Yale's new smart cabinet lock makes sure no one is dipping into your CES 2020 stash

Yale Smart Safe
Yale Smart Safe (Image credit: Yale)

What you need to know

  • Yale Smart Cabinet Lock is a smaller smart lock you can attach to any cabinet with adhesive.
  • Yale Smart Delivery Box collects packages and protects against theft.
  • All of the new Yale devices require a connection to the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge.

Lock maker Yale has taken the smart door lock concept and wisely applied it to cabinets in a much smaller form factor. The new Yale Smart Cabinet Lock can be screwed onto any cabinet or attached with an adhesive sticker. You then have all the best features of a smart lock, including remote locking and alerts.

Per Jason Williams, President of Yale Smart Residential Group:

We're in the business of protecting our customers' homes and their most important belongings ... through our smart locks to our new smart storage products, protecting everything from package deliveries to jewelry, important documents, medicine, and alcohol.

In addition to the Smart Cabinet Lock, Yale also introduced a Smart Safe as well as a Smart Delivery Box. The large plastic box sits at your front door ready to receive Amazon packages and fight porch piracy ... unless someone steals the whole box. Yale recommends weighting the box with sand or tethering it to your porch if thieves in your area are so tenacious. The Delivery Box lets you lock and unlock it remotely, and you can grant access temporarily to users or delivery people. You can even buy an insulated bag to keep food deliveries at an optimal temperature.

Yale Smart Delivery Box

Source: Yale (Image credit: Source: Yale)

All of the new smart lock products require the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge to operate. Each new device is available individually or as a bundle with the bridge for $50 more. Users can control the new lock with the new Yale Access mobile app.

The Yale Smart Cabinet Lock will be $79 each, or $129 as a bundle with the Wi-Fi bridge. The Delivery Box will be $229 or $279 bundled (the insulated bag is an extra $20 on top of the bundle). The Smart Safe is $229 or $279 as a bundle.

Philip Berne