You may be able to get a free Echo Show 5 if you ever bought the Echo Look

Amazon Echo Show 5
Amazon Echo Show 5

The Echo Look will completely stop functioning on July 24 because Amazon is ending its support for the device. That's sort of a big deal if you ever bought one, and an even bigger deal if you still actively use it. However, there is some good news. It seems that Amazon is sending out emails to some customers trying to make good on the situation. If you've bought an Echo Look in the past, you can add the Echo Show 5 to your cart and use the code ECHOLOOK20 to essentially replace the Look with the Show 5 for free. The code needs to be used by Sept. 24.

The Echo Look stops functioning on July 24. If you bought one, you may be eligible to replace it free. Add the Echo Show 5 to your cart and use the code. Your miles may vary on this, and Amazon may extend the offer to you in the future if hasn't yet.

This is completely a "Your Miles May Vary" type of deal. We do not know if you have to get that email for the code to work. We do not know if this applies to everyone who bought an Echo Look or just a few people. If you've never bought the Echo Look, it definitely won't work for you. And it may be that if you did buy the Echo Look, but you haven't received that email yet and the code doesn't work for you, it may work for you in the future. It also may not apply if you bought the Echo Look while it was on sale versus buying it at regular price. It's hard to know exactly, but we thought it was at least worth a shot.

The reason Amazon is discontinuing support for the Echo Look is because the Look's functionality has already been incorporated into Amazon Alexa and other Amazon devices. The Look doesn't really do anything the Echo Show 5 can't already do, and the Show 5 adds a lot more functionality with its 5.5-inch display. If what the Look did mattered to you, you can still use Alexa to get outfit advice and style recommendations. The Look's buying capabilities have been incorporated into the Amazon Shopping app as well.

Plus you can use the Show 5 to do so much more. Control your smart home, and use Alexa in conjunction with the display to take a look at connected video devices. Check in on your smart baby monitor or a security camera or see who's at the front door all with just a simple voice command. Other things you'll be able to use the Show 5 to do include manage your calendar, make to-do lists, get updates on the weather, traffic, or news, and even cook along with recipes. Use the display to watch your favorite shows, listen to the radio, or keep up with the latest audiobooks and podcasts.

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