Update: The base pricing has now risen to $15 instead of $12.

In early April, Comcast quietly launched its own mobile network, aptly dubbed Xfinity Mobile. The service offers an unlimited data plan or you can pay by the gigabyte. It's only available to those with existing Comcast internet service, however.

Xfinity Mobile began its nationwide rollout this week, with availability for existing Xfinity internet customers. It's typically $65 a month for unlimited data access, but Comcast is currently offering a promotion at $45 a month. Speeds will be reduced after 20GB, however, which might not make it the best option for large family plans. The alternative is to pay-as-you-go at the $12 per gigabyte rate, but that option becomes quite pricey if you're using more than four gigs a month. The subscription also garners you access to Verizon Wireless's network, as well as access to Comcast's Wi-Fi hotspots in the U.S. and its TV streaming service.

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All this this not without its caveats. Xfinity Mobile is available to Comcast's internet customers only, so you'll have to pay for internet in addition to the mobile service. And though the $45 a month rate will continue to apply to existing high-end X1 plan subscribers, that quickly adds up when you're paying for the whole suite of offerings. You also can't bring your own device to the network — at least not yet — though you can pick from a Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, or a low-end LG X Power at typical prices.


But for light data users who maybe don't rely on their smartphones outside of the home as much as the rest of us do, Xfinity Mobile could be a convenient add-on when a tethered internet connection is already getting the most use. Just as long as you don't mind being entirely beholden to Comcast.

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