Xiaomi 108MP

What you need to know

  • Xiaomi's first phone with a 64MP sensor will make its debut in Q4 2019.
  • The Redmi phone features Samsung's GW1 ISOCELL sensor.
  • Xiaomi is also working with Samsung to roll out a device with a 108MP sensor next year.

At a global event held in Beijing, Xiaomi revealed that it will launch its first phone with a 64MP sensor later this year. The first phone to feature the module will be a Redmi phone that will launch sometime in Q4 2019. With 48MP cameras now the standard even in the mid-range segment, brands are looking for higher-resolution camera sensors to differentiate their products. Of course, Xiaomi isn't the only brand working on a higher-res sensor. Realme is launching its first phone with a 64MP camera later this month, dubbed the Realme 5.

The switch to a 64MP sensor is going to be the next big push, with brands leveraging Samsung's ISOCELL module. The 64MP sensor in Xiaomi's upcoming phone makes use of Samsung's GW1 64MP sensor to provide true-to-life imagery. Samsung says the ISOCELL Plus technology reduces light interference between pixels and improves color reproduction for noise-free pictures.

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Another major feature of the sensor is smart ISO — which basically adjusts the ISO sensitivity based on ambient light. This feature is supported by a Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) technology that switches to low ISO when in bright environments, and high ISO in the dark. The pictures you get from the sensor have a resolution of 9248 x 6936 pixels, and regular photos will be binned to 16MP. The sensor also comes with real-time HDR of up to 100-decibels.

interestingly, Xiaomi also teased a 108MP sensor — also from Samsung — that the brand says will be coming to a phone soon. It's likely we'll see the phone sometime next year, and right now, there's little information regarding the sensor other than the fact that it has a resolution of 12032 x 9024.

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