White T-Mobile G1 Shows Its Pretty Face

For the longest time, we at Android Central have been waiting for the white T-Mobile G1 to pop up and become available. I mean, we all got familiar with the G1 in the white edition and were actually surprised when there were other color options (black and bronze). So we're not exaggerating when we say we're excited to tell you that the white T-Mobile G1 is available in select T-Mobile stores.

We had originally reported that today would mark the release of the white T-Mobile G1 so maybe you should make your way over to a T-Mobile store to see if your store has it in stock. Those who passed on the black and bronze version should act quickly because we have no official word on the number of units or even the specific stores receiving the white unit.

We at Android Central love the clean white face but are a little bit hesitant about the two-tone nature of the device. What do you guys think?


Casey Chan
  • The two-tone G1 in the US is, sadly, less fetching than the entirely white G1 I've seen around in London. I don't mind it much but it does lose a points on the prettiness scale because of the difference. The minor frustration is that it's not like the two-tone is the available design and that's it because there is an all-white one available in the world... just not for us.
  • The white is the best looking color on that phone. And, in my opinion, makes the phone more Android than HTC.
  • The white is probably the sexiest color for the G1, until you slide it open. I'm not a huge fan of the two-tone myself. I dislike both the bronze/grey and the white/grey models of the G1. I'll be sticking with the all black model. The fact that there is an all white model out there but not available in the states is disappointing, but I don't think I would want an all white keyboard anyway. The Sony VAIO I am using right now has a white keyboard and constantly requires cleaning to get the "gunk" off of commonly used keys. With the "quality time" I currently spend with my phone quickly approaching and almost passing the time I spend on my laptop I can't imagine what those keys would look like over time.
  • My only complaint is the difficulty in reading the gray buttons with darker gray letters. They should have left the qwerty black.