What you need to know

  • Xiaomi's global beta program for MIUI is ending on July 1.
  • A small number of people were using the beta to provide feedback.
  • This will allow developers to focus more on optimizing stable builds of MIUI.

MIUI, Xiaomi's custom build of Android, has changed a lot since its introduction in 2010. One of the ways Xiaomi's tested out new features and settings is through its open beta program, but on July 1, the program will be shut down.

Per Xiaomi:

As the MIUI experience has matured, the need for stability is becoming increasingly more important. In order to meet the demands of most of our users and release stable version updates more frequently, our team of engineers has decided to stop releasing the global version of MIUI Beta for all devices starting July 1,2019.

While this likely comes as a disappointment to anyone that looks forward to new beta releases, Xiaomi's reasoning for this decision makes sense.

Xiaomi's growing incredibly quickly, and with more and more of its phones being sold each day, more people than ever are signing up for the beta. The purpose of the beta is to give users the chance to try out new software and provide feedback, but according to Xiaomi, most people just use the software on their main phones and don't bother with feedback at all.

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Xiaomi never intended for the beta to be the primary way to get new features, so to make things easier for everyone, it's simply closing access and calling it a day.

With that said, Xiaomi does note that it'll keep comunicating with its customers on how to improve the stable builds of MIUI. In fact, Xiaomi says that the closure of the beta "will enable developers to provide better optimized stable versions of MIUI ensuring a great experience for all."

Lastly, Xiaomi also reassures that it'll continue to release security updates in a timely manner despite this change.

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