White T-Mobile G1 Not Quite Available?

When we went to go get our T-Mobile G1 from the T-Mobile Website we noticed that there wasn't an option to purchase the White Version. Assuming it was sold out, we quickly forgot about the lack of the white version because of our excitement around the T-Mobile G1 in general. Luckily, we have the great guys at AndroidCommunity there to remind us when something is awry.

Apparently, the white version of the T-Mobile G1 is currently having "paint chipping issues" that causes the white paint on the T-Mobile G1 to well, chip away. T-Mobile is currently rectifying the problem and promises to have the white version of the T-Mobile G1 back in stock when they can.

In the mean time, go and grab your T-Mobile G1 because demand is high and supplies are running low!

Casey Chan