Star Trek nerds the world over really want Worf back on television. Lets be honest, it's not the worst idea ever. Michael Dorn is a fantastic actor, and if there's one thing the Star Trek universe can never have too much of, it's an emotionally stunted rage monster in a Starfleet uniform wielding a mek'leth. If you follow any of the Star Trek cast on Twitter, you've probably seen the #WeWantWorf campaign floating around in an attempt to accomplish that very goal.

There's nothing wrong with wanting Worf back on television, but in an attempt to spread this message Mr. Dorn took a swing at the new LG G5. This cannot go unchallenged, and since it's unlikely Worf is around for a proper Mek'ba in person we'll just have to present our evidence here.

The assertion made in the image is quite clear. Worf thinks smartphones are inferior to the Starfleet Comm Badge. While it is true this marvel of technology is lightweight, doesn't require charging, and has a fantastic microphone and speaker baked in, there's a lot this tech doesn't do well. For starters, you can't play games on a Comm Badge. You can't take pictures or capture video with a Comm Badge. You can't even set your Comm Badge to record a conversation to play back to your superiors later. Do you know how many situations you've been in where each of these features would have made you life way easier, Worf? Dozens. We know, we've done the research. Repeatedly.

But that's not really the most egregious errors made here, Son of Mogh. Your attempt to bring #WeWantWorf to more people by talking about LG's new modular smartphone is a solid marketing technique, but the phone used in the image you shared is the LG V10. The second screen is a dead giveaway. Maybe if your Comm Badge had the ability to search Google Images, you'd have known that. For a Starfleet officer who prides himself on being organized and knowledgeable, you sure dropped the ball here.

We'll let you off with a warning this time, and maybe an invitation to hang out with us on the Android Central Podcast if you want to discuss this matter further. Dismissed.



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