til the cows come home. It is a lot easier and convenient to do that instead of looking in the mirror and blaming yourself for spending 700 bucks plus tax on a cell phone.

And if OEMs like HTC who insisted on keeping the status quo going and at the same time thought it was good idea to basically get rid of their entire mid and low range devices go bankrupt. Good riddance, . They essentially tried the apple way and look how that is working for them. 700 dollar smartphones. I lol

I have tried to research this, getting conflicting info, does anyone know if the American unlocked HTC one m8 will work on the Rogers LTE bands (2100/2600)?

i have verizon and unfortunately im forced into buying a phone from them but couldnt i just unlock the bootloader s off it and flash the htc rom version anyways and be rid of verizons crapware?

what does sprint and verizon means? I have a one m8 in Norway.?
trying to unroote it and find ruu file without success.

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I was told by Multiple carriers the reason for all the pre-installed crap on the phone was to help cover the cost of selling us the phones at such a large discoun. Soooo what's the excuse NOW that we are outright buying them from t-mobile and at&t ? Whatever they say will make one excuse a lie. And if that turns out to be the first thing they already told me then they owe All of us a LOT of money. Big lawsuit.

I wonder,,, Can you use the htc one (m8) unlocked with the new tracfone BYOP plan . They have one on there list but does not say if it's unlocked, Need help,,,,,,,,,Thank you