Will PS5 VR (PS VR2) have IPD adjustment?

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Will the PS VR2 have IPD adjustment?

Yes, the PS VR2 supports IPD adjustment via a small wheel on the headset. Better yet, Sony's new setup software helps you measure your IPD so you know it's right.

How does IPD Adjustment work on the PS VR2?

The PS VR2 (opens in new tab) features a physical IPD adjustment wheel right on the body of the headset, making it a simple affair to adjust IPD for each and every user that puts the headset on. Better yet, adjusting the IPD wheel will utilize the headset's eye-tracking technology to help you measure your IPD so you know you're using the right setting.

When using the IPD wheel, an on-screen animation of a head will help you adjust your IPD to the right value. As you rotate the wheel, the headset will use eye-tracking technology to intelligently show where the lenses line up with the center of your eyes via this animated head. Line up the blue circles with the character's eyes and you'll have a perfect match every time. It's a substantial improvement over the original PSVR in every way.

What is IPD adjustment, and why does it matter?

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IPD, which stands for interpupillary distance, is the distance between the center of a person's eyes. Players come in different shapes and sizes, so IPD drastically varies from person to person. Because the screens on VR headsets are designed to be held so close to the user's face, even just a few millimeters can make a world of difference. Therefore, headsets must cover a range of IPDs to accommodate a range of players.

Playing with the wrong IPD can give users headaches, motion sickness, or worse. Imagine watching TV with your eyes crossed and you'll quickly understand how painful using the wrong IPD setting can be. You want to make sure the lenses you're looking through are straight in front of your eyes, essentially, not off to the side at all.

Since the first PS VR launched over half a decade ago, companies like Oculus and Valve have made massive strides in improving the VR experience. That includes adjusting the IPD on the headset by using a small slider on the bottom of the headset as a standard. Sony, among other companies, refers to IPD adjustment as lens separation adjustment.

Does the first PS VR feature IPD adjustment?

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Yes, but it's more complicated than it should have been. Users can adjust the IPD via menus buried deep within the PS4's settings. However, that also requires users to take off their headset and go through a very slow process of having the PS Eye camera measure their IPD. Unlike most of its counterparts, the PSVR doesn't feature anything resembling an IPD slider, so users have to go through this setup process every single time someone else wants to use their PSVR headset.

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