Xperia owners will receive 50GB of free storage thanks to Box

Sony Ericsson announced this morning that it has teamed up with cloud-based storage app Box to provide all Xperia owners with 50GB of free file storage and sharing for life. If you own an Xperia device (The Xperia X10 and all subsequent models are included), you can download Box from the Android Market and sign up for a free account right on your phone. Once logged in on your Xperia, you'll automatically receive the extra storage space. The promotion runs from now until December 31, 2012 (yes, next year), and all of the details can be found at the source link below.

Source: Sony Ericsson

  • if you are rooted you can edit the buid.prop file found in the system directory. ro.product.model=VS910 4G
    ro.product.manufacturer=LGE reboot and then sign up from within the app. you can then change the file back to what your device information was originally and then reboot. you wont lose the space when you switch back. just the first log in needs to be on LG or a Sony Xperia. (i got this info from xda) thank WESSCOGGIN @ XDA
  • Nice.
  • Yeah, this offer was available to the iProduct line for awhile, then eventually LG and Sony struck a deal with them. It's a great deal. How can you complain about 50GB free storage. Either edit your build.prop temperarily to show as an LG or Xperia device or borrow someones iPad/Phone to login or creat an account. Get the 50gb n your golden.