You can now use electronics on takeoff and landing — so long as it's Delta's

An interesting piece of news today out of a U.S. airline. Delta (which happens to be who I fly), announced that you'll now be able watch TV and movies and listen to music while you're on the ground, and on during takeoff and landing — but only if you're using Delta's seatback in-flight entertainment system. Still no movement on our own portable electronic devices.

Starting today, Delta will make our in-flight entertainment system available on the ground providing you with your favorite TV, movies and songs not just in the air, but even during takeoff and landing. So Delta customers will have the opportunity to peruse entertainment options while waiting for the boarding process to conclude, play the on-board trivia game prior to departure and watch the final scenes of their favorite film while arriving at the gate.And when it comes time for the safety presentation, your entertainment selection will simply pause and continue afterwards.

I'm still OK with shutting down for a few minutes each flight (OK, a lot longer than that depending on where you're flying out of), but this is an interesting move on Delta's part.

Source: Delta

Phil Nickinson
  • Not sure if this is new? We've been allowed to do this in Canada for at least the past couple of years (i.e. allowed to use earbud headphones in the seatback entertainment system below 10000 feet).
  • American flight companies have been really anal about this stuff since 9/11
  • Ok Phil, the title is completley misleading. Makes it sound as if you can use any electronics...and not just their "in-flight entertainment system"
  • The possessive "Delta's" implies they are referring to Delta's electronics. I don't think you should criticize Phil's writing just because you don't know how to read.
  • The title is vague, the possessive form of Delta could be referring to Electronics or to Takeoff and Landing.
  • I was able to do this in First Class all the time. It was only while flying Coach that they turned them off.
  • But it's Delta, so your likelihood of actually taking off is somewhat diminished.
  • And if you do, you can be sure they'll serve you video ads on those screens. #boycottdelta
  • Just flew on Virgin Atlantic, they have same rule but only if you use their headphones. I guess it is because they are not over the ear, so you could always hear verbal commands, in case of an emergency.
  • I have also been able to watch DirecTV on United flights (former Continental aircraft) that have them. Also, on United international flights that have the seat back entertainment systems I have been able to play music and watch TV shows and movies. I don't remember if they were ever restricted since the touch screen ones were installed several years ago.