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Best answer: It's unclear at the moment. PlayStation's been tight-lipped about their next VR outing since they announced it last February, but manual IPD adjustment has become commonplace among most VR headsets on the market. To add fuel to this speculation, multiple rumors about the next PS VR have suggested that the new headset will introduce several quality of life changes, including manual IPD adjustment.

What is IPD adjustment, and why does it matter?

IPD, which stands for interpupillary distance, is the distance between the center of a person's eyes. Players come in different shapes and sizes, so IPD drastically varies from person to person. Because the screens on VR headsets are designed to be held so close to the user's face, even just a few millimeters can make a world of difference. Headsets must cover a range of IPDs so that they can accommodate a range of players, too.

Since the first PS VR launched nearly five years ago, companies like Oculus and Valve have made massive strides in improving the VR experience. That includes manual IPD adjustment on the headset by using a small slider on the bottom of the headset.

Does the first PS VR feature IPD adjustment?

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Yes and no. Users can adjust the IPD via menus buried deep within the PS4's settings. However, that also requires users to take and input their own IPD measurements, which is a process in and of itself. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for any form of manual adjustment. Unlike most of its counterparts, the PSVR doesn't feature anything resembling an IPD slider.

Has Sony said anything about the feature?

No. Aside from a glimpse at the PS5 VR and a vague announcement, Sony hasn't released any official information regarding the device or its features, including whether or not players will be able to adjust IPD manually.

That said, rumors about the device are beginning to accumulate. Most recently, Upload VR reported on a laundry list of rumors about the next PS VR from a "reliable source" that included specifics about pixel density, haptic feedback, new rendering techniques, and yes, IPD adjustment.

The original PS VR headset

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PlayStation VR

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The PS VR is a solid add-on for PS4 and PS5 users looking for new experiences with their consoles. Be sure you own PlayStation Move controllers and a PlayStation Camera before buying this headset, though.

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