Work from home on a larger screen with Dell's 23-inch 1080p monitor on sale for $85

Dell (Image credit: Staples)

The Dell E2318HR 23-inch 1080p LED monitor is down to $84.99 with code 60426 at Staples. The monitor is already $100, and you'll see the extra $15 discounted during the final stages of checkout. This monitor goes for $140 at Newegg and as much as $170 at B&H. Keep in mind that like many retailers Staples has had to slow down delivery recently, so if you live near one ordering for in-store pickup might be the best option.

If you're using a laptop to get your projects done, you need more real estate. This is a way to get it without breaking the bank. Includes 1080p resolution and a 75Hz refresh rate. Has VGA and HDMI connections. Comes with a 3-year warranty.

If you are working from home and dealing with stay-at-home orders, self-isolation, and all of that stuff then there's a good chance you're using a work laptop given to you before the office closed up shop. If you don't already have a setup to take advantage of, you might be struggling to adjust to that tiny screen. Do something about it with today's deal. You're not looking for the latest and greatest necessarily, just something with a bit more space to work with and some decent stats. And especially something you don't have to fork over a fortune for.

The E2318HR has decent specs for what you're paying. It has 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, a 75Hz refresh rate (which is above normal), and a 4ms response time. It also has VGA and HDMI inputs so you have multiple ways to connect. The panel has large 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles thanks to the IPS panel.

It comes with an adjustable stand that can go five degrees forward or 21 degrees back. Plus, it's covered by a three-year limited warranty.

John Levite
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