You may not get your hands on a Galaxy S20 until a month after its launch

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Leak
Samsung Galaxy S11+ Leak (Image credit: @OnLeaks/CashKarao)

What you need to know

  • Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S20 series at its Unpacked event on February 11.
  • Fans may not be able to get their hands on the phones for at least a month after that date.
  • Multiple sources claim device shipments will commence on March 13.

With the reveal of the phones' expected pricing, I'm sure many of you are already considering whether to take the leap and buy one of Samsung's new Galaxy S20 series. And while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, you may need to curb your enthusiasm for a while yet, even if you're willing to take the $1,200 hit to your wallet that the S20 Ultra could be.

Frandroid is reporting that the Galaxy S20 may not actually ship for well over a month after the flagship series' official unveiling at Samsung's Unpacked event set to take place in San Francisco and scheduled on February 11. The French publication cites multiple sources for its claim, making it likely to be true.

And while it may be tempting to assume the French release may simply be delayed, Samsung had previously opted for a same-day global launch for the Galaxy S10 across multiple markets, including France. There's no reason to believe Samsung will shake things up this time around.

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Another bit of evidence lending credence to the claim is a tweet by prolific leaker Ishan Agarwal. Alongside his reveal of the full spec sheet of the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, the teen tech enthusiast also pointed to the same day for the commencement of S20 shipments.

That's nearly one and a half months from now. The added bit of time may be quite useful, though, given that the S20 series' pricing may be higher than previous generations', and prospective buyers will need all the time they can get to pony up the hundreds of dollars Samsung wants for its phones.

  • I'm sure Samsung knows what they're doing...
  • There's nothing wrong with releasing the product later than the announcement.
  • If this was any other phone company people would be on here screaming their heads off!! Not with Samsung.
  • It's not like these will be flying off shelves anyway, not with the insane prices they are charging.
  • They aren't insane.. They're about twice the price of the part costs.. Factor in R&D etc and the fact these phones need to be a full generation ahead of previous parts made only 1 ******* year ago and that the demands for better and better devices are increasing every year also and you can see there's nothing insane about a $1200 mobile device at all.
  • Whats the rush anyway? These things will be steeply discounted a bit later on like around Prime day. Still, if you've got the money and don't mind blowing it then why not.
  • Samsung phones are so much like iPhone, rubbish battery and Americans are dumb and line their pockets with dollars for a crack ***** bjs