Your Qi charger will soon support 15W fast charging

An update to the Qi charging spec has been announced by the Wireless Power Consortium, and it's all about more power and backwards compatibility. Qi chargers will soon be able to fully utilize 15W charging device, more commonly known as Quick Charge 2.0 chargers. Qi platters will be able to pass the power to devices that support this new wireless fast charging spec, which will effectively make it so wireless charging will be just as capable of getting your device from 0 to 60 in 30 minutes as your regular charger.

Fast charging Qi platters is an exciting development in the wireless charging conversation, and backwards compatibility means all of your existing Qi hardware will support this new capability as soon as your have a device that supports the new feature. While many Android phones already support a variant of Quick Charge 2.0, it's not yet clear when we'll see a device support this updated spec. It's unlikely this is something that can be activated with a firmware update, rather something you'll be able to look forward to on your next smartphone.

It also means now is the best time to start researching the costs associated with updating all of the chargers in your personal network to 15W chargers, since that is clearly going to be the standard within the next year or two. You can be sure we'll be following this one as closely as possible, so stay tuned.

Source: WPC

Russell Holly

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